slave part 3

"What island?" I wonder as I move my tongue to feel the huge gold ball locked on top of my tongue that holds the chain in my mouth and cautiously lick at the six rings in my lips, "What else does Master have planned for my body! What the hell does she mean; gold teeth?" I feel so weird with all the heavy gold on my face and in my body.

The black slave looks down at me and touches my right cheek, "I will rest now before tattooing your face. Slaves, put on the new gold slave cuffs for our Master please."

The Asian slave appears above me to show me an ornate velvet lined wood box holding four heavy solid gold cuffs and a collar. Each piece must be worth a fortune. They are encrusted with rubies, diamonds and emeralds and are embossed with Masters' lion. I hear gasps from the masters and mistress watching my descent into slavery as they realize the worth of what they see.

The Russian slave holds a wickedly sharp knife in front of my face and slowly lowers it to my neck. I fear for my life but she merely uses it to cut the cheap leather collar from my throat before moving on to remove the rest of the black cuffs that Miles ordered me to put on for him such a short time ago.

I must give these slaves names even if they are only in my own mind and so they are called only what I think of them. I want to call the black tattooed bitch slave just that but she becomes Tattoo and the other two are named Asia and Russia; what else? My own name is put into a mental box and locked into a dark room deep in the back of my mind until I can either escape this madness or forget where I put it.

I name myself what I am now; Fancy, Master's new slave.

Asia takes the slave collar out of the box and walks over to give it to Master while Russia puts the wrist and ankle cuffs on me and uses a large tool to press them shut. I understand that Master is to put the heavy jeweled collar around my slave neck himself when I am presented to him later tonight when I am finally fully prepared.

"Tomorrow, when we have more time, we will weld all your new jewelry permanently onto your slave body," Asia tells me with her sing song voice when Russia is done putting a fortune of gold and jewels on my slave wrists and ankles.

Tattoo is now above me again to caress my cheek while she asks Russia to bring her stool and equipment. "I must release your head now so that I can put our Master's 'S' here my little slave. Will you be still for me so I can do the best tattoo that I can for our Master?"

I find that I can't respond to her. I just lie passively on the table and close my eyes while my stomach does the little flip that people must feel when they are about to jump off a bridge or a high building to end their lives.

Retreating into my mind I find a place that has blue skies and a white sand beach with the warm water of a tropical lagoon lapping at my feet as I walk along the water's edge wearing an ordinary and pretty pink bikini.

The coral reef far off in the distance protects my tiny island from the steady onslaught of the ocean waves as they crash across it to become the small ripples that gently roll over my toes as I walk under the shade of tall palm trees. My long brown hair is blown behind me by the warm, soft trade wind and I feel the gentle caress of it on my body as I walk down the sandy beach.

There is an occasional cloud that dims the sun and sometimes there is an extra large wave that passes over the reef to bring in the reality of what my body is being subjected to but I am safe here.

I can hear the angry buzz of an insect near my face and I feel heat on my cheek for a while before the sensation moves down to my chest between my tits but it can't hurt me. I am safe here on my island in the sun. A voice that I dimly recognize as Tattoo's invades my solitude to purr, "Your slave has surrendered to you totally now Master. She has found the room in her mind that every slave needs as you, our Master, use your possessions as you wish."

"It's not a room! It's my island and I am alone and safe here!" I silently cry out in my mind. Nobody hears me because I am not allowed to speak ever again or I will lose my tongue if I do; I am silent even here on my own tiny private island.

I look down at myself as I walk naked down the beach to find that I am wearing Master's gold everywhere on my body and see that I have a gold tattoo of a lion's head between my tits while I feel the heat of another new tattoo on my cheek.

"Is there nowhere safe for me?" I wail as I come back to reality of my slavery and look into the hard eyes of Tattoo.

"Your slave's tattoos are done now Master. Thank you for letting me use the gold ink on your slave. She will be worthy of it. The last 'fancy' was covered in welts from the whipping we had to give her by now.

"It was only a matter of time before that slave lost her tongue and I ripped all these beautiful gold rings from her screaming body," Master answers.

