A holiday with my Uncle

My uncle and I had always been close ever since my grandad passed away when I was young and my uncle always gave me gifts and hugged me when ever he had the chance. This seemed abit strange to me but then I did not mind it either.I was only a young teen and he was in his early 50's. One Sunday when my uncle came round for dinner he told me and my parents that he was going away for a few months and wanted to know if I could go with him. My parents did not mind and seemed well up for it and so was I.
He said we would be leaving in the next couple of days and with that we sat down for dinner and talked about where we would be going and what we would be doing. After dinner uncle told me to go and start packing ready for him to pick me up in a day or two so I went up stairs and started packing not realy knowing what to take with me.
I grabbed my suitcase and sat it on the bed and flicked it open and first things to go in was my jeans and tops before my underwear. I then thought for a moment about how long I would be gone for and quickly went over to my bedside cabinate and opened the draw. I pulled out a couple of packs on condoms and some KY jelly and other lubes I used while masturbating. I also grabbed a couple of porn mags and a DVD before grabbing another top and wrapping it round my things to help hide them from anyone.
I put in the last few things and closed the case and sat it on the floor near my bedroom floor before getting undressed and layed on my bed just in my pants and I started to think of what girls I might get to have fun with on our trip and soon my cock started to grow and it was not long before my hand is inside my pants stroking my hardening cock. I rubbed my hand up and down it's full length and started squeasing it harder every time I got near to it's tip. After a few minutes I was starting to cum and my pants filled up quickly with my cum and I just layed there for a while breathing heavily as my hardness dissappeared.
After a while I got up and went into my bathroom and cleaned myself up and changed my pants before getting back into bed and I quickly fell asl**p.
The next morning I was woken up by a nocking on the front door and I looked out the window to see my uncle standing outside waiting for me so I quickly jumped up and got dressed as fast as I could and grabbed my case and ran down stairs were mum and dad were waiting at the door talking to my uncle. My unlce took my case to the car while I said my goodbyes and headed to the car to join my uncle. We headed off down the road and on to the motorway where we stayed for several hours before pulling off on a side road where there was a sign saying hotel so I new that was where we were staying that night. I waited in the car while my uncle went to sort out a room for us and when he came back he told me they only had a double bed in a single room left so we could either stay here or carry on driving to the next place but I could see he was tired and said that this place will do.
We parked up outside our room and grabbed a couple of things and headed inside. The place was small and a little dirty but it was a room and it had a bed so that was all that mattered. I got undressed while my uncle was in the bathroom and I got into bed and turned to face away from the bathroom so not to see my uncle getting in to bed. A few minutes passed before the bathroom light went out and I felt the covers being lifted and the weight of my uncles body climbing into bed and I just closed my eyes and said good night. We both fell asl**p and I slept well until about 3 in the morning when I hered some noises and I could feel the covers moving. I slowly rolled over and the noises and movements stopped so I kept my eyes shut and acted as if I was still asl**p and after a few minutes the noises and movements started again and I slowly opened my eyes to see my uncle laying on top of the covers completely naked and wanking his huge cock and I could not beleave what I was seeing and all of a sudded he stopped wanking and his body wnet stiff as his cock started to shoot cum all over my uncles hairy chest and I quickly closed my eyes as my uncle tried to sneak out of bed to clean himself up and I quickly rolled over as soon as he had left the room and I tried to get back to sl**p but it was hard (in more ways than one) because after watching my uncle wanking his huge cock my cock had grown hard and I was trying to think of anything to help the hardness to go away but I could not stop thinking about what I had seen and images of him wanking kept shooting through my mind. After a couple of hours I managed to fall asl**p but was quickly woken again by my uncle saying it was time to get up as we needed to get moving. He went into the bathroom and I got up, still with an aching hardon and I quickly got dressed and took both our cases out to the car and waited for my uncle to come out. I sat in the car trying to hide my hardon and it was made evern harder as I watched my uncle walk over to the car because all I could see as I watched him was his naked body. He got into the car and we headed off to a mcdonalds that was only just down the road and we went through the drive through and ordered some breakfast and then headed back on to the road. I did not say much while we were driving and my unlce noticed this and asked if I was ok and I just told him I was a bit tired still after yesterdays driving and he said I should get some sl**p while we were driving and he would wake me when we got to the next location. So I tried to get to sl**p but all I could dream about was my uncle wanking in bed with me and my could stayed hard the whole time. When we got to the next hotel uncle managed to get us two rooms so we did not have to spend the night in bed together again and I was glad because I needed some alone time. Our rooms were about 50 yards apart so I could not disturb him while I eased some pressure.
In the room we had a phone beside the bed on a small table and there was a book laying on the floor which had numbers for girls and stuff there and as I was looking through the numbers and profiles I came across one of a 53 year old woman who was staying at the hotel and was looking for a good time so I rang her number and this sexy voice answered asking which room I was in and what I wanted to do so after a couple of minutes of talking we put the phone down and I quickly got ready and it was not long before I hered her knocking on the door and I ran over and answered it and there she was standing in front of me wearing not much at all and I invited her in and we went over to the bed and as we got near she pushed me on to it and she climbed on top of me and quickly got my cock out and slid it inside her pussy and she fucked me hard and fast. I had never been fucked so hard in my life and I loved every minute of it and so did she going by all her moans of pleasure and as I unloaded my cum into her pussy she orgasmed and her whole body shook and she collapsed on top of me where she layed for a while before getting up and leaving the room. I got up and watched her walking down the path and to my amazement she stopped outside my uncles room and headed inside. I could not beleave my uncle was going to fuck her aswell and thoughts of his body shot through my mind again and then of him fucking that woman using my cum as lube as he fucked her and before I knew it my cock was rock hard again so I quickly started wanking and could not help but think of my uncle and I came hard shooting cum over my body and I just layed on the bed before falling asl**p.
The next morning we were back on the road but this time we did not have to go far before we got to where we were going to be staying for a few weeks. It was a nice place with not many people about which I was a bit dissapointed about but it was a nice log cabbin we were staying in and it was surrouned by woods. We got our stuff out of the car and took it inside and into our rooms. Both our rooms had a double bed and again there was a phone with a book but there was hardly any girls in there and those that were in there were bi girls looking for other girls. I did not catch on to it at first and it was only when I was walking round exploring our site when it hit me. We were staying at a gay holiday camp. I was shocked and did not know what to do and when I got back to the cabbing my uncle was standing in the middle of the room completely naked and he had moved the things about in the room and he had place a table on the middle of the room with hand cuffs cuffed to each leg and he looked at me and smiled and said it is about time you got back and as I went to say something someone grabbed me from behind and covered my mouth and nose with some cloth and before I knew it I was out cold.
I woke a while later to find myself cuffed to the table with a ball gag in my mouth and I was completely naked and as I tried to look round the room I saw my uncle sitting on a chair beside me and when he noticed I was awake he quickly got up and said that is was about time I was awake because he wanted to get started on me.
He moved round infront of me and he was still naked and his huge cock was still hard and was only inches away from my face.
All of a sudden he spoke.

