At the Mall 2

"See if you can get it, hon. I had some trouble."

Joe tugged on his mom's bra, trying to get the two ends to meet together between her breasts. It was tough because the bra was clearly too small for her. It was also difficult to see what he was doing in the mirror. He would need to look over her shoulder instead. Very carefully, Joe stepped closer to his scantily clad mother, taking great care not to touch his cock to her ass. He rested his head on her shoulder and looked down. He now had a clear view of the bra clasp, as well as each of her bulging breasts. Joe pulled harder on the two halves of the bra, squeezing his mom's breasts together. She watched quietly in the mirror. After a few tries he realized he would need a better grip on the bra.

Joe rearranged his hands so that now he was cupping and lifting each of his mother's breasts. He heard a quick intake of breath from his mom as her breasts filled his hands. Joe was now pushing the two halves rather than pulling them. He ground his palms into his mother's tits, feeling her hardened nipples beneath the fabric. He also moved closer. That made his cock bump gently against his mom's ass. When she felt that, she actually seemed to shuffle back so that more of it was touching her. Joe continued to struggle with the clasp. On the one hand, he wanted to accomplish his mother's task, but on the other, he just wanted to keep grinding his hands against his mom's breasts. They felt so incredible. He stepped a little closer. Now the length of his shaft was pressing against his mom's ass.

"Oh, baby," his mom gasped. "I think it might be too small for me."

Joe turned slightly to look at his mother's face. "Just let me try a little more, mom." She nodded. He continued to feel her chest. He was trying to get the clasp together, but was focusing mostly on just touching his mom. He noticed in the mirror that one of her hands was creeping down her stomach towards her crotch and that her eyes were closed. This encouraged him to push his cock against her. She gasped softly, returning his push by pressing her ass back against him.

Finally, Joe did the clasp. Suddenly very embarrassed, he pulled back from his mother and returned to the bench. The bra was ridiculously tight on her, her nipples standing out prominently and her breasts bulging around the cups. "Oh... thank you honey." Joe nodded, reluctant to meet her gaze. "It's much too tight on me though..." She rummaged through the bag and came up with something else. "You know the drill, baby," she said softly.

Joe again blocked out his eyes, but this time he did peek. He watched as his mother undid the bra clasp, causing it to drop and her breasts to come tumbling free. They looked incredible. They were hanging a little lower than most breasts he had seen in movies and online, but somehow that made them look even more amazing. His mom's nipples were fully erect, centered in perfectly round saucers. A faint trace of light blue veins led down to those nipples, the center of pleasure that Joe so badly wanted to suck. Her breasts moved as she lifted her hands to place her thumbs into either side of her panties. Slowly, she pushed her panties down, simultaneously revealing her bare ass and, in the mirror, her pussy. Joe gasped softly at the wonderful image before him, of his mother's large tits, perfectly round ass and soft pussy hairs.

She half turned at Joe's gasp - either in response to it or to reach her clothing, Joe couldn't be sure. He closed his eyes for the redressing, wanting to be surprised at the end. It took longer than he thought it would. Finally, she told him to look.

Joe was totally taken aback by what his mother was now wearing. While seeing her nude had been a huge turn on, this was even better. On top she wore a purple, pink and black bra that pushed her breasts up, magnifying their already generous proportions. Below that was a purple, pink and black thong, along with a black garter belt which was holding up long black stockings. Finally, on her feet was a pair of black high-heel shoes with straps. She modeled the outfit for her son. There was just the tiniest of triangles covering up her crotch, while in the back her entire ass was revealed by the thong. Joe struggled to find words.

"Mom, I... I... wow, mom, you looking fucking amazing!"

She giggled and gave him a seductive look. "Does it turn you on, baby?"

"Oh of course it does. A man would have to be dead to not be turned on by that."

His mom smiled. "Thank you, hon." She shifted her weight from leg to leg, pushing her bare ass out from side to side, and leaned forward, using her arms to press her breasts together. To Joe, she looked like a sex goddess. She stepped right up to him. "Feel the fabric on the stockings, babe." Joe reached out and wrapped his hand around the outside of his mother's thigh. He rubbed slowly up and down.

