slave part 16

I huff and puff in pain as my body tries to push this huge intruder out but Russia keeps her hand on the plug until I finally calm and accept it. "There's a good slave," she tells me as she helps me to stand and pats my sore ass.

I feel my own hair brushing the back of my legs as I am led out of the pavilion with my hands locked behind me again and I am led to the mansion and the rest of my life as Master's fancy slave.

It is a long walk to the mansion with each step causing friction on my slave clit. I am close to an orgasm the whole way as I feel every chain and ribbon on me pull at the piercings Master has given me.

Swaying my ass and making sure that my slave tits roll from side to side and bounce on my chest I walk towards the beautiful mansion in the distance I follow my girls with Russia holding the leash that goes from her hand to the ring over my clit. The bell on the ring hits my clit and tinkles brightly with every step I take. I desperately need Master to take the body he owns when we get there.

When we finally do get to the mansion, we are met by a slave who looks like a dog. He has a snout like a bulldog, a short tail that he actually wags as he looks at me and a black bow tie on a collar that has studs just like a dog's would. His penus is incredibly long between his legs. It's almost to his knees, but he hasn't any balls.

"He has been castrated!" my loud voice screams.

"Master will see the slave in his den," he tells us in a voice that is close to a bark as he takes my leash from Russia. When he turns to lead us into the mansion, we follow him into a richness I never could have imagined. I am stunned at what I see as he leads us deeper into the house.

My new large ass sways from side to side and my tits roll on my chest as I follow the little tail of the castrated dog slave butler into luxury. I can hear his overly long penus slapping his thighs as he leads me down a hall filled with art and richness. The floors are of some dark wood with exotic carpets from Persia and the Far East on them every few feet and the walls are covered with paintings that look priceless. A cooling breeze blows across my sweat covered body from windows left open to let the trades flow freely through the mansion.

Bulldog stops at a pair of imposing teak doors that go from floor to ceiling and knocks once.

"Send the slave in."

Like the dog that he is Bulldog instantly bows from the waist at the voice of our Master, drops my leash to the ground causing me to wince quietly at the pain of the pull on my most sensitive flesh and pushes the doors open wide to let me strut in dragging the leash between my legs.

My life has become so sensual since I was sold and trained as a slave. The whole meaning of my life has become the giving of pleasure and fulfillment to Master and whom ever he gives me. I actually revel in that thought as I walk toward Master sitting behind a huge desk so far across the amazing room I find myself in.

The doors slam shut behind me causing my already sensitive nipples to get even harder and my slave cunt to get so wet I wonder if Master can smell my arousal from where he sits.

I have been trained to never look at Master's eyes unless told to, so I keep my slave eyes on the floor as I surprise myself and walk as seductively as I can with bound hands toward the powerful man who has had me changed into his possession that I am now; a Fancy.

When I reach the desk I begin to sink to my knees so I can crawl under it to suck his amazingly big cock like I have been taught but a hand signal from Master has me walking around the desk to stand at his left side. He hasn't told me to kneel like a proper slave yet so I stand with my legs shoulder width apart and my chest out to show the charms Master owns to him.

On Master's right side Tattoo kneels on the floor with her little lap top computer desk in front of her. I am always amazed when I see her sleek black body that is totally covered in tattoos.

When I finally stand close to the man that owns me my cunt is dripping from the excitement of just being in the same room as him. He looks at me and casually caresses me with his large hand.

"Are all the surgeries complete on my fancy?" he asks Tattoo.

She looks at Master with a smile that only a real slave can have and then at me, "Yes, she is done for now."

"For now?" my small voice quails. "Haven't they done enough to me?"

"They can do what they want. Don't forget about the Jaguars and Bulldog," my loud voice tells me and I am happy to look at least a little human.

Master pulls me close while he finishes his business with Tattoo. He uses his left hand to touch me everywhere he wants and I melt at the attention he gives me. His hand cups each of my slave tits in turn and pulls at the many chains on me and, when it gets close to my cunt I can't help myself, I spread my legs wider to willingly offer everything Master owns to him. He feels my wetness and smiles at me as he has me lick my own juices off his finger.

When Master is done dictating all he has to, he picks up my leash and has Tattoo follow him out of the room as he leads me happy and aroused down one hallway after another until we are in his bedroom.

Master has me kneel at the foot of his bed while he has Tattoo lay on it. He takes off his lion skin kilt and lies on the bed next to her. Tattoo takes his hardness in her hands and licks at the drops of wetness at its tip. She moans her need then and opens her mouth to take all of our Master into her.

