Shock Tactics Ch. 03

I climb the stairs aware of someone behind me. I try to ignore them but feel a pair of beady eyes peer up at my hips and bottom as a saunter carefully up the stairs. I try to retain my modesty by holding my skirts flat. Outside the bathroom I heave a sigh of relief as if searching for sanctuary and open the door but the person behind pushes me inside. I stumble in my heels, break a manicured nail and twist my ankle.

'Oooh, mamma!' yells Mark, 'You're the hottest piece of arse that ever came through this door.' I ignore his low-class vulgarity with a delicate toss of my head. 'Don't say a word,' he says slamming the door behind him. Alone, we stare at each other in silence for a few awkward moments. He eventually tuts. 'Well, well, well the office stud likes to dress as a woman.'

'What do you mean?'

'David, mate, you're a bl**dy legend. All the girls in the office fancy you. You must know you have a reputation.' He cast his eyes up my long slender legs and finally stares transfixed at my huge cleavage.

'But...that was then, this is now.'

'No,' I smart, 'nothings changed.'

Mark smiles smugly. 'Oh! Yes, David I'm delighted to say it has. I knew there's more to you than meets the eye.' He leers at me hungrily and I swallow hard.

'Mmm.' Mark dwells on my predicament for a moment. 'So you swing both ways?'

'No you fucking idiot, I'm just the victim of circumstances.'

Mark wasn't interested why - he was just happy to have an additional weapon in his David bullying arsenal. 'The only reason men dress as women is because they want to experience the real thing. Go the full nine yards, the full monty.'

I look at him and frown. 'Christ, Mark you talk some crap. Don't you get it? Trudy tricked me into wearing this.'

'Yeah, I'm sure. In fact,' he sneers, 'I bet you want some man in you now.' he smirks and cackles piercingly loud. I feel my stomach tighten as my heart misses a beat

'Fuck off. I want to go to the toilet.' I cry.

'All in good time,' he smiles. I want to see what pretty things you're wearing under the dress?'

It took a few moments for the question to sink in. 'You what?' I say impatiently.

He looks at me slowly and licks his lips savouring the question as if his life depends on it. 'I want to see under your dress again,' he leers. I begin to sweat and feel terribly uncomfortable. I consider screaming for help but decide as a man I should be able to protect myself from Mark's advances.

'Why?' I say through gritted teeth. 'You've seen them twice before or have you forgotten?'

'There's no need to be hostile. I'm trying to be friendly. Wearing that dress you surely need to look after your mates. Now show me again... Show me.' he orders, his voice showing signs of anxiety.

'No,' I scream, 'No, I won't, fuck off. You wouldn't normally ask a girl to do that. Get yourself a proper girlfriend.'

'I'm not leaving, W... e... n... d... y.' He mouths in a defamatory tone. 'You obviously don't know me that well. I would ask and you'll be my girlfriend because I say so. We're made for each other.'

I stand my ground. 'No I won't and I don't care if you're my boss.'

In reply he grabs me tightly by my throat with one strong hand and grapples my dress with the other. Weak and pathetic, the dress seemingly drains me of all my strength. I struggle pathetically as a token gesture but I'm quickly overwhelmed. Holding me against the tiled wall I'm powerless in his vice-like grip. I feebly kick out but he's as strong as an ox and I soon feel my light dress yank skyward.

'Careful, careful you'll rip it.' I scream remembering Trudy's instructions, but he doesn't care and within seconds my dress is again waist high and his eyes all over my snowy white panties.

'Coo. Nice and lacy.' he cries pushing me to the floor. 'And you've got an amazing arse. I'm going to fuck you six times till Sunday!

'No.' I cry as my knees buckle and he wraps his arms around me fondling the lace on my dress.

'Now Wendy, that's not the way to speak to your employer, just be quite and be a good little girl while I have some fun!' He slowly caresses my panties that held my now-erect cock within its nylon trap. He pulls on the lacy waistband with one hand and caught my hard-on as it sprung free with the other.

'Ooh, Wendy, it's a bit of a disappointment!' Mark cries, running his hand up and down my shaft. 'What a lucky little girl you are to have such a teeny dick!' but I'm not interested in this.' He throws me to the floor and unzips his own trousers letting them fall to the floor. He fumbles with his boxers until he pulls his cock out.

I could see his stiffened organ just a few centimeters from my face. Mark's cock extends and bursts with energy, drops of sperm gleam on its tip. I don't know what came over me but as Trudy does to me I reach out with my finger to wipe them away.

'Good girl,' he cry's 'and...'

