My Father-In-Law's New Bride Ch. 02

He was in complete control and I would be f***ed to do what ever I was told as I didn't want anyone let alone Donna to find out my dark secret. As I moved closer his hand reached out and he pulled me to him. He pressed himself against me and I could feel the bulge in his trouser pressing hard against my thigh. His arms were around me as he pressed his lips roughly against mine, and then used his tongue to enter my mouth where it began to explore my oral cavity. His hands gripped my butt cheeks tightly as his fingers dug into the softness of my buttocks through the soft white material of my panties.

I had never been with a guy before with the exception of a good friend from years ago by the name of Jeff. It was one weekend and we were at home together while his parents were away when Jeff decided to put some porn on. We had been drinking a few beers and soon we were both very horny. Jeff raised the issue first that it always felt good if someone else touched your cock. He went up stairs to his room and came back dressed only in a white toweling robe. He removed it and as I looked at his tight body there was something which stirred inside me as this was the first time I had seen another guys cock up close. I too was ready to sample some buddy wanking as I quickly removed my things and sat naked next to him, then took his cock in my hand. I stroked it long and hard and he was soon very erect. Jeff was working my cock over and I was so fucking hard. He liked what I was doing as he was returning the favor.

I was going to cum as my eyes focused on the porno, which showed a woman going down on a guy and she looked as if she was enjoying it. Jeff bent forward and moved his head and mouth toward my stiffened cock. His lips parted and he lowered his head onto it letting in slide almost all the way inside. God it felt so good and I didn't want him to stop as his hot. Mouth felt so good on my cock shaft and I wanted to cum in his hot mouth. I couldn't bring myself to return the favor, however that didn't seem to mind as I continued to stroke him, where It didn't take long until my cock exploded in Jeff's mouth and I watched as he gulped my cum down his throat.

His own cock soon shot its load high into the air sending his cum splashing down all over my hand. I slowed my pace and as I finished stroking his cock we both lay exhausted and contented but I never got the chance to continue where we left off. Now I was the one that was being used by someone else for their and not my pleasure. I knew in time that I would be doing what Jeff had once done to me. Tom continued to French kiss me as his hands explored my body and pressed against my own cock through my panties.

My father–in-law placed his large hand on my shoulder and applying pressure f***ed me to my knees on the thick carpeted floor. The bulge in his trousers was now at my face level when he grabbed my head and held it tightly.

"Take it out," he ordered me.

My shaking hands moved to the zipper, where my fingers fumbled to grasp it until I finally took a hold. The sound of it being unzipped echoed through the bedroom as I pulled it down, and then undid the belt letting his trousers fall to the floor. I slipped my fingers into the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down over his hips, his thighs and down over his knees. His cock sprung from the material as it freed it's self and was now jutting out from his body. My eyes were wide open as I starred at his mammoth cock. It was all of 9 1/2" in length and thick like a baseball bat. It had a deep purple color and the head was the color of a rich red wine. The veins ran the length of his shaft and it was moving as the bl**d pumped into it, twitching like it had a mind of its own.

There was no way that I would be able to take his monster in my mouth let alone any other part of my anatomy. It would choke me I thought to myself and if he did have any thought of fucking me, this thing would defiantly do my arse some severe damage.

"So you like what you see do you," he smirked.

"You don't have to worry honey."

"By the time I'm finished you will be able to take it all in your mouth and your man pussy."

"Now I bet you never sucked before have you?"

"No," I blurted out.

"Then why don't you think about how Donna does it and you do the same to me?"

He was right. One thing about Donna was that she loved to suck cock. She had been taught well and I couldn't take the credit for it. I remember the first time she took me in her mouth and how she made me cum almost immediately. She would use her tongue to make my shaft nice and wet, then take each of my balls in her mouth where she would suck and roll them around, until they were nice and wet with her hot saliva. As she was sucking me she would insert a finger in my anus and once locating my prostate she would massage it until there was not return. I came so hard like never before and she swallowed it all down with out missing a single drop. Donna also had the ability to bring me off so dam quick.

