Daddy, Princess And The Storm

Laying in bed listening to the rain as it hit's my window, the crack of thunder echoing through my room as the lighting illuminated it. Trembling i hide under the covers and hope it will go away but after a few minutes i know its not going to and that it's in for the night. Pushing the covers back i quickly head for Your room, as i open Your door a flash of lightening and a rumble of thunder fill the air.

"Daddy Daddy are You awake?" i stand in my crop top and short pyjamas.

"I' am now, what's the matter princess?" You rub Your eyes.

"Daddy the storms scaring me." i tremble.

"It's ok baby girl Daddy will protect you." You pull back Your covers and i scamper in next to You.

"Thank You Daddy." i whimper as You wrap Your arms around me.

Your naked warm body sending a shiver over me, snuggling closer my ass and back rubbing against You. The next crack of thunder makes me jump against and rub against You, Your hand moves to rest on my hip.

"Hell princess you are scared aren't you? Want Daddy to take your mind of the storm?"

"Yes please Daddy please will You."

With the hand on my hip You move it down to my stomach and lazily caress me, wriggling slightly as You find a ticklish spot i let out a soft giggle. You trail Your hand up to the hem of my t-shirt and underneath to my breasts, taking my nipple between Your finger and thumb You start to pull and pinch it. Whimpering i push my ass against You feeling Your hardening cock rub against me, You let out a growl.

Flipping me over onto my back You dip Your head and take a nipple into Your mouth as You pull and pinch the other, arching my back pushing my breasts into Your mouth and fingers.

"Daddy ohhh." i gasp.

You move Your mouth over to my other nipple taking it between Your teeth and pulling on it. Body jerks against Yours with excitement and desire, as my hand reaches down and my fingers encircle Your cock. Your hips push up and with it my grip tightens on Your hard cock.


"Yes princess?" You let out a moan.

"Daddy can i taste Your cum please Daddy." looking up at You.

"Yes princess Daddy would like that."

You lay on Your back and push the covers of us, i gasp as i see how hard and thick Your cock is.

"D Daddy Your cock is sooo big." my eyes widen.

"Take your time princess, you did good other day. Suck it like a lollypop, take in as much as you can in your mouth."

Dipping my head i slowly lick my tongue over Your cock, Your moans telling me im doing it right. Wanting to please You so much i close my mouth around the tip of Your cock, feeling it throb against my tongue i start to move my mouth down.

"That's it baby girl ohh yes that's it." You gasp.

Moving my mouth up to tip i look up at You, You smile and stroke my hair as i start to suck a little faster on Your cock. Gagging and choking every so often as Your cock hit's the back of my throat, Your fingers entwined in my hair. Your pre-cum forming on the tip of Your cock, sucking it leaves a salty taste in my mouth but i continue to suck and lick.

"Ohhh God baby ohh yesss suck Daddy's cock."

Sucking at a faster pace i reach up and stroke Your balls, remembering what the girls did in a porn movie i saw once at a friends. You lift Your hips and push Your cock into my mouth and i gag again, my lips vibrate on Your cock. You start to thrust Your hips a little faster and Your moans get louder, Your fingers grip in my hair gets tighter.

"I'm gonna cum princess ohhhh swallow it baby swallow your Daddy's cum."

You arch up and cum in my mouth, gagging and choking i try to swallow down as much as i can. You thrust into my mouth a couple more times and then lay back trying to catch Your breathe, releasing Your cock i swallow down the last few drops in my mouth resting next to You i watch and listen as Your breathing steadies.

"Wa Was that ok Daddy?" i ask nervously.

"Ohhh yes princess more than ok." You smile down at me.

"And the storm seems to of passed over Daddy." i giggle.

"Indeed it has baby girl." You wrap Your arms around me.

Snuggling up close we drift of to sl**p, safely wrapped up in Your strong arms. Your alarm goes of at 6 am and You start to stir, You kiss my forehead and whisper in my ear to stay put and to go back to sl**p. Watching You move around getting ready for Your shower i look round Your room, You appear in the doorway with just a towel wrapped round Your waist.

"I meant to ask last night princess how did cheer leading try outs go?" You start to dry Yourself and dress for work.

Saturdays were Your half day, You finished at lunch time and came home and either sat and watched the game on television or tinkered on Your car.

"It went well Daddy, i got a position in the team." i beam at You.

"Ohh princess that's fantastic, does that mean a shopping trip is needed?" You stand at the foot of Your bed dressed in Your work suit.

"Well erm.. Yes Daddy. I'm sorry Daddy."

"What you sorry for princess?" You ask as You come sit next to me on the bed.

"Cause Your spending money on me Daddy, since i stopped working at the store You have paid for most things."

"Ohh princess it is what I want to do for you. Daddy's take care of Their princess's and get to take them shopping and spoil them."

Taking me into Your arms You hug me tightly and kiss my forehead, Your hands brush over my pert breasts making my nipples harden. You dip Your head and nip and suckle on them both before kissing me on my lips.