I am f***ed to kneel and watch as another slave gives my Master pleasure. I want his hard black cock for myself and watch as only a slave can. Soon he pulls her mouth off himself and has her lie below him as he puts his hard cock between her open legs. The slave Tattoo lifts her legs high and grabs her ankles as her slave cunt accepts the huge cock that Master slides into her.

Jealousy is a new concept for me as a slave. I want Master in me! To feel him stretch his slave cunt and fill it with everything he has. I need to feel his balls slap on my naked ass like I see him doing to Tattoo now as he plunges into her with each strong thrust.

Her whole body shakes and responds to our Master as he takes her, possesses her like only a strong man can. His beautiful tight ass and his heavy balls are all I see now as I kneel on the floor watching Master take what is his. Tattoo's legs are up around Master's waist and her heels are on his ass urging him deeper with each thrust. My breathing gets heavy as I watch a real man use a slave under him. I know each of her orgasms and still he pumps into her until he throws his head back to growl out his own passion as he drives into her and holds himself deep as he pumps his sperm into the slave below him. I want that sperm in me and I want those orgasms that he is giving to his willing slave too.

When Master is done, he rolls off Tattoo so that I can see his white sperm flow out of her swollen cunt and down her ass onto the bed.

"Lick my slave clean," Master tells me.

With no hesitation, I crawl on the bed as best I can with my hands locked behind me and eagerly lick my way up Tattoo's legs until I am kneeling with my face buried in her cum filled cunt licking and sucking at her to get all of Master out of his slave. My tongue laps at her ass and I lick the tasty white cum off the sheets below, then I move up to lap at Tattoo's cunt again and suck Master's last sweet essence out of her pink darkness.

I am on my knees with my head bobbing between Tattoo's legs when I feel the bed shift as Master lays his thickness on my ass and rips the butt plug out of me. My scream of pain is muffled as I keep licking Tattoo's cunt and then I feel Master put his huge cock at the entrance to my tight ass and push. Master is so big that I scream into the cunt I am licking as he splits my ass wide open. I can't believe he can fit himself into me but I can't stop the man that owns me as he slowly pushes deeper and deeper into me. Master's silky, thick cock head pops past my achingly stretched ring and I begin to feel every inch of his thickly veined hard flesh as he sinks all of himself into me.

Master doesn't wait for my ass to stop quivering in pain on his cock and accept his intrusion. He begins to slide himself in and out of the slave hole he owns. Slowly the pain turns to a curious pleasure as I feel every inch of him as he moves all the way out and then pushes back in again in a steady, powerful rhythm. I remember watching his ass cheeks as they clenched each time he buried himself while he was fucking Tattoo and know that they look the same now as he uses my ass while I lick at Tattoo's cunt and give her even more orgasms.

When Tattoo is finally satisfied she moves up off my split tongue to lie back above me with spread legs to watch Master as he uses me. His strong hands pull at my slave body and spank my sore ass as he grunts with each thrust until he cums in me. I am surprised that I can feel each pulse as the sperm rises in his cock and spews out into my bowels to fill me with his hot cum.

After, when his cock goes softer in me and he pulls out, I turn on the bed to seek out Master to take his dirty cock in my mouth, and lick it clean. I feel so helpless with my hands locked behind me. I can't help myself, I need to taste his sperm and I don't care that he has been in my ass. I accept that this is what a slave does for the man that owns her; she cleans him when he is done with her. The training I have been given is working too well.

While I kneel in front of Master licking myself off him I feel a tongue cleaning me and realize that Tattoo is a slave that has to do as I am as she licks at the sperm leaking out of my ass. I dare to look up with his cock in my mouth and, as I taste my own darkness, I see Master smiling down at his slaves as we clean him and ourselves.

The night goes on with Master using us each time he is hard, which is often, until I wake with him behind me with a morning hardness pressing into the crack of my ass as he holds me. Then there is the black softness of Tattoo pressed tight in front of me, her round ass filling the spoon of my body. I wish I could hold her but my hands are locked to the short chains that hang from my collar now and all I can do is touch her back. She squirms comfortably as I kiss her neck until she turns to kiss me and rub her tits on me while she helps Master put his cock in my swollen and much used body.

"Do you like that?" she asks as I sigh at my freedom to be owned and penetrated; to nod yes as Master takes what as his yet again.

