b*****r Asl**p

I have always been a horny girl. Never a slut, mind you, but since 16 or so I have always needed something going on by way of a sex life. On my 21st birthday I celebrated by picking up a random stranger at a bar (who probably thought he had hit the jackpot and gotten a d***k girl) and taking him back to my place to screw his brains out. To this day I don't remember his name.

My b*****r James has always been a horny boy (as if there is any other kind.) Though, we never really talked about sex or relationships growing up.

Actually we barely spoke at all. He is two years younger than me, and a complete slacker. I don't know that I'd call myself brilliant or anything, but I always worked hard in school (despite my sex obsessed escapades here or there.) So, we tended not to run in the same circles or have the same interests. Neither, however, did we have a problem with each other. So when he turned 21 and asked me if I would take him out for his first drink, I was surprised, but still accepted the invitation.

I decided to dress casual enough for it to be an evening with my b*****r, and sexy enough to get a guys number if I had the chance and inclination. We went to a Bar and Grill just off the highway and had some good food and toasted his turning 21.

"I'm glad you came out tonight Jenn. I'm done with school soon. Ad I don't think we have ever hung out our whole lives."

"Yeah, I was kind of surprised you asked me to come out though. Didn't you wanna get wasted with your friends and pick up some d***k bar-flowers on your way out?"

"heh, yeah well we are doing that next weekend. I finished finals early, but everyone has another week and like 2 or 3 tests to go."

"Oh so you just had nothing better to do," I mockingly scolded.

"Nonono, it's not like that. I thought about hanging out with you for a while, but you have work and I had classes and everything. Just wasn't feasible until now."

"I know, ...well at least we can be all growed up and be siblings finally."

"Yeah, that's the idea."

We finished dinner and another drink and decided to drive home. At this point I had just moved out and gotten my own apartment for the first time, and since James hadn't seen it yet we decided to back to my new place so that I could give him the tour.

There was nothing there yet except my couch my TV and my bed upstairs, so we got another couple beers out of the fridge and had a couple more while we watched some random sitcom. At some point we must have fallen asl**p because I woke up and the show had changed and I was nuzzled up under James' arm and his head was back on the couch staring up at the ceiling. We must have shifted in our sl**p.

As I made to get up his arm slipped down and his hand landed on my breast. I sat frozen for a few seconds as the contact buzzed me a little. I had had a few more to drink than I usually did and I thought that I must just be generally horny like always. Then I realized that a few minutes had gone by and I had just been sitting there feeling the pressure of the weight of his hand on me. I checked to see if he was awake, but his breathing was rhythmic and shallow and I figured he was out cold.

Then I leaned back making sure to keep his hand where it was and assumed a position that would make it seem like I was sl**ping in case he woke up. All this time I kept screaming to myself "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! THIS IS YOUR b*****r!!!" but I couldn't help it I just needed his hand to stay where it was. So I just sat there for another half an hour and watched TV and continued to feel his hand on me.

Then after about half an hour the hornyness began to get to me and I decided to be a little bit daring. My senses being so disabled now, I checked again that he was sl**ping and I put my hand over his and squeezed my breast lightly with it. I looked up again at him and seeing no signs of change, did it again.

By now I was really going insane with tingling all over my body. I began to press my legs together to rub my myself with my jeans, and kept squeezing gently. I knew I was breaking down little by little, and I began having even more daring thoughts. I reached over and put my hand on his crotch, again still watching his every movement to see that he was still asl**p. It felt soft in his pants, but I rubbed it very slowly and lightly while I squeezed my breast with his hand and after a couple minutes he started to get hard.

Feeling the length of his cock grow to life in my hand drove me so crazy that with my legs crossing and his hand on my breast I almost had an orgasm right there. His jeans were to thick though to really feel him, so being completely uninhibited now I checked one last time that he was asl**p. Apparently while I was racing on the inside, I had been moving slowly enough to not wake him up. I slowly unzipped his jeans but left the button done up at the top and inched my hand painfully slowly through his fly.

Touching his cock now just over his underwear was too much. I took my other hand from his hand that was on my breasts and started rubbing myself, as I slowly just squeezed and felt his cock's hardness over his boxers. Then all of the sudden his cock slipped out the hole in his boxers and I grabbed it directly. The surprise sent me over the top and I came in my pants. As I was calming down, I took my hand out of his pants and his hand off my breast and started to sit up. My forward motion and relinquishing of his arm startled him enough to wake him up.

Mortified, I just froze, as he opened his eyes and stretched. He embarrassingly looked down as he was coming to and noticed his fly was open. He gave me a funny sideways glance and zipped it up quickly and asked what time it was. Then he got up and I drove him home. Noticing I was upset he asked what was wrong and I just told him my bl**d sugar was low and I needed to get home and eat something. At the door he hugged me goodnight and thanked me again for coming out and I hugged him tight, feeling his still hard cock press against my stomach. He kissed my on the cheek and part of his lip caught mine and we froze for a second and looked t each other funny, and then he just said goodnight again and went inside. Relieved, and exhausted I drove back to my apartment and went right to sl**p.
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2 years ago
I wish it had gone all the way!!!!
2 years ago
part 2? please, you have to finish this ;)
2 years ago
part 2? please, you have to finish this story.
3 years ago
4 years ago
sweet & naughty