"What?" my mind reels, "ripped from her body!" I can't even begin to imagine the agony the poor girl must have endured as she lay there almost drowning in her own bl**d while her black Master tore each ring that I have in me now from the writhing slave who had angered him. I vow once again to never say another word and to obey my new Master no matter what he asks of me. I sob when I realize that I will do anything Master tells me to do to save myself from the pain Tattoo has just told me about.


Absolutely anything. I am his. I will do whatever Master wishes of me. Always.

Tattoo smiles down at me, "Are you sure that this new toy hasn't been trained as a slave before?" she asks Master as she strokes my burning cheek admiring her artistry and ignoring my shock at what she just described. "Yes, the gold looks pretty around the black of your 'S'.

"No other slave except me has ever been allowed to wear our Master's lion in gold before. Even I don't have his gold on his 'S' where it can be seen." Tattoo lowers her head to show me Master's tattoos that she wears for him. The large black shape on her forehead is not the tail of a snake that I had thought but the bottom of Master's 'S'. Above her hairline I see the rest of it through her closely cropped hair with lines of his gold surrounding it and as she lowers her head farther I can see his gold lion at the very top of her shapely skull where he can see it while he uses her from behind or when she sucks his cock.

Tattoo and I smile at each other in a moment of sharing, "Yes, this slave you have just bought might just be the best fancy ever, Master."

"The fool who sold his slave to me didn't know what he was giving up. These three holes of enjoyment; this body that I have just bought and altered as I wish was born a slave. I could see it in her eyes when she was led into the auction across the hallway. She fought her newfound bondage but I could smell her arousal and see her total submission to what was being done to her.

"Your tasks are done, slave, your tattoos and piercings on my new toy are perfect. Come and kneel by my side. We'll let the other slaves finish my fancy for me."

"Yes Master. Thank you Master."

I lay waiting on the table for whatever comes next and begin to sob again.

Asia and Russia appear above me to undo the leather straps over my chest and the ones on my arms. I actually think for a moment that they will set me free but that is a foolish thought; how can I ever be free with this brand, this black and gold mark of slavery on my face. They leave my ankles strapped in the stirrups while they sit me up and pull my arms down between my knees and use Master's solid gold cuffs for the first time to lock my hands to my feet.

I begin my life of total bondage sitting up on a table with my legs spread wide and my arms between my knees with my wrists locked to my ankles. Gobs of cum from five separate men drips from my swollen, tender cunt. The heavy rings in my ears sway and hit my neck and shoulders reminding me of their presence with each tiny movement I make. I know also with an awful sureness that scares me deep into my soul that my hands will never, ever be free again.

They quickly begin piercing twin rows down my sides. The holes are vertical and they put 'D' rings in them. I am shown two thin black ribbons which they use to lace between the rows of eight pairs of rings on each side of me so I look like I am wearing a corset. Asia then adds a heavy ring to the base of my spine just above the crack of my ass.

Now that I am sitting up I can look about the room we are in. Master and the other men are standing by the floor to ceiling windows in front of the full bar as they chat to each other while I am pierced over and over again. The men look ridiculous wearing only their suit jackets and shirts with their limp cocks hanging between their legs as they talk to my proud Master who is fully dressed with Tattoo on her knees clinging to his leg and staring up at him. I wonder how the fat man can stand there showing off how small he is in front of real men. His balls and cock are so tiny that he looks like he has a cunt with an oversized clit under all his thick pubic hair. The rude woman is still sitting in her chair staring at me as Asia and Russia work on me. I can see the small movements that she is making and know as only another woman can that she is cumming as she watches me being pierced. The back of her dress and the chair below her must be sopping wet by now.

"Master, we have finished piercing your slave."

"Put the chains on her," he answers without even looking at me.

Asia leaves to return with another ornate wood box and sets it down beside me. I see various weights of gold chain in it with the tools to attach them. The first chain on me is a light one attached to my right eyebrow which is d****d across my cheek just below my eye to the ring at the top of my nose and on over to the left eyebrow. There are soon two more chains from each eyebrow going across my cheeks to my nostrils and the corners of my slave mouth.