"That's a good slave," Tattoo purrs as she holds me and sucks on a tender nipple while Master fucks my swollen cunt from behind. When he cums in me and is done with me she licks down my still vibrating body to suck his sperm from my slave cunt. I have never had so many orgasms in one night and wish I could hold Tattoo's head tight to me as she licks at my cunt to give me one more orgasm while she cleans Master's fresh, hot sperm from me.

Master leaves us now and Tattoo calls for my girls when she is done sucking his cum from my slave cunt then she leaves me too. She has a freedom in her slavery that is denied to me.

My girls come running in to fill Master's huge bedroom with their giggles as they dress me in the only things I am allowed to wear, my heels. My hands are locked to the back of my neck on the heavy gold collar that has been welded onto me so I know they are going to take me to the huge tub I saw in Master's bath. They like having my arms out of the way as they caress me while washing me and make so very sure that all of my slave holes are oiled and clean for Master's use.

I wonder if they slept on the floor outside Master's bedroom all night just waiting to be called to serve the slave they must. The thought that they might have even less freedom than I do disturbs me. They have to be constantly near to wherever I am to serve my absolutely helpless sex slave's needs. I can't eat or go to the bathroom without one of them near to attend me as they feed me and wipe me.

When I am led to the bath Asia turns on the shower across the room using the gold taps to get the temperature just right as Russia plays with my sore nipples. Master and Tattoo were so heedless of my pain last night as they sucked and bit me wherever they wanted while they used me for their pleasure. Now Russia's soft hands caress my cunt and probe at my very sore other cunt as we wait for Asia to tell us the water is just right.

I love the way they wash me by soaping their own bodies to rub against me while hands play wherever they want as I stand where the chain from the ceiling holds me by my bound hands. Afterwards we go to the big hot tub where they oil me and play with me some more to keep me on a constant sexual edge as I am prepared to be displayed to the island and Master's sons.

"Master is going to take you to show you off to his sons today, slave. Stay as far away from them as you can when Master isn't around. They are evil masters and we have heard that slaves in their mansions disappear after long nights of screams being heard," Asia tells me as she rubs scented oil into my body."We hear that the sharks beyond the reef are well fed."

When they are done preparing me it's not when they think that I'll pass Master's personal inspection, it's when they know I will pass that Russia finally attaches a leash to the gold and jewel encrusted collar welded to my neck to lead me out of the bath through Master's huge bedchamber and beyond.

I feel like a pampered queen as I am led by the leash down long hallways with my bell tinkling, my tits swaying on my chest and my hands locked behind my back. I know that Master needs me to look my best today and that means I have to be the slave he wants me to be so I make sure my ass sways and I try to glide in my ridiculously high heels as regally as Tattoo does in her bare feet with her body oozing pure sex.

"If you hold your head higher you'll look perfect," Asia whispers from beside me.

Thrilled at the compliment I do as she tells me and feel even prouder to be what I am, a fancy worth looking at more than once. I feel the dozens of chains move on my face and on my body as I am led to where Master wants me to be, wherever that is, and know I really am his slave now.

"You can still escape sometime," my small voice tells me.

"Do you want to now?" my loud voice asks with a hint of sarcasm. "Look at yourself, you can't be free now."

I haven't even seen myself in a mirror since Master bought this new slave. I know what I must look like; I'm a cartoon of a woman made at the whim of a world wide slave owner. The thought that my loud voice is right scares me, but at the same time, the slave in me feels free now that I have been altered into what Master wants me to be.

Asia leads me onto a sun lit terrace where I see Master sitting in the shade of a palm frond held over him by a naked female slave. The sweat rolls off her brow and her black tits as she holds the heavy fronds high. Tattoo is kneeling in the hot sun by his right side with sweat streaming down her black body while the Jaguars frolic nearby. Bulldog is on the grass in the tropical garden below us chasing a ball that Master has just thrown as I come out the doors.

Master hears the sound of my heels on the slate of the terrace and gives a hand signal pointing to his left. Asia drops my leash instantly causing me to gasp in pain as it pulls on my clit hood even as I hurry to kneel beside my Master. I hear my girls kneel far behind us as I feel Master pat my head. The hot sun beats down on my naked body and the sweat flows out of every pore as I kneel on the hard rock feeling him idly touch me.

After a long moment watching Bulldog chasing the ball on his hands and knees while trying to get it in his mouth until it falls into the huge pool in the garden Master laughs. The butler Bulldog has dived into the pool and is paddling around still trying to get the ball.

"Enough!" Master yells. "Bring the car around!"

