Daddy Dom part 2

It had been weeks since Daddy had pay attention to me. The one hot night we had was a distant memory. The in and outs of everyday life had moved in and everyone was home for the summer. Purposely I would try to get into any trouble I could. I would run out of gas on the freeway, not fold his laundry right. Anything I could to make him pay attention to me. I started despising my mother. She has to sl**p with him every night; he would take her out places. She never did things the right way. I would see her make his bed in the morning; the corners were not proper, not nearly the way he taught me. He would never let me slide that way. I would purposely cuss during dinner; sit on the furniture when I know it is not proper. He says nothing. Walks right on by me in the hallway and never says a word. He does not even check to see if I am playing with my pussy anymore. He used to come in at night and use me. Now I only hear him and mom having sex. I listen closely to see if he is beating her, using her to satisfy that desire inside of him. I only hear their five-minute sex session, and nothing more. I long for him to beat me again. To fuck use and me like his whore.

I decide to go out on a date with a person I met at the beach early in the spring. I had been holding off seeing anyone, as Daddy hated to see me with someone else. He had become funny about my dating, so I did not do it much. I met Todd at Springtown beach in May, we hit it off and he wanted to see me again. I refrained from doing so, for several different reasons. I had not had sex with anyone since Daddy took my virginity and knew that the only reason Todd was interested in me was for sex. Even though I was bothered, I knew daddy would not approve. I searched through my diary and found Todd's number. I hesitated several times before finishing the number and hearing it ring.


"Todd?" I say as my voice cracks.

"Yeah, this is. Who is this?" He says in the phone, almost as if I have pissed him off by calling.

"This is holly, the girl from the beach."

"I meet a lot of girls at the beach, try giving me some more." He laughs

"I was the girl walking her dog." I say pissed that he does not even remember me

"Ah yes, holly I remember you. How are you?"

"Good thanks, listen, I will just cut to the chase. My mom is away on business and I am alone. Want to come over?" I close my eyes and lay back on the bed.

"Yeah, 1345 East street right?" His voice suddenly more cheerful

"Yep, see you soon." I hang the phone up abruptly and jump into the shower. Knowing that I will not be alone, that daddy will be fishing with a friend. He will be in and out all day. As I shower, I hope he comes home while Todd is here. Fucking him hard, giving my pussy to him. Perhaps then, he will pay attention to me.

I wrap a robe around my moist body and lay back down on the bed. I know that I will dream of daddy doing those things to me. I only hope I will be in trouble if he catches me. I open my robe and lightly touch my breasts. Softly I roll my nipples in between my fingers. Tweaking and pinching my now hard nipples in between my warm fingers. I begin to hump the air, my pussy automatically wet from daydreaming. I slide my hand down my belly, covering my entire pussy with my hand. I am rubbing my palm against by clit. Making sure, I do not enter my pinkness. Never feeling exactly how wet I am, I wait until Todd can devour it up. The doorbell startles me from my masturbation and I quickly run downstairs. Todd is standing there as handsome as I remember him. His hair tousled around his face and it looks as if he did not do a thing before coming to see me. We stand there a moment and I deal with his small talk. Knowing that daddy will not see him if he is not inside. He is fishing on the lake on the backside of the house. They come up often to use the restroom, get food, more bait. I take Todd's hand and lead him upstairs. Interrupting his conversation, he laughs and follows me. We enter the bedroom and I quickly take his clothes off, wanting to **** him and fuck him right away. He slows me down by pushing me off a moment.

"Whoa, let's chill a minute" He says as he wipes the sweat from his forehead.

"Alright, let's step outside on the balcony and get some air."

"But we are both naked." He looks down at himself then at me.

I laugh. "That is okay, no one will see us."

We walk to the balcony of my room and stand kissing and groping. His eyes are closed and mine are on the lake. Seeing daddy's boat coming up to the shore, I continue to kiss him. I keep looking out of the corner of my eye to see daddy's boat dock and him begin to walk up the beach. I see him look up to the house and know he has seen Todd and me. I quickly take Todd into the bedroom and throw him on the bed. Jumping a top of him, I mount his thick cock. It is hard from kissing me and he moans as my wet cunt slips over it. Covering it in all of my juices, he grabs my ass cheeks in both hands. I breasts hit his chest and I ride him hard. We fuck for several minutes, until the bedroom door slams open. It slams into the back of the wall and Todd throws me off him. Daddy is standing in the doorway with his hands on his hips. Todd starts to stutter and put on his clothes. I lay there smiling and just keep eye contact with daddy.

"Get up you little punk. Get the hell out of my house." He shouts to Todd but never takes his eyes off me.