I see that the men are looking at me again and the man who used me first after Master took my virginity is walking toward me with his swollen cock swaying in front of him. He's not even close to being as big as Master I see as he steps between my spread legs. I get to watch for the first time as a man's hard cock slides into my cunt, my fuck hole, my snatch. I can't help myself as I begin responding to his every thrust hoping that I might cum before this master fills me with his seed again. Only minutes ago I was a virgin but now I try to cum on any cock that is in me and I am so ashamed by my new needs. The soft silk of his coat rubs against my tits and face as he grabs my ass to pull me onto his cock until he begins to cum in me. After the first throbbing spasm he pulls out of me and strokes his cock with his own hand while spewing his semen over my tits and stomach. I moan out my frustration and pleasure as each hot jet of sperm lands on my body and I wish that he had cum inside me to give me an orgasm.

"Oh God, did I just think that!" I wonder as the gobs of white semen slowly flow down my body and begin to cool and dry on me.

I wait for Asia or Russia to clean me but they don't. They leave me covered in the man's spunk while they continue to add even more chains to my body. My wrists are unlocked from my ankles to be quickly relocked in front of me and I am laid back down on the table with my arms pulled over my head and secured there. I soon have a thick and very heavy chain connecting my sensitive, freshly pierced, slave nipples. Slightly lighter chains go from each nipple to the ring between my slave tits before going down to the ring at the top of my belly button. The chains are run out to the rings on my hips then come back to the one above my slave cunt. Sitting me up again the slaves finish the two long chains by dr****g them across my hips and attaching the ends to the large ring above my ass. Laying me back down the horror of what is being done to me continues. A short chain with a heavy gold ring on the end is added to each of my hips. From each of those rings four lighter gold chains are used to attach them to the rings in my cunt lips. Russia spends time adjusting the chains properly so that when she pulls on the heavy rings suspended from my hips my cunt lips are pulled apart evenly to show my pink and very wet fuck hole. Two little clips are added to the chains attached to my hips so that they can be used to shorten the chains and pull my cunt lips apart; held spread open to display my most secret depths. The last chain to be put on me is a thick chain belt that is wrapped tightly around my waist and locked onto me. It has four heavy gold rings on it so that my hands can be locked where Master wants.

While Asia and Russia are taking me deeper into my bondage as a slave they whisper things that I need to know about what Master expects of me so that I can survive my first night as his fancy without being spanked, whipped or even worse; disappeared. I am told how to kneel, when to stand and even where to look. They tell me that my legs must always be spread wide when I kneel, that I must never hide my cunt from Master's sight. I must always be staring at Master's cock or his crotch if he is dressed and only look at his face when ordered to. I will be punished if I look away. There is more, so much more that I can only hope that I can remember it all so that I am not punished tonight. I'll do anything I have to do to keep from being punished by these white slavers that have shown me how little they care about their property. I finally realize that I might even lose my life if I am not very careful.

Another thing I learn is that Asia and Russia have been trained to care for me. It is their job to groom me; to wipe my ass when I shit even. I am just three holes to be used by Master and who ever he gives me to while they are to look after me; to keep me looking pretty for our Master. I begin to think of them as my girls.

Master appears above me and I try to look at his crotch like I have been told to do but he ignores me as he discusses my fate with Tattoo. She is quietly informing Master how much more I will be worth if the tendons in my ankles are shortened so I can't walk without heels at least seven inches high.

"Yes, I did see how well she walked with the cheap shoes that her procurer had her in. Add that to the list for when we operate on her when we get back to my island. I don't like this Western obsession with heels, but you are right about her price."

"Operate on me!" I think and almost look up to Master's face in shock again, but remember just in time to keep looking at his crotch. "What else does he have planned for me?" I silently curse the mother of a friend who taught me how to walk in heels. I remember giggling as she told me to keep my knees straight and put one foot directly in front of the other while her daughter and I swayed our young asses back and forth with the sharp heels ticking on the hardwood floors as we practiced.

