b*****r Asl**p Ch. 03

That next morning I woke up first.

As I came to and remembered what had happened the night before I noticed that we were laying across the couch instead of sitting up on it. I supposed that we had d***kenly readjusted at some point after falling asl**p.

After the crazy night we had just had I didn't know what to do, so I just laid there while I tried to figure out how to deal with everything. What was I going to say, waking up in my b*****r's arms after we had both m*****ed each other while the other was "asl**p"? Did James even know that I had done it to him first the other week? What was he going to say to me? Would he think that he had gotten away with a d***ken feel?

As I was asking all these questions (rather quickly) in my head, I started to notice our position. James was laying with his back against the back of the couch, and I was lying facing him with my arm scrunched up in between us, and my face nuzzled in his shoulder and neck. We were still both fully clothed with jeans and everything and our legs were all intertwined.

After enjoying the feeling of his legs wrapped around me for a few more minutes I squeezed James a bit hoping he would wake up and react to me being there while I could pretend to still be asl**p. I squeezed a little too much and he more than woke up, he knew I was awake.

"Oh damn...my freaking head is killing me. Ah! How're you doing?"

He reached up and gripped his forehead and rubbed his eyes from the headache.

"I'm ok Jim, a bit exhausted, but not too bad."

He breathed out deeply and rubbed his head some more. Then, disappointingly, he started to push me off of him to get up.

"Lemmie up you d***k, I need water and food."

I laid back down on the couch after he got up and stretched and close my eyes again. He came back after doing whatever he had to do and pushed me to sit up so he could sit down on the couch.

"What are you doing now Jenny?" I was surprised he called me Jenny, since he hadn't since we were little, and I just grumbled at him loosely that I was going to sl**p for a couple more hours and then do some house work. I asked if he wanted to sl**p on my bed since I was quite content on the couch and he sort of reluctantly agreed. As he walked to my bedroom he turned back to ask if I had a pair of sweats that he could use so he wouldn't have to sl**p in jeans. Still sort of bleary eyed and not really knowing which laundry I had finished the other night I got up to find him some sweats.

"Lucky for you I wear extra baggy sweats or these would barely fit you."


He was still out of it too, and I was barely a step to the door when he pulled his pants down to change. He changed in the sweats so quickly in fact that I didn't bother leaving the room. I just grabbed another pair of sweats from the closet and sat on the bed to put them on. I was so exhausted that I did not notice he had already laid down on one of my pillows and when I had the sweats on I sat down and laid back quickly and accidentally hit his stomach with my head. He lurched forward...

"GAW!...SHIT! ...are you trying to make me puke on your head!?"

"Ohh...oh my god, I'm sorry Jimmy, I didn't even see you there!"


"Can I get you ice water or something for your stomach?"

"No. It's fine...just chill out a bit."

At this point Jimmy pulled up the covers over himself and laid back on the pillow. Trying to make him feel better I moved over to him and rubbed his stomach lightly over the covers. Touching him again felt a bit electric but I just rubbed his stomach for a minute, not daring to risk something bolder while he was awake. After a little while it looked like he drifted off again, and being so tired myself I got under the covers and scotched to the other side of the bed so I would accidentally roll on his stomach.

After about half an hour I woke up and realized we had both turn inward to face each other across the bed. He was out cold as far as I could tell, and of course I started remembering last night and him touching me, and that wonderful night a few weeks back when I first touched him. I could feel myself getting a bit wet just thinking about it. Now I was sober though and it was much harder to justify trying anything to myself.

I decided what to do by degree as the minutes dragged on. First, I stretched out my arm and just let my fingers land on his. Just the touch of his fingertips on mine got my juices going. Then I slowly rubbed his fingertips with mine. Fingers tips became hands as they circled about and hands became arms and of course moving closer to reach him better. The next thing I knew I was up to his neck and chest, running my hands up and down his chest gently and beginning to entangle my body with his. I wrapped my legs back around his like when we were on the couch earlier, and nuzzled my head back into his neck and shoulder. My movement was just barely enough to pull him very slowly back to wakefulness. I squeezed him and pretended to be dazed still.

"Aren't we clingy lately?"

"Hmmm? Am I hurting your stomach?" I half cooed at him.

"No its fine when it isn't being bludgeoned."


"Fine I'm going back to sl**p too."

He squeezed me back a bit and kissed the top of my head. I looked up to kiss his chin and lingered there a bit with my lips just on his chin. When he moved to look to down at me I didn't move and his lips brushed across mine...

We were both electrified again, and this time we could feel it in each other. I mean this partially literally because I also felt the bulge in his pants suddenly harden against my thigh. Since we were both sober now, we both very hesitant, and for 10 whole minutes we sat with just the corners of our lips touching, and with our eyes shut.

Painfully slowly our mouths moved closer together until his lower lip was covering my upper lip and there we lay again for a few minutes. I suppose we thought that if our eyes never opened then we wouldn't have to answer for what was so obviously an "accident."

Little by little we slid against each other until our lips were flush.

Then his mouth opened just barely and felt his tongue move, almost imperceptibly across the closed gap between my lips. I resisted for a few seconds and then all at once just crumbled and we began kissing. Open-mouthed full kisses. Slowly and deliberately we kissed and he put his hand on cheek while I ran my fingers through his hair and we pulled each other tighter.

It was all we were willing to do then. And after about 10 minutes of the best kissing we had each ever had, we snuggled close again and fell asl**p in my bed.
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I do hope they get to go all the way!!!
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more more please
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I want more