Bulldog instantly stops his antics to get out of the pool and shake the water off himself making his long cock slap back and forth between his legs; he can almost spank his own ass with it. He runs off barefoot down the gravel drive at the foot of the terrace to reappear moments later driving an odd looking limousine.

The car is from the Thirties and there is only one seat in the back for Master; the rest of us must kneel as the slaves we are. Master signals for me to hold up his leash for him. I take the handle in my mouth as I have been taught and rise on my knees to offer it to him. When Master stands, he pulls me up by the ring in my clit hood causing a yelp of pain.

"You'll be punished for that noise tonight slave." Master tells me as he leads us all down to the car with the beautiful naked slave holding the palm fronds over his head as he leads me by the leash. Tattoo is beside me and the girls follow as Master takes his seat. We all kneel at his feet while the naked slave stands behind him on a special platform in the rear keeping Master in the shade at all times.

With a jerk, the old car starts off out of the garden and down the long gravel drive towards the sea. I am afraid I will fall off as we move along but Master steadies me at each bump with his left hand on my head. The Jaguars don't seem to care about anything as they jump and chase each other from the front seats to the back where I kneel at master's side. A hand signal from Master has me between his legs to take his massive cock in my mouth in an instant. Occasionally my head is pulled up so Master can show me his island. I am shown fields of pineapple and sugar cane with slaves sweating in the hot sun as they tend the crops. We stop by a taro paddy so Master can call over the only other male I have seen close up other than Master and Bulldog. He has the naked slave lift his cock to show that he too is castrated as Master tells me that all males on this island are that way. I am told that only Master and his two sons have balls here. There is another island where his doctors are but if they want sex, there are only the male slaves there for them. The female slave patients are off limits.

Soon, after Master cums in my mouth and I am allowed to kneel beside him again, I see male and female slaves toiling all around me in the hot sun as we bounce along slow enough the female holding the fronds can keep Master in his shade.

I wonder why the slaves just don't rise up and revolt until Master shows me how their slave collars work. He pushes a button on his wrist band and all the slaves near us fall to the ground in agony. I am shown the other button for his personal slaves and cringe.

The drive is endless at the slow pace Master insists on and when the sun is low in the sky, we crest a hill to look down on two compounds with huge palaces in the center of each. I wonder why the houses need walls surrounding them but remember all the stories I have been told about the son's treatment of their slaves and know they are there to keep their poor slaves in.

Feeling sorry for the slaves trapped inside those walls I edge closer to Master. His large hand resting on my head turns me to look up at him, "You are right to be afraid, my fancy. Tonight is a sort of showdown, an ending in my f****y. I have learned that my enemy is here on the island with them. His float plane came in last night."

The sun is a great ball of fire on the horizon, lighting the few clouds purple and blue, as we crunch to a stop near a huge pavilion. We are above the compounds and Master watches as lights come on in the palaces below him. "Now I wait to see if they are brave enough to come out to meet me," Master tells us. Even the Jaguars stop their antics and look at Master as he leads Tattoo and I under the silk tent to wait. When Master sits in the only chair with us at his feet, he points out his guards in the trees to help calm us
"Now we wait to see if they are as brave as they wish they are," we are told.

As the sun sets naked female slaves appear to light the torches beside and behind us leaving the front dark so Master can see out into the compounds below us. There is one slave for every torch and when they are done, they kneel behind Master in rows of perfect slaves with the flickering glare of the torches shining on sweaty slave tits and bright slave eyes. As the night goes on other female slaves bring out a table for Master and yet others bring out platters of food for him. There is now a sea of females kneeling around Master as he eats. He occasionally feeds Tattoo and I from his hands as he lets his sons make him wait.

There are lights on in the palaces below and the sound of slaves in pain comes up on the wind.

"They ruin so many," Master mutters to himself. I shudder knowing that I have earned another discipline myself today as I hear the screams of agony below us. But the discipline I will get will not be like this I know with a certainty. One slave's scream ends in a long wailing shriek followed by silence. Tattoo and I look at each other across Master's knees knowing the sharks off the reef will be fed again tonight.

Master sits still between us as we edge even closer to him. The fingers of the hand on my head hold me tightly and I take Master's strength into me. He waits into the night sipping glasses of I don't know what while the slaves pile up behind us as, when each is done, she kneels behind Master. I dare not look but there must be close to a hundred slaves behind us when the compounds come alive with lights. Dozens of black cars appear and men fill them. With bright lights on, they drive up the hill toward us. Three cars pull ahead of the others to stop with their lights shining on us. The rest fan out in a semicircle to let an army of men out. All the cars have their lights on us. I shrink down thinking this is the end.