"Is my fancy done?"

"Yes Master," both of my girls answer.

"Find some shoes for her and have my new fancy present herself to me."

Russia disappears while Asia frees my ankles from the stirrups and sits me up with my legs hanging over the side of the table. She murmurs even more instructions to me as we wait for Russia to return with some high heeled shoes and reminds me by slapping my thighs to keep my knees spread wide to show my slave cunt.

All too soon Russia returns and I am standing in gold coloured high heels with my wrists locked behind me. I can feel every gold ring and chain on my body as I stand naked and quivering in shame with a man's cum dried all over my tits and stomach while being watched by Master and the other men and woman in the room. I am not even surprised that I don't consider the other slaves thoughts of me; we are only slaves after all.

"Now go and present yourself to our Master," the girls quietly urge.

For the second time tonight I am given a choice; I can either stand here and refuse to move and accept the punishment he gives me, even death or I can kneel before my Master and offer to him what he already owns.

I choose to live until I can escape this madness. I'm not even breathing as I take my first voluntary step into slavery. Placing each foot in front of the other as I have been taught I sway my slave hips as I strut across the room to give myself to him with my held head high and my eyes locked on Master's crotch. The tiny bell above my clit rings out with each movement I make and I feel each ring and chain as they stir on my body. The heavy rings in my ears f***e me to keep my head steady by the pain they give if I move it too much. Tattoo's head rests on Master's thigh as she watches me with a soft, caring gaze that makes her look beautiful now that the stress of preparing me is over.

When I get nearer to Master he spreads his knees inviting me to stand between them. He gives me the hand signal to remain standing that the girls have told me about. I feel his eyes on me as I stand in front of him with my hands locked behind my back while I stare at the thickening cock in his pants. He completely ignores that I am covered in drying cum from my tits to my ass as his hands touch every ring and chain in me starting from my eyebrows and ending at my cunt. A finger gently flicks at the silver bell over my slave clit before I am given the sign to kneel. I sink as gracefully as I can to my knees with my hands locked behind me to wait with my legs spread as wide as they will go so that I can show Master how wet I am.

Master's huge black hands lift my head so that I must look up into his eyes and cannot look away, "My collar," he demands in his deep voice. Tattoo hurries to obey. The collar is so heavy that she has to use both hands to present it to our Master. He takes it from her with one hand as if it weighs nothing to admire it. I see it closely for the first time. The gold collar that Master holds is thick and very wide with the bottom edge curved to fit over my shoulders while the front comes down to a point that will end just above my slave tits. It is covered with diamonds, rubys and emeralds with Master's lion embossed on the front. Four thick gold rings hang from the front, back and sides while numerous smaller ones adorn the ornate bottom edge. There is a gap on one side just wide enough that Master can put it around my throat. When it is in place he squeezes it shut with his powerful hands.

There are gold chains that hang from two of the smaller rings to end just below my tits. The girls free my wrists from behind my back to relock them to the twin chains. My hands are now held just below my tits by the chains and I am instructed by the girls to support my tits and offer them to be touched by Master when I am chained this way.

I look into Master's eyes while showing him my tits and I find that I can't help from pinching my tender, pierced nipples. I moan as I play with my sore nipples and act the slut that I am becoming with the cum of five men drying on my body.

"Take my cock out of my pants and suck me," Master says as he keeps my eyes locked on his.

"Oh God," I think as I continue to pull at my nipples, "I have never touched a man there before! I have never held a man's cock in my hands let alone put one in my mouth. I can't do that!"

"You are going to be punished for looking away from me and now you are going to be punished again for hesitating. Do you want more?"

I shake my head no as I stare into his eyes and reach for his belt with unsteady hands. I am nervous as I fumble with Master's belt and the button to his pants. I have never touched a man's cock before. My face brushes against his clothes as I pull the zipper to his pants down and reach in to pull his cock out. The chains are so short that I can't help but see his black uncircumcised cock as it springs into my face.
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me too ...or a series of pictures
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i would like to see a drawing of how the chains look