Nervously as if directed by a hidden f***e I took his drops and put them to my mouth, tasting his semen for the first time. What was happening to me? My body was awash with ecstasy knowing I had caused Mark's sexual arousal. But I couldn't stop myself. I wanted to experience more of the thrill - the power - that a woman can have over a man's body. I lower my glistening scarlet lips to encircle Mark's cock. It slid slowly into the recess of my mouth, filling me - gagging me - with its growing size. I let it slide deeply down my throat and then pulled slowly away, watching it emerge again from its moist bondage, this time marked with the red stain of my crimson lipstick. I look into Mark's eyes and smile softly, then slowly drew the cock back between my lips. As it moves inside my mouth, I bath it with my tongue; trembling with excitement as I felt the fleshy organ shudder in reaction to my ministrations. Then I start to suck on the tip of the cock, trying to draw out all of the sexual energy I knew was hidden deep within the bulging shaft. My body began to shudder and I was overcome with the desire to have Mark come deep within my throat. I drew his cock in and out of my mouth rapidly, each time increasing the pressure of my lips and my teeth against its warm flesh. In the background, I could hear Mark moan, first softly then with increasing intensity. As if in response, his thick cock began to move and shudder against my mouth. I open my lips quickly, gasp for air, then return to the passionate battle that had beset my body. With all the calmness I could muster, I began to lick the length of his cock. When I reach the crown of his shaft, I again suck it, long and eagerly. Those actions were more than Mark could with stand and I hear him cry out in ecstasy just as he releases the first spurt of semen into my mouth. At first I choke as the thick syrup pours into my throat. But I quickly adjust to the salty taste and oily texture of the sperm. I increase the pressure of my lips against his cock and at the same time intensify my sucking action, hopeful of extracting every bit of sexual balm from deep inside his body. Once again he shudders and moans, his cock exploding with globules of thick sperm, which I eagerly siphon deep into my throat. I had brought a man - to climax. But rather be repulsed - I was in heaven and I could feel my body react as though experiencing an involuntary orgasm

He hadn't finished. He manhandles me to my knees and pushes me against the bath. My hands grip the smooth side, my head, deep inside. My shiny hair that up until then had retained its hold falls forward over my face. He grabs a flannel and roughly stuffs it in my mouth. Like a b**st possessed his rough hands tear at my flimsy panties, which offer little resistance to his strong hands. Next with my head held firm in the bath with one strong hand I hear him fumble with his own cock.

'No, no,' I mumble through the flannel. Suddenly I feel it. His cock pressing against my arse as his hand drifts to my bottom cheeks, softly caressing me through my satin and nylon skirts. He draws me close as I tremble with a peculiar blend of excitement and fear as I feel his firm cock pressing harder and harder against my arse. Yet strangely, to my surprise I began to relax and enjoy the experience.

'Be a good girl and let me in your honey pot,' he shrieks. But I can't even cry out, as I taste the soap from the flannel filling my mouth.

'I want my cock inside you. I want to fuck you like a woman; I need to experience my cock pushing into you - thick and hard - I want to feel it explode with pleasure deep within your girlie body.' He slides my panties aside as if peeling the most delicate, precious object in the world. I gasp, I feel dizzy as inch-by-inch he works his huge cock inside me. My saliva helps a bit yet I scream in pain but nothing comes from my stuffed mouth as he rocks back and forth driving his hot cock deep inside my arse. Back and forth, back and forth he rocks, his hands firmly on my hips. My mind spins hopelessly, I feel doey-eyed, and I emit embarrassing, small piggy snorts as slowly he fills me.

'I know you want it,' he gasps, 'and seeing that you're getting REAL excited by me, a girl likes to be touched right on her clit! Is this where YOUR clit is?' He put his hand in my panties and grabs my cock. My vision blurs, I feel in a daze, fireworks ignite throughout my body. My knees shake; I u*********sly take my hands off the bath and move them to my bra. Cupping my breasts in both hands I caress them as if real. 'Hmm!' I moan like cheap whore and writhe in rhythm to his thrusts.

Marks cock stiffens. 'I want you to feel all the pleasures that a girl can feel!' He rubs my cock slowly, up and down my shaft exciting me tremendously.

'How does it feel, girlie?' he asks. 'Don't you just love it?'

Past caring I nod my head, as it becomes increasingly difficult for me to speak as my cum rise like an active volcano ready to erupt. He massages me in his large hands as he continues to thrust his hips back and forth. I want to scream but am powerless as my excitement mounts and my cum rises steadily in my balls. Sensing my excitement, he sped up.

'Only real girls cum and I can tell you're ready to spurt.'

He's right but something's wrong. I'm a man; he's my boss and my girlfriends downstairs, but these where unusual circumstances. At last I manage to spit out the flannel.

