b*****r Asl**p Ch. 02

A whole month since I had played with James in his sl**p had passed when he called me up one Tuesday afternoon to see how I was doing and how work was going.

The beginning of the summer is always packed for me because on top of managing the HR office at work, early summer is when we get all the new business school recruits coming in for interviews and training. Even though I had been swamped lately, however, my free thoughts at the end of the day often turned to my b*****r. I wondered if he had figured out what happened that night (both dreadfully and hopefully.) I wondered whether that accidental lip touch was a sign or could mean something, or even if he remembered it through his alcohol induced haze. I wondered, being the horny girl that I am, if I might have a chance to go fishing in his pants again one night.

We exchanged pleasantries, and updated each other on what was happening. He had been partying and celebrating with his friends and on a few hiking trips and was ready to start looking for his first job. I was about to be done with the busy hiring and in desperate need of some relaxation. So, we agreed to meet again and have a few drinks the coming Saturday.

As I hung up the phone I was buzzed and a little nervous. So many strange ideas were racing through my mind that I had to ask my assistant to finish up my schedule for the day, and I left an hour early. Driving home I couldn't help thinking, "he's your b*****r, you're sober now, he's your b*****r...but GOD!! it felt sooooo good." As soon as I got home I had to masturbate; and then again before I went to sl**p.

Saturday could not come more slowly. Work was insane. One of the new recruits just quit on us and we had to pick up slack for both time lost and for hiring someone new after we had already started the program. Not to mention I had to masturbate twice a day just keep my mind focused enough to do my job. Finally, on Saturday at 5 James called and told me that he would be at my place around 7, and wanted to know if he should bring anything. I told him to bring anything strong to drink since I had had the roughest week ever, and that I would make some dinner.

I decided just to make something simple but light so we would have room to drink a bit. I put together some chicken breaded with Italian breadcrumbs and some store bought seasoning. I micro-waved some frozen veggies and got out a good bottle of Merlot (I know white goes better with chicken, but red just feels like it loves you more.) Then wanting to look good but not appear like I was trying to seem attractive to my b*****r, I put on a pair of jeans and a medium low cut tank top. Still not knowing what I expected I figured I couldn't go wrong with Casual but sexy.

Then the doorbell rang...

"Hey Jenn, long time no drink with..." he said as I hug-greeted him into the apartment and took from his hands the bottle of scotch that had clearly already been sipped from.

"Didn't want to wait me for me to start on the good stuff huh?"

"Oh it was just a taste to make sure it was the right choice."

It didn't take long to finish the meal, and not much longer after that to finish the bottle of merlot. And then only another 30 seconds after that we opened the scotch and started throwing it back. We toasted to the end of my crappy week, and to luck for his interviews the coming week and then to us hanging out again.

Though there was still a lot left to the bottle, the scotch took its toll quickly and we got very tipsy, and even on the verge of d***k. Realizing that we could go nowhere in this condition we sat down again to watch TV.

Not thinking well in my inebriated state I leaned right up against him with my head resting on his shoulder and pulled up a blanket over us.

He just sort of laughed and said, "So I'm a d***k pillow now am I miss 'bring the good stuff'?"

"Oh, damn, I'm sorry it's just a reflex. I guess I'm a little tipsy," I sort of half giggled.

"Oh s*s, you are going to get d***k one day and wake up in bed with a handful of men."

"Maybe I already have," I said as slyly as I could.

"Ha! I'm telling mom and dad!"

"Yeah ok, as if you have never been kinky with the girls you go with."

"Not that kinky...shut up and gimmie the bottle!"

I passed him the scotch again. We were both d***k now, and there was no mistaking it. He took another pull, and then I took another pull, and we both slumped back in the couch. All of the sudden I realized we were in the same position from the other night when I undid his fly and touched his hard cock, and my insides started to race again. I squirmed a little and made sure his hand was near my breast, but I could tell he was being cautious where he put it. Being flat d***k and once again horny as hell, I decided to start pushing the envelope a bit.

Very slowly, I inched and squirmed and adjusted, hoping it would seem like normal d***k restlessness. Little by little, as he wasn't paying attention, I managed to shift my body just underneath James' arm so that his hand was on my breast. Being so d***k, for a few minutes he had no idea. Sitting there like that, I felt myself breath the every nervous and exhilarated second that his hand was on my breast and he was still awake, realizing what getting caught now could mean.

All of the sudden, I felt him tense up. He noticed where his hand was. I just rested my head back on the couch and pretended to d***kenly not notice as I felt him next to me trying to decide whether or not he should move it. The tension was also causing his fingers to shake a little and increase their weight on my breast and it was all the energy I had not to just grab his cock and start squeezing right there. But I held my will and his hand remained aware and on my breast for at least another 15 minutes.

Then I noticed something even I hadn't felt initially. Apparently when I had snuggled up to James earlier I had put my leg up on his lap a little and I could feel him now, tight against me growing hard in his jeans. I waited a minute and pretended like I was going to sl**p, and snuggled a little closer, moving my leg right up next to his cock and pushing my chest harder into his hand as his arm wrapped tighter around my shoulders.

I could feel him breathing heavier, and I was breathing heavier, and then I noticed something that made my heart skip. I felt him look down at me and check to see if I was asl**p. I waited, writhing in anticipation. The minute seemed to go on forever; and then I felt it. He let his hand relax a bit, and then gave a very light, barely perceptible squeeze. I nearly jumped, but something about the extreme intensity of the moment kept me wanting to hold still, kept me wanting to know that he was m*****ing his big s****r while she was "asl**p." He continued to feel me lightly, and I felt him shift in his seat to release the pressure on his cock, when he rubbed it up under my leg.

As he continued to rub my breast gently, he reached over with his other hand and put it on my leg. This accomplished two things: first he now was effective humping my leg from underneath and second he was touching and caressing my leg.

I continued to keep my cool as he touched me. Then for a minute I thought he was stopping because he had lifted his hand off my breast. I was nervous, but I couldn't peak because I was too excited to tell anymore where he was looking. I was rewarded for my patience as he pulled me in tighter to himself slowly, and I felt his hand move down under my shirt and bra and cup my whole breast directly. A vague memory that he was b*****r passed through my mind as my heart rate doubled. Of course this only fanned the flames with naughty delight.

He firmed his hand around my breast and released and rolled his fingers gently over my rock hard nipple, and I was just seething inside!!! Feeling his hands and his cock and his breathing and his body next to me, ... I knew I was about to give in and reveal myself to be awake.

Then, at the bleeding edge of my willpower, I felt him tense up and cum in his pants. When I felt his release, it was like I had cum with him.

Not really knowing why I kept the charade going and pretended to still be his sl**ping d***k s****r. He let go of me, slowly slid his hand out of my shirt (to my strangely serene disappointment) and got up off the couch to go clean his pants. I didn't move an inch and when he got back, he put his arm back around me and fell asl**p. As he drifted off, I put a leg back up on him, still recovering myself from the intensity of everything, and fell asl**p d****d over his side.
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4 years ago
thats good.i like it.
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this is very very good