Wanted to try anal with girlfriend part 2

Early the next morning I woke before Sarah and as she layed there beside me sl**ping I looked over at her sexy body laying face down and as I pulled the covers down revealing more of her body my cock started to grow and I slowly ran my thinking over her back and down over her panty covered ass and the down her legs to her feet. As I did this she gave out little moans but she was not quite fully awake yet so I sat up and spread her legs a little and grabbed the sides of her panties and slowly eased them down her legs and dropped them on the floor beside the bed. I lowered myself down between her legs and started to grab and play with her ass before lowering my head till my mouth was level with her virgin ass. I ran my tongue around her virgin entrance before letting the tip ease inside her and she gave out another moan but this time it was louder and I looked up along her back to see her face on it's side looking back at me and she was bighting her pillow as I played with her ass. Her moans kept getting louder and louder as I explored more of her virgin hole. I then sat up and moved over to the bed side cabinet and pulled out some lube and then got back down between her legs. I opened the cap of the lube bottle and held it just above her ass before slowly starting to tip the bottle and I watched as the lube came out of the bottle and dripped on to her bare ass and then it slowly worked it's was down between her cheeks and over her hole. I put the cap back on and then started to rub the lube over her ass with my fingers and every time I fingers ran over her hole I added more pressure. After a couple of minutes it was time to let my finger ease inside her and as I did this she buried her head into her pillow and that was not enough to hide her moans of pleasure as my fingers kept easing in and out of her ass. I kept it nice and slow for a while so she could get used to it before letting another finger work it's way inside her. Soon her body was starting to shake as her first anal orgasm worked it's way through her body. Now it was time for her to take my cock inside her tight hole. I took my time easing my cock inside her letting it work in about an inch then slowly pull it back and then ease a bit more in until my full length was inside her and I layed down on top of her and slowly started to fuck her now non virgin ass and I kissed the back of her neck and her shoulders as I fucked her while listening to her gentle moans of pleasure. After about 20 minutes I was getting close to cumming and I felt her body starting to shake again as another orgasm started to build up inside her so I quickly started to fuck her harder and harder to try and cum with her and as her orgasm shot through her body I unloaded my cum deep inside her ass. I rapped my arm round her and rolled to one side making sure my cock stayed inside her ass so we were both laying on one side with my arm round her still gently kissing her neck and lips. We layed there for hours just holding each other and kissing until I could feel my cock getting harder again so I layed on my back and she turned to face my and she got up and moved up the bed and then turned to face down the bed and she swung her leg over me before lowering her self down on my face and I quickly started to lick her pussy as she lowered herself down so she could start to suck my cock and she sucked and licked each other for a while and I could taste my cum as it slowly worked it’s way out of her ass and down to her pussy. Soon she got up and moved down the bed and turned to face me swinging her let over me again and she grabbed my cock with one hand and she lined it up with her ass and she lowered herself down on it letting it slide all the way inside her hole and she started to ride it hard and fast as she rubbed her pussy. I moved my hands up her body and started to play with her breast teasing her nipples making them harden and it was not long before I was getting close to cumming again and she was not far off either but I cum and she did not stop before she had cum too. She then collapsed on top of me breathing heavily as was I and both of us quickly fell asl**p.

To be continued…..

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2 years ago
whens the third part cumming
2 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Good second part :)
3 years ago
Good stuff guy...thanx for sharing