'I'm not. I'm not. You know I'm not a real girl. Let me go,' I cry but he ignores my pleas and furiously rubs my cock with his huge hands.

'You'd be a bit more appreciative if you know what's good for you and your career.' he snarls. Terrified but unable to control myself I push back as he jerks me off faster and faster. 'Mmm!' I moan my body spasms and sure enough I start cuming onto his hands in my panties in big, long shots!

'Good girl!' cries Mark, as he milks the cum from my little cock. 'Oh, YES! Oh, YES! Look at all your juices! You've got to be the wettest girl I know!' Excitedly he keeps rubbing my cum over my spent cock.

'Aren't you glad you came dressed NOW?' shouts Mark, but I didn't have chance to reply as then it happens, his cock spasms, twitches and shoots a hot, thick creamy jet deep inside me.

'Ooh!' I emit a girlish giggle as another wave of fireworks soar through me. He lets go of my cock, wipes his hand clean on my panties and grasps my hips for one final thrust.

'Ooh! I love you,' I cry inexplicably but Marks not listening as his cock falls limp and he pulls it from my arse with a plop.

'Good girl,' he yells. 'Now fuck off.' He slaps me hard on the buttocks and pushes me away disinterested. I tumble to the floor laddering one of my precious hold-ups. Mark, unconcerned pulls his trousers up and glares at me. 'You're nothing but a bl**dy tart.'

There are a few moments of silence as I look at him bewildered. Then my face crumples and I burst into tears.

Mark laughs. 'Typical, you're just like a bl**dy emotional girl. Now don't say anything to anyone,' he scowls, 'or else.'

I wipe away my tears and bizarrely move towards him to put my arms around his neck as a display of affection.

'Fuck off bitch, you can go now.'

'You don't mean that?' I sniff.

'I'm a heartless bastard', he sneers, 'and you of all people should know that from work.' But then he seems to show some form of remorse. 'Let me ask you something, Wendy,' he says, putting my wilted cock back inside my panties and smoothing them out for me. 'Doesn't it feel a little... strange to wear these clothes?'

I sigh, relieved perhaps he did understand my predicament even after dumping his heavy load up my arse.

'That's what I've been trying to tell you. Yes, it does,' I say, straightening my hold-ups. 'It wasn't my idea to wear...all this," I snivel, pointing to my dress.'

'But you know, Wendy, you honestly look GOOD dressed as a girl. I think you should consider dressing at work! What do you think the office would think of you and your habit?'

Panic cuts me like a razor sharp knife. 'Don't say anything,' I plead.

'Hmm! We could come to some arrangement. I could fire you as David and reemploy you as Wendy. You'd be an asset as my secretary. I never get any satisfaction from the bitches at work.'

'You're mad,' I sniff.

Marks smiles cruelly. 'Maybe, but you've got little option. I hold all the cards. Imagine you as my office slut in fishnets, impossible heels, killer lingerie and a so, so, short mini.'

He laughs and shuffles backwards as I hear a commotion outside the bathroom door. Moments later it swings open. A cry shatters the air like breaking glass. It's Trudy.

'Oh! My God!' she screams, 'what are you two doing?'

Mark sneers, straightens and puts his dripping cock back in his trousers. 'Your pretty girl wanted to feel a real man inside her.'

'No,' I cry, 'I didn't. It wasn't like that.'

Trudy raises her hands to her mouth and gasps in horror. 'You didn't have a quickie, did you?'

'I didn't want to,' I blurt. 'He ... he ... ****d me.' The words make me cringe with embarrassment.

Mark laughs, steps over me and pushes past Trudy. 'He begged me to do it.'

'No,' I scream.

Marks continues laughing, 'See you Monday, Wendy.'

'No, no, no,' I cry as his hot cum dribbles out of my arse dampening my panties. Trudy steps inside and quickly locks the door. Terrified I try to clean myself up.

Trudy's mortified. 'I wanted you to myself', she screams, 'I loved you. That's why I tricked you into wearing the dress. I didn't want to share you with anyone else. I wanted to shock our friends. And how do you repay my affection?'

I stare at her blankly and shuffle my feet awkwardly bowing my head in shame.

'By abusing my trust, my loyalty.' She tuts in annoyance, 'I'm not sure what's worse sharing you with another woman or another man. How could you?' She begins to sop and despite everything I try to console her.

'I'm sorry.' I say, 'He f***ed me.' I put an arm around her and pull her to my chest. It had a calming effect as after a few minutes Trudy relaxes.

'Let's go home,' I say but amazingly Trudy wants to stay.

