Wanted to try anal with girlfriend

Me and my girlfriend (Sarah) have been together for nearly 3 years now and we have a fantastic sex life together with us having sex about 3 times a day and some times alot more than that. It has always been a big fantasy of mine to be able to fuck her virgin ass and she has always said no until one day while we were fucking I suggested it again to her and she agreed but only on one condision.
I asked her what it was and she said that I had to take anal first. I thought for a minute and I thought she wanted to fuck me with a strap-on which had been another fantsy of mine. So I agreed to it and she told me to wait on the bed while she went downstairs for a while.
She was gone for quite a while when I hered the front door open and voices talking but they were too quiet to hear.
I went to get up when the door opened and Sarah came walking in leaving the door open. She had a bag in her hand and as she opened it she pulled out a couple of sets of hand cuffs and a blindfold. My cock was rock hard with all the thoughts rushing through my head at what she was going to do to me.
She told me to turn round and move up the bed and lay face down with my arms and legs spread wide so I did as she asked and got into position and I watched as she cuffed my hands and legs to each corner post of our bed before putting the blindfold over my eyes.
She moved down the bed and got in between my legs and I felt her start to lick my bare virgin ass and I then hered her russling the bag again and then I hered a pop as a lid of a lube bottle was flicked open and she squirted some of the lube around my virgin hole. She rubbed the lube around my hole gently before slowly easing one of her fingers inside me. Before this monent I had only ever thought about taking anal and now here I was taking my girlfriends finger inside me and I wished I had tried it sooner because it felt great as she massaged her finger inside. My cock was getting harder and harder by the second and I was about to cum when she pulled out of me and I let out a sigh noise and she laughed and said...so you enjoyed that did you ?
I just nodded my head and she replied well then you should enjoy this and she got up off the bed and called out, He was all ready for you and I hered foot steps coming up the stairs and into the room and the voices of 2 men as they talked about me all tied up and helpless.
Sarah walked round the bed and sat down on it next to my head before leaning over and wispering into my ear... This has been a huge fantasy of mine and I hope you enjoy it and with that she f***ed my mouth open and slid a ball gag inside before fastening it round my head.
I felt the men climb on to the bed and start to grab and play with my ass. one of the men moved over to Sarah and asked her to wank his cock to get him nice and hard which she did and she kept telling me what she was doing and how big his cock was growing. While them two were playing the other guy layed down on top of me and I could feel his warm breeth on the back of my neck and my right ear. He slowly started to hump my ass cheecks making his cock grow really big and I could feel every thick, hard warm inch sliding back and forth on my body before he slid down my body a little till the head of his cock was pointing straight at my virgin hole and he slowly started to push forwards and as the head of his big cock touched my hole I burried my head into the pillow and with one hard pushed his cock entered me and slid all the way inside me which amazed me, I thought it would struggle but I was wrong. He started fucking me hard and fast pulling his full lengh out of me and forcing it back inside me. Sarah watched as she wanked the other guys big cock and she loved it. She was rubbing her pussy like crazy and I could hear her moans getting louder and louder and my cock was getting close to cumming again when I felt the guys cock stiffin inside me before I felt his cum squirt inside me. He pulled his cock out of me and I thought that was it especially when I felt the cuffs being loosened but I was wrong as the guy slid underneath me and f***ed his cock back inside me and he started to slowly fuck me again. Then I felt the other guy move down the bed and get in between my legs before laying on top of me like the other guy had and then I felt the huge head of his cock start to penetrate my already filled hole and I gave out a loud moan of pain and pleasure and with this he pushed more of his cock inside me making my hole stretch wide to take both this huge cocks and as soon as his full lengh was inside me they both started to fuck me in time with each other and as one pulled back the other pushed forwards and I have to admit it did feel great and I could still hear Sarah playing with herself rubbing her pussy trying to make herself cum. The feeling of the two men fucking me and the warmth of the guys bodies pressed against mine was so great that I finally cum spraying it over the guys body below me and he told Sarah that I had cum while being used like a bitch and she gave out a loud moan and I felt her cum spraying all over us and I then felt her collapse back on the bed and I could hear her breathing heavily next to me. The guys were impressed by how much she had cum and they too were soon cumming inside me filling my ass up until it could not take any more and it started to oose out of my used ass. We all layed on the bed in a hot swetty clump until the guys cock went limp and slid out of my hole allowing the cum to dribble out of me. They undid the cuff allowing me to get off the guy bellow me and they removed the ball gag from my mouth and then the blindfold and it took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the light and what I saw next was quite a shock as these two big well muscle black men sat on the bed next to me and I looked over at Sarah still laying next to me to see a huge smile on her face and she asked if I enjoyed it or not and I could not lie to her I told how good it felt and that I loved it and I thanked the two men and they said they were happy to help and would come back any time and I new they will be back for more action not just with me.
They both got up and got dressed and we all walked down the stairs to the front door and said our good byes and me and Sarah watched them get into their cars and leave before we headed back up into our room.
As we got into our room we decided to watch a film but first we had to change the sheets on the bed. Once that was down we put a dvd on and got into bed and pulled the cover over our still naked bodies. I snuggled up together and watch the film until midnight before we switched the telly off and fell asl**p to build up our energy ready for tomorrows fun.

To be continued
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2 years ago
3 years ago
love it my ass thanks you very much
3 years ago
Awesome story! Looking forward to the sequel! ;D
3 years ago
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3 years ago
Had me hard and horny throughout the story
3 years ago
Very HOT story, thank's for sharing.