"Met me outside My office at twelve thirty baby girl and we will go shopping." You say as You stand.

"Yes Daddy."

Once You have left i lay in Your bed for awhile and then get up and shower, looking in my wardrobe i pick out a tight pair of blue jeans and a cropped t-shirt that clings to my breasts and lay them out ready on my bed. Grinning i decide not to wear any panties, wanting to give You a shock and to tease You with my nakedness. Walking round the house in my robe i put the stereo on and smile as Your music starts to play.

At eleven o'clock i go and dress, spraying myself with Your favourite perfume and putting my hair into two tight plaits. Putting on my trainers i head out for the journey to Your office, walking passed some builders i get some wolf whistles and i wiggle my ass and giggle at them. At Your office i stand outside near Your truck and wait for You, glancing in the truck i notice a bag on the back seat and wonder what it is and who it's for.

"Nosey." You say as You pat my ass.

"Hello Daddy, erm....was just looking in Your truck."

You open the truck door and i climb in, as You open Your door and sit You just chuckle and start the truck up. Glancing back a few times i want to ask about what's in the bag but decided not to, if i was meant to know You would tell me.

"Hmm nice choice of out fit princess." You say as we pull into the sports store car park.

Smiling at You i wonder at Your face when i reveal no panties, climbing out of Your truck i walk round to Your side and brush up against You. You growl and head for the store, i let out a giggle and follow behind You. Once inside we head for the cheer leaders section and You start to browse the rails, holding up a few tops for me to view.

"Daddy that ones to small," i giggle "it would reveal my ...."i look down at my breasts and giggle again.

You hand me the top and wink at me, You look through the rail and hand me a blue and yellow top in the right size and then move onto skirts. You pull out two blue skirts of different lengths, You quickly put back the longer length one and rummage for one in my size. Handing me a skirt You head for the changing rooms, entering the room You close the door behind You and sit on the chair.

Slowly i undress taking the hem of my shirt and pulling it above my head to reveal my white bra, slowly i unzip my jeans and look at You as i wriggle out of them. Your eyes widen as You catch a glimpse of my naked pussy and ass, stepping out of my jeans i stand before You. You hand me the top and i slip it on over my head, pulling it down over my pert breasts, You grin as You pass me the skirt. Bending down i slip it up over my thighs and zip it up, smoothing it down it comes to my mid thigh.

"Very nice."

"Do You like the outfit Daddy?" i ask wanting more of answer.

"Suits you." was all You replied.

You walk out of the changing room and wait for me to dress and join You, from Your demeanour i know i've done something to annoy You. The sales assistant suggests pom poms and knickers as well and You agree and pay for all the garments and head for the door without saying a word to me. The drive home is one of silence and wonder, desperately i try and figure out what i've done wrong. Once home You head for Your office and shut the door, taking the bags of clothes to my room i hang them up and decide to find out what i have done wrong. Knocking on Your door a lot of different thoughts run through my mind and i start to scare myself that You will chuck me out of Your house.

" Daddy."

"Enter." You bellow.

Opening the door i look over to You as You sit in Your chair, closing the door i walk over to the front of Your desk.

"Daddy have i done something wrong?" i bite my bottom lip and await Your answer.

"Are you a whore?" You spit out the words.

"N nno Daddy im not." Your words making my eyes widen at such a suggestion.

" Only whores walk around without wearing their panties so you must be a whore." You sit back in Your chair and look at me.

"No Daddy im not one, i erm.. i just thought You would like it Daddy. Please Daddy im sorry it was meant as a little bit of fun Daddy."

"Come here." Your voice is stern.

Moving towards You the tears well up in my eyes as a stand in front of You, reaching across You unzip my jeans and tug them down over my thighs till they drop on the floor. Gripping hold of my wrists You pull me over Your knee, laying there I wonder what You are going to do.

"Daddy no please Daddy that hurt Daddy please stop." i beg as You bring Your hand down on my ass.

The next three bring the tears trickling down my cheeks, i squirm and cry out begging You to stop. You rub Your hand over my red ass, the burning sensation on my ass is a new one to me. You bring Your hand down a further three times on my ass and the back of my upper thighs.

"Please Daddy im sorry Daddy i promise to wear panties and not act like a a a sl slut again Daddy please stop please."

You bring Your hand down twice more and then rub Your hand over my ass and thighs, You lift me up and i stand and reach round to my burning red ass and wince as my fingers touch it.

"Let that be a lesson to you I will not tolerate whore behaviour do you hear Me?"

"Yes Daddy sorry Daddy." the tears stream down my face.

"Good now go dress properly." You dismiss me.

Leaving Your office i wipe the tears from my face, entering my bedroom i look in the full length mirror at my ass and let out a gasp at its redness. Promising myself to never ever annoy You again and to always wear my panties.
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1 year ago
The theme is great. The result is devastatingly atrocious!
1 year ago
It left me wanting more. More more.
2 years ago
So So
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4 years ago
Nice and hot