Instead of My s****r Ch. 04

My heart sank. I unbuttoned my blouse slowly, putting off the inevitable. Unless they looked very superficially I was doomed to be discovered. Finally I stood there wearing the matching white lingerie, natural-coloured lace-topped stockings and my black high heels; I felt very exposed, especially when Catherine picked up my blouse and skirt and took them across the room. I stood there hanging my head slightly, hands held in front of me.

"You look very nice Jessica, well done. Now move your hands behind your head."

I obeyed, but now felt totally exposed as Michael and Catherine circled around me.

"Another plus point is how obedient you are; almost submissive. However that brings us to the second matter -- your honesty." I must have looked confused. "You look confused, Jessica, but it's not very honest pretending to be someone else is it? Would you care to explain, Peter?"

Tears welled in my eyes as I stammered "My s****r really wanted this job, so when she got stuck abroad on holiday, I took her place. I've done it before you see."

"Tell us all about it." said Catherine.

"Can I get dressed or at least put my arms down please?"

"No, stay standing exactly as you are."

So standing there, hands behind my head like a naughty schoolgirl, wearing just lingerie and high heels, I told them. I told them about the first time at school and the second tine for the driving test. They kept asking for more details and I gave them all they wanted.

"So your s****r knew you'd do anything to keep the job?"


"Would it surprise you to know we got a letter from her on the Friday, before you started work her on the Monday?"

"What? She didn't ring home until Saturday morning."

They read the letter to me. My beloved s****r had set me up. She told them he would be staying in Spain and that she was certain I would arrive for work on that fateful Monday, pretending to be her. She also told them all the things I had done before.

"So you knew everything?"

Catherine answered, "Yes, that's why we did the things we did, we knew you wouldn't, in fact, couldn't complain, but then you did everything so willingly anyway. You've enjoyed this week haven't you?"

"Yes... until now."

"You're not enjoying this? Aren't you a bit excited wondering what we're going to do to our pretty little transvestite secretary next?" As she spoke she walked around me, allowing her long red nails to trail across my body. "Will it be a spanking? Some cock-sucking perhaps? Maybe more pussy eating? Or ..." she paused "... maybe something else. Perhaps its time for us to use that pretty little arse of yours?"

She was right. Now I was less nervous and more excited. I decided to take a risk. They had played their little game all week, using me for their pleasure. 'Almost submissive' they had said. I decided to be even more submissive.

"Well Mrs. Jenkins; Mr. Jenkins," I said looking at each of them in turn, "I would really like to keep working for you, so whatever punishment you see fit, I'll gladly accept."

"Anything we see fit?" said Michael.

I nodded.

"Stay there and don't move at all." They went out leaving me in the middle of the room.

They were gone for what seemed like ages. I willed myself not to move, whatever happened.

"Anything we see fit?" repeated Michael, when he returned to the room.

"Yes" I confirmed.

He called out to his wife who came in and placed a small pile of clothes on his desk.

"Change into these."

They stayed to watch, so I had to change in front of them. In place of my quite tasteful white lingerie, I put on some much tartier stuff which was black, almost see-through, with pink lace trim. The bra was strapless and the suspender belt was much wider and tighter, squeezing my waist in. The stockings were black, with a lace top and a seam up the back.

"You look stunning..." Catherine paused. "I was going to say 'Jessica' but I think you deserve our own name. What do you want us to call you? Choose something exotic and fabulous!"

I thought for a bit. "I don't know if it's exotic or fabulous enough, but I'd like to be called Arabella. It's just a name I like."

"Arabella it is then."

As I stood there Catherine explained a few things to me. When they had received Jessica's letter they could hardly believe their luck, since, if her letter was genuine, I was their ideal secretary. I was ok at the actual secretarial work but good at the 'extras'. Both of them liked to receive oral sex, but neither enjoyed giving it. I filled that need.

As if to emphasize their control over me, they made me perform some tedious office tasks, fetching files and making coffee for them in just my underwear. I was just getting over my self consciousness when Catherine called me into her office. She had also stripped down to her underwear, but, to my amazement, she was wearing a strap-on dildo, shaped like an enormous cock. She ordered me to kneel down and bend over. She slid my knickers down, moved the strap of my gaff to one side and rubbed some cold gel around my bum-hole, explaining that she licked the feeling of being dominant. I soon felt the dildo pushing against my arse. She held my hips and pushed! I gasped but could do nothing to stop her so I tried to relax and enjoy it. Slowly at first she slid in and out, gradually building up the speed and depth of her thrusts. I felt something hit my face. It was Michael's cock, just a mouth level. I took it in my mouth and began to suck and lick, but it was tricky, Catherine's thrusting would push his cock deep into my mouth when I least expected it.

Suddenly they both pulled out. Confused I called out "don't stop!" but I needn't have worried. They were swapping ends! Catherine had removed the strap-on and beckoned me to lick her pussy, while Michael, having slipped on a ribbed condom, was nudging my bum. His cock was slightly smaller than the dildo but he made up for it with the angle and depth of his thrusts. I was lost in a sea of pleasure, overwhelmed by waves of sensation. He held on tight, thrust deeply one more time and then pulled out.

"Stay where you are" he whispered to me. They both moved again. Catherine lay next to me and Michael positioned himself between her legs. My own cock was as hard as it had ever been, I was ready to come, but it looked as if my needs were to be forgotten again.

I was wrong. As Michael fucked Catherine, she reached between my legs, freed my cock from the gaff and began to wank me. The sensation was divine and I came almost at once. Not long after Michael tensed up and shot his load into Catherine. That just left Catherine. Eagerly I moved across and began licking her, tasting the mixture of her pussy juices and her husband's cum. She came too and we collapsed in a heap...

So my days of pretending to be my s****r were over; I had my own identity and my own job - a job that I adored. I was very content. My first task on Monday was to arrange for the rugs to be replaced in Catherine's office; after I had been spanked for making a mess on it of course! And so began my life as Arabella.
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2 years ago
2 years ago
And, every body lived happily ever after!!! all these 4 stories were really very good, and well written.
3 years ago
That was fantastic and your sister is not worthy of you as a brother setting you up like that
4 years ago
Great Story!! Jessica doesn't deserve a brother/sister as good as Peter/Arabella!
4 years ago
love beating off to tranny stories esp being used as a cd slut for their pleasure
4 years ago