I was now ready for my introduction of giving head as I poked my tongue out and it touched the head of his cock. It tasted different like a musty taste with a hint of urine as I rolled my tongue over the head then dragged it down the underside of his cock. I used my lips to massage the shaft leaving a trail of my lipstick and there was some on the head of his cock as I licked it like an ice-cream. I massaged his balls which hung from under his cock shaft and then licked each like Donna did, taking one and then the other into my mouth as I used my hand to stroke him. His cock swelled even more and he was beginning to moan as I worked feverously on his manhood. He held my head even tighter as his hips moved back and forth as he moved his cock toward my lips where he pushed it against them and tried to f***e it into my mouth. I opened them wide and stretched my jaw muscles to try and accommodate his weapon, but soon realized that it would be an impossible task. He was thrusting his hips and the head of his cock was soon touching the back of my throat. I was controlling my gag reflex at this stage and I was beginning to breathe easier.

"Oh yeah suck it baby," he moaned.

"Suck daddy's big dick."

"Daddy loves his new baby girl and you want to please him don't you?"

I knew I was achieving that as I sucked and used my tongue. I now tasted his precum, which was beginning to ooze from the opening in the head of his cock. I quickly wet my finger and moved it behind him, where locating his anal opening I pressed it into his hole. this began to open up and take my finger inside his warm tunnel. I pushed it in until the knuckle was against the rim and as I touched his gland I could feel his cock become even harder.

"Yes baby oh god yes," he moaned.

"Oh you're going to make daddy cum, you little cock sucker."

I readied myself to receive his cum down my throat, however that wasn't where he wanted it. He released his grip on my head and then took my hand dragging me to my feet and toward the bed. He lifted me and laid me on my back then took the remainder of his clothing off. His massive frame now moved between my legs, where he pushed them apart to expose my opening. He hitched my ankles over his broad shoulders and the head of his cock now probed my entrance. I tried to relax my body and let him have his way, however it was so big. There was some resistance at first but it soon started to enter me. Tom grabbed my hips and pulled me onto his cock as my love tunnel was now stretching wide to take his cock as he pushed and grunted until he was finally deep in side my anus. His hand covered my mouth to prevent my cries for him to stop as he slowly pulled out, then pushed back in and before long his penetration of me was becoming easier. He was now fucking me and I was laying there on my back like the slut I was as he used my virgin arse for his pleasure.

Glancing at my reflection in the dressing table mirror I could now see myself dressed in Donna's pretty things with my white, stocking encased legs and ankles up around my ears and my future father –in-law fucking me like some stud. He continued to thrust in and out of my now accommodating anus, as the sweat from his brow splashed down onto my chest. He was masturbating my cock in rhythm to his thrusts and I so wanted to cum.

"Don't you dare cum until I tell you too my little slut,"he hissed.

"I'll tell you when you can."

"If you're a good little sissy boy,daddy might even let you shoot your cum."

"I bet my daughter would find it amusing to see her future husband being fucked like the little cock whore he is."

I could hear myself grunt with each thrust and as I gazed into his eyes I could see that he was now well on the way to finishing inside me. His strokes increased in rate and he worked hard to focus all his attention into getting himself off in his new bride. I was his now and he intended to use me even after our wedding day. He had me just where he wanted me and there was nothing I could do about it.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," he screamed as I felt his cock shoot its load deep inside me. He continued to thrust in and out until there was nothing left for him to give me. I heard the plop sound as his cock softened and he pulled out of me, His seed now ran out of my enlarged anal opening and down between my legs.

Tom used me all over the weekend and I was taken in both openings everywhere in the house. . I was made to wear even more of Donna's pretty things when on Saturday evening I was made to dress in one of her short dressed with just a bra, panties underneath it with just heels and no stockings with Tom telling me that I would be his date for the night. He took me to an adult theatre he frequented, where during the show I was made to go down on him until he came in my mouth. After intermission he had arranged that I would go down on his friend until he too came in my mouth. I was now his slut and he would introduce me to many of his friends in the future.
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4 months ago
great series
2 years ago
i want to be used like that when i have my first cock in me. who wants to be my first gay experience
4 years ago
hi loved the stories, please continue to tell the story i would love to hear more!! thanks paull
4 years ago
I would love to do that hda to jack off while i was reading your story need to read more thanks
4 years ago
love to be used like that