Right my boy this holiday is for you to repay me for all the gifts I have given you over the years and you are going to do that by giving your body to me to use in anyway I want and that is why I have broguth you here to this place.
Now I will introduce you to my frineds and he pointed to my left as a group of guys came walking over and each one of them was naked and mostly black apart from 2 guys who were white and each one of them was hung like a horse.
He told me there names and he told me what they were going to do to me and it mostly involved them fucking me and filling me with cum.
He then told me how he knew that I was awake when he was wanking a couple of nights back and how he knew he was on my mind all the time and that the woman I fucked told him about how she fucked me and that I came hard inside her.
By now I was trying to hold in my tears and I also had another hard on that I could not controll.
One of the guys noticed this and told my uncle and he laughed and said so you like being tied up surrounded by us naked guys then and I just shook my head and he said well you must do going by that hardon you have between your legs.
He told me that I was going to be filmed all the time I was there and that the videos were going on to the net for everyone to see.
Now tears were rolling down my cheeks and my unlce looked at me and smiled and said I think it is time boys and with that he grabbed his cock and started to rub it over my face using it to rub my tears away and he slowly moved round behind me and started rubbing his cock against my virgin whole and with out warning he f***ed the head of his huge cock inside me and I bit hard into the gag and screamed out. He pulled out but then f***ed it back in and this time a couple of inches slid inside me and again he pulled back but this time he did not let his cock come all the way out he left it's head inside me before f***ed more of it back inside me and he continued to do this until his full lengh was inside me and he held it there for a while until he felt my body relax then he started to fuck me harder and faster cheered on by the other guys watching and filming us. I could not beleave what was happening to me and even worse that my cock was still hard. I tried me move and get out of what was happening to me but this just made my uncle angry and he spanked my ass hard until I stopped moving while he still continued to fuck me. After a few more minutes I felt his hot cum shooting out of his cock inside my ass and he held his cock inside me until one of the other guys was ready to fuck me and this continued for hours with each of them taking it in turns to fuck me and fill me with cum.
Once they had all finnished it was quite late and they uncuffed me and took my into one of the bed rooms and they tied my arms and legs to each bed post so that I could not move or get aways and then they turned the lights out and left me to sl**p ready for what they were going to do to me the next morning.

To be continued...
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5 days ago
La coquine
7 days ago
Wish I would have had an uncle like this.
Great start to the story.
7 months ago
very exciting start
7 months ago
exciting start
7 months ago
exciting start
1 year ago
Great story. Have been in that position a few times but was never tied up I was always very willing to satisfy any man or men who wanted to use my young teen age body for their sexual pleasure.
2 years ago
Love it!
3 years ago
So hard now!
3 years ago
Sounds like fun! I love the way your mind works. Now, onto part two...
3 years ago
hot hot hot...i'm hard!
3 years ago
If your Uncle ever wants another boy for his men.... ;)
3 years ago
Great start - can't wait for more to keep my cock hard :P
3 years ago
mmmm i got off!!!!!!!
3 years ago