My Father-In-Law's New Bride Ch. 01

Donna and I had been an item for almost three years and had been living together for the past two of those three years. We both always seemed to be apart with our careers taking over our lives, however we still decided that we should get married and the wedding was only another three weeks away. My parents-in-law seemed to approve of our relationship with Donna's mother Carol loving the idea of having a future son-in-law. Tom on the other hand was a little reluctant at the thought of loosing his daughter to some Johnny comes lately. I knew I could bring him around however it might take something little special.

We had purchased a house in almost the same neighbor hood and he was always over doing things around the house which suited me as I Was busy with my own career. It was just another weekend with Donna being away on business as I woke to another beautiful Saturday morning. I slipped on my robe and headed down stairs to grab the paper and a cup of much needed coffee. I decided to wait for breakfast and soon thought that I would do some shopping down at the mall. I headed back upstairs and into the walk in robe to grab something to wear after my shower when I stopped to admire Donna's wedding gown which hung in the walk in

It was a long white off the shoulder number with a plunging bodice that would show her small but perky breasts. It was backless however the strapless bra she had selected would be perfect. I ran my hands over the silky material and imagined what she would look like in it. I was with here when she tried it on and loved the things she had also purchased to wear under it.

The dress would be complimented with a white lace corset with white lace suspenders and stockings along with the cute little white lace strapless bra and panties. The high strappy heels would highlight her long legs and I knew that I would enjoy seeing her on our wedding night with them high around her ears. My mind wandered as I ran my hands again over the soft material and soon found that the feel of the material was infact arousing me.

My cock began to harden as I continued to stroke the soft material and the feeling to petit on was ever so strong. I stared at the dress for what seemed an eternity and I soon wondered what it would look like on me.

The more I studied it and touched it, the more I became turned on. I thought about it more until I couldn't stand it any more. I had to have it on. I found I was no longer in control as I searched Donna's wardrobe for the lingerie she planned to wear under it. I tried the shoes and they fitted perfectly. My heart raced as I put the things out on the bed and Selected Donna's blonde wig from her dressing room. I know what makeup I wanted to wear and selected that also. The dress and blonde hair would look lovely with peach eye shadow and pink lipstick. I laid them out and headed for the shower.

The water felt so good as it ran down my body as the the more I thought about wearing her pretty things until my cock strained to be touched. I was as tall as her and my body hair was almost non existent with my fair features. I was excited as I dried myself off and headed back to our room. I slipped on the corset and sat on the bed as I slowly pulled each stocking up my legs attaching them to the suspender straps. I slipped on the heels and did them up and headed to do my make up.

Foundation was first followed by a hint of eyeliner,some black mascara,eye shadow and eyebrows followed by some lip liner and lipstick. I pulled the wig on and brushed it down, then applied a hint of hair spray. Last was the lip gloss to complete my makeup. I headed back and slipped on my panties and then stepped into the dress. I managed to zip it up at the back and ran my hands down it to brush out any wrinkles. Last came the veil and as I stood back I could see the reflection of a new bride standing before me. God I thought to myself I look so beautiful. It fitted perfectly and I could pass for a new bride for anyone. As I continued to stare at my reflection I could see something on the extreme edge of the mirror and as I turned around there stood my future father-in –law Tom. My body went numb as I stood frozen before him dressed in his daughter's pretty wedding dress. There was a strange smile on his face as he looked like the cat that had swallowed the canary and before I could get any sort of explanation he was the first to speak.

"Well Christopher what have we got here?"

My mind raced as I tried to think of something feasible to say,however the words wouldn't come out.

"So you like dressing as a woman do you?"

I stammered but the words still didn't come forth.

"You don't have anything to say Christopher or should I say Christine?"

He again laughed as he knew that he was in full control of the situation.

"Well this can go two ways."

"I could leave and the whole thing would come out."

"Or I could stay and you will do exactly what I say with no questions and no one has to know."

I lowered my eyes from his face and he knew the answer to his question.

"Good,you've made the correct choice."

"Now let me tell you what is going to happen."

"For a number of years Donna's mother and I haven't been intimate."

"She was very good in bed and I liked what she did to please me."

"I see that you like dressing as a woman,so do you like being one?"

"I'm going to give you a chance at being one."

"And I'm sure you will be."

My mind was a blank as I knew what he wanted and I soon realized that I was going to be his new bitch. I shook my head and acknowledged his intentions.

"Good Christine you do catch on quickly."

"Now why don't you slip off that pretty dress?"

"After all we don't want any cum on Donna's pretty wedding dress now do we?"

I unzipped the white dress and lowered it to the floor, then stepped out of it and placed it on the chair at the end of the bed.

Tom stood there looking me over and I could see he liked what he saw.

"My Christine you make a fine looking woman."

"I'm going to enjoy our time together."

"Tell me have you ever had cock in that pretty mouth of yours?"

I found that I was shaking my head letting him know that I had never sucked a mans cock.

"Well a virgin too."

"I'm sure with a little practice you will become very adapt at taking my cock in that sweet mouth and you will soon learn to swallow all the cum I give you."

"I also like the idea that I will be the first to fuck that cute little fanny of yours."

The evil smile on his face told me that it would soon be very uncomfortable for me and that I would also be come accustomed to his cock in my arse as well.

"Now I'm sure you want to please your new daddy?"

"Don't you sweetheart?"
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