Picked up by truck driver part 2

I woke up a few hours later to the sound of the truck engine running as we were driving along somewhere unknown to be. I tried to sit up but could not move because of the way the driver had tied me. We must have been driving for another couple of hours till I hered the truck start to slow down as the driver started to change down through the gear. Then I here him call out...Are you awake yet bitch???? I did not reply though.
Once the truck had fully stopped The driver got out and headed towards a group of shops only a few mitres away and he was in there for quite a while before coming out with a couple of fully loaded bags. He came back into the cab and came through into the back part where I was tied up and trying to act like I was asl**p. He put the bags down near me then rolled me over so I was face down and he pulled the butt plug from my ass and straight away cum started to drip out, He quickly unzipped his jeans and pulled out his huge cock and started to rub it in the cum before forcing it's head inside my now loose whole. This made me open my eyes and straight away he said... Good to see you are awake at last bitch, you have got a busy day ahead of you hahaha.

He continued to fuck my ass with his big bare cock and I could feel every inch of it sliding inside me until his balls slapped against my ass. He fucked me and fucked me until his cock exploded inside me again filling me and again he pulled out and quickly put the but plug back inside me.
He then started to untie me and I tried to pull away once I was free but he was too fast and I was too tired and he quickly grabbed me and shouted in a very firm voice for me not to try that again or there would be trouble and I new to do as he said so I just had to give in to what ever it was he was going to do to me.
He grabbed the backs and emptied them infront of me and they were full of girls clothes from underwear to for outfits. He picked out the ones he liked the most and handed them to me telling me to get dressed.
He handed me some white silk lace french panties with matching bra which I sliped on and to be honest it felt realy good on my skin. next he handed me a short grey school girl type skirt with a white almost see through shirt with a red and black striped tie. Then he handed me a pair of white knee height socks with frilly tops and then a pair of black school girl shoes. I got fully dressed and he then handed me a blonde wig and that was it the outfit was complete.
He grabbed my hand and took me to the front of the truck and he tied me to the passenger seat before sitting down in his seat and starting the engine again and heading off back on to the main road. We drove for many miles before coming to yet another truck stop like the one where I had been abused by so many men the previous night but this place was slightly different in the way that there was alot more truck and a wooded area out back. He pulled in and parked up and turned the engine off and he turned to look at me and said:

Right bitch today you are going to earn yourself some money and me ofcourse.
I am going to take you into the toilets and sit you in one of the cubicles and you are going to suck and fuck anyone who goes in there ok bitch???

I just nodded my head.

Good... Then once you are done there I will take you into the cafe and we shall have something to eat but then you may not want anything because you will already be full hahaha.
Then you see that wood over there? That is where we will be going next and you will be spending the night.