'I'm not running away from him,' she sniffs, 'or you. If you like being a cheap tart you can stay dressed as you are. I'm in no hurry as long as you promise not to go with another of the men downstairs.'

'I didn't want to in the first place.' I cry, 'I don't know what came over me. It's these clothes. They make me behave differently. It's your fault. I didn't want to wear them. Don't just blame me.'

Cooling down she retouches my mascara and lipstick then when I felt I had regained my composure I go to the toilet. I sit down, soiled panties crumpled at my ankles and my skirts around my waist.

'You know Wendy', Trudy says pitifully as she looks at me squatting on the loo seat. 'I rather like you dressed in lingerie. You can be so understanding and sensitive.'

'Oh no, I'm changing as soon as we get home.' I say firmly.

'Not so fast Honey,' she says patronisingly. 'You owe me big time. But let's not argue we can talk about this later.'

Chapter 4 -

A few minutes later, I emerge, a little disheveled, but otherwise reasonably presentable. I step carefully downstairs my skirts swaying lightly just-above-my-knee I hear raucous laughter flowing up the stairs. Oblivious to what went on the others have finished desert and were on coffee and mints.

'Are you two going to stay the night?' Guy asks as we sit down.

'Not sure,' Trudy says.

'No,' I say firmly, smoothing down my skirt as I sat. 'Oh!' I try and maintain my composure as I feel Marks cum seep from my sore arse. 'We came by taxi, neither of us drove and I haven't d***k too much.'

'Don't worry, Wendy, love' Trudy says, 'I bought an overnight bag for such eventualities. We could stay if we want.' Guy laughs and I cast a nervous eye over my dress. Trudy breaks the silence.

'Don't worry, Honey, I've brought you a nightie'. She bursts into mocking laughter.

I blush.

'He's such a girl,' Trudy says laughing to the others as if the last ten minutes never happened.

'And don't worry Wendy,' says Guy. 'Your boss, Mark, has gone. I saw him giving you the lusty eye. I know he's a slimy git. Fortunately he had to leave. He seemed in a rush; apparently he's working early tomorrow. No peace for the wicked huh! Strange chap though.' He turns to Trudy. 'I hope your happy Trudy. I'm not sure why you wanted him to come tonight. We all know he's a bit of a loner and can be awkward. You took a hell of a gamble what with David coming in the dress.'

I look at Trudy appalled. 'You invited Mark?'

She smirks. 'I wanted to test you.' She whispers. 'To see if you could be tempted as I always thought you may swing both ways. I had to know. I needed to decide if I can live with it.' She smiles sweetly as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. 'You talk in your sl**p you know. I know all about your kinky dreams.'

I was flabbergasted and knew my secret was out. Fortunately the others where sufficiently tipsy and no one asked any further questions.

We drank coffee and the night slowly wore to a close and around midnight the guests began to get up and go.

'Don't forget to come round for my old clothes,' Monica says as Trudy and I get up to go. I shrug my shoulders and Trudy looks jealous and disgruntled.

'And you could wear some of your new wardrobe when you come again,' Daphne says helpfully at the door. 'Your dressing is not a problem for us.' She gives me a hug and kisses both my cheeks. 'I think you're very brave and you look beautiful. I don't care what people say. You're a natural.'

Back at the flat Trudy insists I wear a nightie. It's a cute baby-doll with fluff around the edges. She also made me wear a fresh pair of panties and was quite turned on but I didn't feel like sex. Instead she made me satisfy her with my tongue.

Did her ridicule me shock tactic work? I guess so as none of our friends looked at me in the same light after that night. I stopped flirting and they never made suggestive remarks ever again.

That evening did have some repercussions though. Trudy enjoyed seeing me mince round in a dress and satisfy her as if a woman so much she made me dress for her on other occasions. She said it was as a reminder not to stray but I wasn't so sure. Sometimes it was just us in the flat with me in a simple skirt or blouse or like tonight she made me dress in something much smarter and suitably girlish. There was no stopping her. When in these moods we went for meals, walks in the country, bowling, the cinema, even ice-skating but never did she allow me to wear my trousers. I complained of course not wanting to show willing but I genuinely grew fond of wearing dresses. She was contented. She had me in her trap. I wasn't going to stray and I was no longer considered a desirable catch by her girlfriends.

Work relations did become strained. I steer clear of Mark at work but he frequently mocks my dress sense to work mates and I know it's a matter of time before he asks me to dress for him again. I'm also dreading my next appraisal as still wants me to become his secretary and dress in a mini skirt. I've seen the way he treats the girls in the office and would hate to be his next victim.

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Thanks Ace bottoms someday I 'm going to try and dress like a lady and get up the never to go out some place thanks