Master laughs at me and tells me to sit straight like a proper slave. I take courage from him and do as I am told. I think I will die tonight with my slave tits up and on display for my killers. My cunt is wet at the thrill of being with such a strong Master.

I can see that the three front cars are Mercedes Benz sedans and when, after all the other soldiers are out of their cars, the doors of the two outside car doors open. A young fat black boy steps out of each car and waits for the third door to open.

We are now facing Master's sons and his enemy with their men behind them. Master is steady in his chair. "What is this?" he asks in a loud, deep voice that I have never heard coming from Master before. It is true power. I had no idea just how powerful he is.

I can't see all the men because of the lights in my eyes.

Master's hand leaves my head for a second then settles down again to hold me still.

A deafening roar comes from the jungle all around us. Bright tongues of flame shoot out from everywhere. Men fall and lights go out as bullets riddle the army in front of us. Soon there are only the six headlights in front of us that go out one by one as a sharpshooter takes them out as well; leaving the two sons and the enemy alone in the night and lit only by Master's torches. There are only the cries of men still not dead now and the pop of single guns as even they are stilled.

I see two fat black men shaking as they stand beside their bullet ridden cars and another that I recognize. The man standing in the torchlight beside the third car is the Sheik who trained me after I danced for him.

Master hasn't moved a muscle since he gave the signal to kill so many men with his left hand.

When all is silent but for the night sounds of birds and insects Master looks at the Sheik. "My old friend of the desert," Master says in a quiet voice, "Why?"

The old man just looks at Master and slowly gets on his knees. No words need to be said, he has lost.

I had hated this man for what he did to me in the desert and then silently thanked him for the training he gave me but now I look at the traitor he is with the disdain of a Master's slave.

"When your plane lands in Tahiti there will only be the crew on board. Is that understood?"

The Sheik nods and waits to be taken away by the two camo clad soldiers beside him. It's not far to the dock between the palaces and soon the floatplane starts to taxi out onto the lagoon with the Sheik aboard. In the bright moonlight I see it take off to circle off the reef. Even above the noise of the planes engines I hear the yell of the Sheik as he feeds himself to the sharks. The plane straightens out then and flies away. I wonder how dangerous the Sheik's son is to Master now or even if he will live to see tomorrows dawn.

All time is Master's. When there is silence but for the jungle again Master orders the men to strip his sons.

"Mother won't allow this!" one fat son wails as he backs away from the men around him.

"Both your mothers never cared!" Master yells. "They gave me the sons I needed but not the sons we each deserved and they live in luxury now. They discretely fuck who they want and don't care about me our you as long as they have their villas and the money keeps rolling in."

As the men strip the sons Master turns to Tattoo, "How many slaves in each compound slave?"

"I'm not sure Master. It all depends on how many are still alive."

Master sighs and looks at his sons kneeling naked in the dirt in front of his carpets with their hands locked behind them. It is a pathetic site; the boys are obese and out of shape. I can't even see their little cocks under their bellies.

Master turns to the leader of his men, "Have your men free every slave they find and have them in each courtyard to wait on their former masters."

"Yes sir," a tall man says.

"And, yes, allow all the slaves to be standing when their former masters arrive. I want all the windows and doors open so I can hear them play with my sons. Signal me when you're ready."

The man smiles and looks at the quivering boys, "Yes Sir!" The night is already too long but it is not finished yet.

Soon there are female yells of glee from each compound and the boys are sent down the hill naked and bound. Their c***dish yelps as they step on every stone on the long walk down makes Master almost wince but he smiles when he hears the slaves cheer as each boy reaches his fate.

I don't want to imagine what those boys are going through at the hands of their slaves. The screams of pain go on even after the sun rises again in paradise. Finally, after a long silence, two boats go out past the reef to drop off a new feeding for the sharks. In the bright sun I can see the breasts and asses of the slaves on each boat.

"What a long day," Master says to no one even though he is surrounded by his closest slaves and hundreds of others. "Let's go home. I have guests arriving tomorrow for a party, an orgy that will last for weeks."

The end

thanks for reading all of these chapters, I know they are abit long but I hope you have enjoyed them.
97% (15/1)
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9 days ago
Great, slave story. Very we'll written.
8 months ago
absolutely one of the best series ive read here
3 years ago
a great series thank you
4 years ago
excellence in writing for this whole series