He then started to untie me and told me to get out and follow him to the toilets. I did as he said and got out and followed him into the toilets, as we got in the smell of piss and cum hit me like a wall and I did not want to go inside but he soon grabbed my arm and pulled me inside. Inside there was a row of 3 cubicles on one side and he took me into the middle one and tied me to the toilet before closing the door and heading over to the cafe. He was soon back and quickly untied me and lock the door before I hered the doors on the other two cubicles close and then the locks latching the door shut. There were 2 holes in the walls one on each side about waiste height. The driver ordered me to get on my knees and as I did the 2 holes were filled by 2 big cocks both about 7inches. Straight away I started to suck on one while wanking the other and I would swap over every couple of minutes and all the time I could not believe what I was doing but new I had to to stay safe. after a few minutes of sucking and wanking the driver told me to stand up and bend over. So I did as he ordered and he lifted my skirt and pulled the panties to one side before pulling out the butt plug and then he slowly pushed me back towards one of the cock and it slid straight inside me with ease and the guy started fucking me through the hole in the wall and he was doing all the work so I could get on with sucking the other guy. This went on for a while with me changing places a couple of times letting each guy fuck my ass and mouth before they cum inside me. Over the next 4 hours I went through so many cocks I lost count and my tummy and ass were filled with cum. The driver put the butt plug back inside my ass and told me to get cleaned up because it was lunch time. I went over to the sinks and washed the last remaining cum from my face and tidied up my outfit and we both headed out to the cafe that was quite empty considering the time and how many cock I had taken. We sat down at one of the tables next to a window and He ordered a full english breakfast and I just ordered a cup of tea because I was pritty full which made the driver laugh.
I spent most of the time looking out the window watching the trucks come and leave as I d***k my tea waiting to see what I was going to be f***ed to do next.
Once the driver had finished he thanked the cafe owner and looked over at me and said it is time to pay the bill and smiled so I got up and headed over to the owner who took me outback to a small office room with a desk. He bent me over the desk and pulled out the butt plug and he then rammed his cock inside me and fucked me so fucking hard I nearly blacked out but luckily he did not last much longer before he was cumming inside me and then forcing the buttplug back inside me and I thought that was it but it was not. He then came round the front of the desk and foced his cock into my mouth and started to face fuck me. He bent over me and grabbed the butt plug and he started to fuck my ass with it. I was struggling to suck him because he was so deep inside my throat and when he came inside me I nearly choked but luckily managed to swallow it all quick.
He quickly got dressed and headed out to start serving his customers again and I soon followed him once I had tidied myself up again. As I went back into the cafe the driver was waiting for me with a group of other drivers. He told me it was time to go to the woods for some fun so he lead me outside and towards the wood and we were closely followed by the other men. As we got into the wood there was a clearing about 50 yards inside the wood with a couple of arm chairs and a matress on the floor with 4 stakes in the ground on each coner. There were porn mags all over the place and I noticed that some of the trees had rope tied round them. The was an old braken down oak tree was a bit of foam tied round it and this is where the driver lead me and he order me to bend over the tree so he could tie me in place. All the time he was getting me ready the other drivers were taking pictures and setting up cameras to film me being used again.
Once I was fully tied up 3 of the men came over to me and started playing with me, they rubbed their hands all over my body squeezing my ass and nipples. Two of the men moved round the tree to were my head was and they unzipped their jeans and pulled out their cocks and they both f***ed their cocks into my mouth and started fucking me. The other guy pulled out the butt plug and he soon had his cock inside my ass. He did not fuck me tood hard because he did not want to make it to hard for me to suck the other two guys. For the rest of the day and night there was a steady stream of men cumming inside me before heading back to the truck stop and by the time we had finished I must have taken over 200 cocks and god knows how much cum but I was too tired to care and the driver untied me and took me to the matress in the middle of the clearing and tied me face down to the stakes and then headed back to his truck. I tried to get to sl**p but couldnt because through out the night truckers kept turning up and fucking me and cumming inside both my holes aswell as cumming all over my body. By morning when the driver came to see how I was getting on I had finally fallen asl**p even though I was still being fucked by a couple of guys. Once they had finnished he untied me and picked me up and caried me back to his truck where he placed me on to his bed before heading back to the clearing to pick the cameras and videos up. He came back and got into the back of the cab with me and waited for me to wake up. I woke up a few hours later to find him watching a film and as I sat up he smiled and said your just in time bitch and he looked down at his cock and I knew what he wanted so I bent over and started to suck him fast and hard but he stopped me and told me to slow down because he wanted it to last so I did as he said and took my time sucking him taking his full lengh inside me and taking time to suck on his balls aswell. He last nearly an hour before he cum inside my mouth making me swallow it all then as I sat up he said.. You have done well bitch and now your time with me is up unless you want to continue? Here is your erning for your time you have spent here and he handed me a big wad of money. there must have been 4 or 5 grand there and I asked how there was so much money and he told me how every trucker had payed £100 each to fuck me and that they had payed £30 for the videos and pictures.

I was stunned and could not beleave how much I had erned in just a couple of nights. He told me he would take me back to the bus station so I could go home and he gave me his number if I ever decided to becaome a full time slut. I got undressed and changed back into my normal clothes and handed him the back but he told me to keep them and the other outfits that were in the other bags and he then handed me 8 videos and a big bag of pictures showing my time spent with the truckers and he said I could keep the butt plug that was still inside me and also he told me that the videos or pictures would not be spread on the internet so I did not need to worry.
I found it hard to do but I thanked him and I said that I wanted to continue with him and from that moment on I became a truckers slut and still am now.
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2 years ago
Greatynsto0ry made me cum twice and i'm stillhard
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3 years ago
where part three at??? great story love it,LOL
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yes i loved this i cant wait for more
3 years ago
Loved Part 1! Loved Part 2! Keep up the great work!
3 years ago
Acebottom you are so bad you are great this story was fantastic loved it hope you wirte a third chapter thanks