Girlfriend wont take anal but mother will 3

They both froze and tucked in tight to the sofa as the foot steps became louder and then suddenly stop and the sound of Anne-Marie gasp as she saw what was being watched on the TV.

She stood there for abit before she started to walk forward again until she got to the sofa that her boyfriend and her mum were laying naked on. As she looked over the top she was shocked at what she saw and her eyes just filled with tears as ran to her room.
Veronica launched off the sofa and ran after her to try and comfort her in some way (in truth she did not know what she was going to do). When she got to the door she gave a light nock and a voice quickly returned telling her to go away, but Veronica openned the door and walked in and went over to the bed where Anne-Marie was laying curled up in a ball.
Veronica slowly sat down beside her on the bed and rest her hand on her daughters side and started to speak when her daughter shouted out; how could you do it? I love Tom and all this time you have been fucking him behind my back.

Veronica then just let it all out telling her daughter what had really happenned and why she was doing it and once she had finnished it was a couple of minutes before Anne-Marie spoke still with a few tears coming down her face. She looked into her mums eyse and then moved in and kissed her on the lips and apologised and thanked her for what she had done.

She then shocked her mum by asking her if she could watch them for abit?

Veronica went quiet for a moment before shocked at what her daughter had just asked and then thoughts started to go through her mind and she felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter and she quickly agreed. They both stood up and Anne-Marie grabbed her mum hand and walked her out of her room and back to the sitting room where her borfriend was waiting on the sofa. Anne-Marie went over and sat on one of the arm chairs that was to one side of the sofa while Veronica went and joined Tom. She sat her naked body down close to Tom's and before Tom could say anything Veronica kissed him on the lips slowly letting her tongue slide inside his mouth. The kissed like this for a few minutes allowing their tongues to explore each others mouths before they pulled away from each other and Veronica lowered her face down Tom's body kissing his body as she moved down.
Then she got to his big cock and at first she teased it's head with her tongue and then she slowly licked up and down the lengh of his cock before alowing it to slide into her mouth and she sucked it nice and slow making it last as long as possible.
Tom was loving every minute of it and as he rest his head back against the sofa he looked over at Anne-Marie to see her completely naked with one of her hands buried between her legs and the other squeazing her nipples one at a time, this made Tom go crazy and her shot his load into Veronica's mouth and she waisted no time swallowing it all.

Veronica layed down on the floor and spread her legs and Tom dropped to his knees and lowered his head down to her soaking wet pussy, he licked her nice and slow at first before alowing his tongue to slide inside her and he quickly speeded up his pace and he moved ones of his hands up to her breast and he squeazed them lightly at first and then more firmly. Veronica was loving it and so was Anne-Marie.
Anne-Marie had her fingers buried deep inside her pussy and was getting near to her first orgasm.
Both Tom and Veronica were watching her swetty naked body buck up and down as her orgasm grew to new heights and tom was getting more horny by the second as his cock grew and he quickly rolled Veronica over on to her front and he emiiately buried his cock into her ass and waisted no time in fucked her hard and fast pushing his full lengh inside her and this pushed Anne-Marie over the top and a huge orgasm shot through her body and she collapsed down on the arm chair breathing heavy and she was soon followed by her mum who had another orgasm and Tom quickly unloaded his cum deep inside her ass again.

Once Anne-Marie had recovered she slid to the floor and mooved over to join her mum and boyfriend on the floor. Tom rolled off Veronica and layed beside her as she rolled over on to her back and rapped her arms round the 2 loves of her life and kissed them both, they rested there for a few minutes before they fell asl**p.
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1 year ago
AMAZING! have more or this is the end ?!?
2 years ago
This set of three stories were really HOT!!!!
3 years ago
4 years ago
there has to be more of this series
4 years ago
Oh God it can't end there!
4 years ago
more please
4 years ago
You liked it then?
4 years ago