Todd quickly dresses and runs down the stairs. I hear his feet thump the entire way down and the door slam behind him. The eye contact never leaves daddy and me. He does not say a word for several minutes. I can see the steam fuming off him.

"What is the problem?" I say with a halfhearted smile "I needed to get fucked. You don't fuck me anymore."

He walks over to me with out saying a word and with a heavy hand slaps me across the face.

"You want to be fucked little whore?"

"Yes Sir, clearly I do." Sarcasm leaves my mouth

He spits in my face and holds it in between his hands. He pushes my body back flat on the bed and tells me to stay there. He walks away for what feels like several minutes and comes back with a towel full of ice. Roughly, he places them into my pussy and puts his cock in my face.

"You stupid little whore, can not even behave when I can not pay attention to you. Suck my cock you little cunt."

I hungrily take his cock into my mouth and suck, as a good baby should. Gagging on it and spitting up on the shaft. It becomes slippery and easier to get in and out of my mouth. He pushes it farther into my mouth and I try to shift my head back. The ice is now making me squirm as I try to reposition my body so it does not sting so badly.

"Quit moving bitch" He yells out in between moans and I stop moving

He pushes his cock deeper into my mouth and down my throat. I manage to let out a muffled?I am going to throw up? but he never stops. He hits the back of my throat hard and vomit comes up into my mouth. My eyes water and my nose runs. He never stops once to see if I am okay. Just continues to gag me hard, making it hard to gasp for air.

"Put it in your throat and keep it there." He barks to me.

I look at him confused and he glances back. As if to tell me "Its okay, trust me" I let it fall to the back of my throat. It gags me terribly at first and vomit enters my mouth. My throat relaxes and his hard cock falls down easily into my throat. He fucks my throat hard and it becomes raw and dry. He removes it and climbs off me.

"Where is the bag with all the stuff in it?" He says to me, looking around.

I point to the closet; he gets it and returns. Taking out the blindfold, the rope, the gag and the dildo, he returns to the bed. He places me on my tummy with my ass in the air. He ties my arms and legs up with precision. I cannot move even an inch. My ankles and wrist are already starting to hurt. The blindfold blackens my eyes and the gag quiets my mouth. He leans into my ear, telling me I have done it this time. The smile never leaves my face. His fingers enter my tight ass. Fucking it hard I buck up against them. I slobber on the bed from my gag and try to wipe it off. He laughs and me and continues to fuck my ass. His fingers are replaces with the thick dildo and I cringe. He pushes it in dry and does not care. My asshole burns as I feel little trickles of bl**d devouring my tight ass. He slides it in all the way into my ass. It feels as if it is touching my belly. He leaves it there without moving it and tears stream down my face. There is no movement in the room. At least I do not hear any. The silence is broken with a heavy blow from the boat oar on my ass and I moan loudly. I am not sure how long he hits me, but every blow blisters me harder. The dildo buried deep into my ass. My body hurts and he does not care. Blow after blow with the paddle my body burns. The bl**d vessels are broken and the slightest feeling of movement from his hand or the paddle sends me through the ceiling. I feel empty as he suddenly removes the dildo from my now sore asshole. I feel his warm tongue cleaning it off. Even through his rough and brutal actions, he shows that he loves me. With one swift movement, I feel him replace the dildo with his hard cock. I am wide open and ready. His cock hits my bowels as he fucks me hard. He pulls my head back by my hair. His belly hitting my now blistered ass brings massive puddles of tears to my eyes. Hot cum fills deep inside of my ass. He holds his cock there, so nothing dribbles out. He rests on top of my back, his chest heaving with every breath. His empty cock slowly slides from my ass. He replaces the dildo back in, which slides in with ease.

"Now you can keep cum inside of you until I allow you to defecate. You will never have another mans cock inside your pussy. My cock is the only one you will fuck. I see that I have made you into a little whore. I thought we went over this." He wipes my hair away from my face. Matted against my face from the tears he made me shed. My nose is running and my face is full of mascara.

"I will continue to think of your punishment. As of now, I will leave you tied to the bed. I will come back for you when I have decided on your punishment." He strictly says as he slams the door.

I lay there, my cheek on the pillow. I am smiling through face soaked tears. Wondering what he will do to me next. Thankful he cared enough to pay attention.
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2 years ago
I doubt any father would treat his loving daughter,I don't care what kind of idiot he is, or how bad he thinks he is!!!!!~
4 years ago
this is very good
4 years ago
Great part 2, just waiting for part 3
4 years ago
Where's the third part? Lol
4 years ago
cant wait for part 3