"It's very soft."

She nodded, towering over him. "The bra feels great, too." Joe cupped the side of one his mom's breasts with his other hand, feeling the silky material. She breathed in quickly.

"And the panties," she said. Looking up at his mom, Joe slid the hand on his mom's thigh up between her legs. Ever so gently, he rubbed his thumb against the crotch of his mother's thong. He could feel the mound of her cunt underneath. She gasped softly at his touch, which he immediately withdrew. "Feels great," she whispered.

"Uh, yeah, they do." He removed his hands from his mother. "Um, what else have you got?"

She didn't answer at first, just stood there looking down at her son. After a little bit she said: "What, this isn't hot enough for you?"

Joe laughed. "No way, mom. I'm sure you can do better than this."

She pouted, shifting her weight to one side. "Babe! You're so mean to your mother."

"Hey, I just want you to look as good as you can."

She shifted to the other side, still pouting. "Hmph. Well, you hurt my feelings. I won't show you until you give me a hug."

Joe stood. He was becoming less and less concerned about hiding his erection. He took one step forward, which put one of his legs between hers. Their crotches came together as Joe embraced his mother in a sensual hug. He ran his hands up and down her smooth bare back while his cock grinded between her legs. They both gasped, they both pushed closer together. The entire length of their bodies was in contact. Joe kissed his mother on the neck and ran his hands down to her ass, cupping and squeezing each ass cheek, using them as leverage to pull his mother's cunt into his long hard shaft. They bumped and rubbed their hips together, his mother giving a little moan. In response to that, Joe removed his lips from her neck to give her a deep kiss on the mouth.

Then, as quickly as he had entered into the hug, Joe pulled away from his mom. He returned to his seat, leaving her totally frazzled once again. Her lips were still parted from the kiss. Once she recovered herself, she said: "Oh, babe... You are such a tease. Help me get undressed."

Joe thought about what a surreal situation this was as he stood to obey his mother's command. Was it really happening? Was it a dream? It hardly mattered. He was so turned on that nothing could possibly stop this now. He stood up and began with her panties, resting his hands on her hips. His hands slid down to the strings of her thong, pushing them down until the piece dropped to her stockings, where it got stuck. He then removed the garter belt.

"Sit down, mom."

She did as he asked, sitting on the bench and spreading her legs, gazing up at her son. He knelt before her and pulled down her stockings, one by one, very slowly. Her bare pussy was dripping juice onto the bench, soaking it. Joe crawled forward, fitting himself between his mother's legs. He reached up for her bra, and she leaned forward to help him. This placed her breasts directly in front of his face. He leaned forward, nestling his face between her breasts, so that he could reach behind his mother. The bra came off, letting her breasts tumble free. One of them brushed against his cheek. He resisted the temptation to start sucking on it.

Joe stood. His cock protruded enormously against his pants, forming a large tent. His mother leaned forward to stand, brushing her face against his cock, then her breasts, and then her tummy. Finally, the head of the shaft came to rest against her bare cunt through his pants. She looked into his eyes, smiled seductively, and then stepped aside. Joe let out a deep breath that he didn't realize he had been holding. He sat down because his legs felt weak.

"Okay, Joey," his mom began. "You're going to like this next one. Close your eyes - and no peeking!"

Joe obeyed his nude mother and waited, once again a pretty long time. It was hard to imagine anything sexier than his mom in that last amazing outfit. Fortunately, he did not have to imagine it, for when he opened his eyes he saw it right there in front of him. His mother was wearing a totally transparent purple mesh top that went down to the middle of her belly. It was buttoned up to her breasts, baring a great portion of cleavage, although her full chest was visible anyway. Her tits pushed against the fine mesh material, stretching it out. Below that completely revealing top she wore a tiny pair of purple boyshorts, which were a cross between panties and regular shorts. They hugged tightly to her body, revealing all of her intimate curves.

And she was holding out a pair of black boxers.

"I bought these for you, baby." She moved towards him, her breasts swaying, her nipples erect. She stood before her son. "Now let me help you put them on."

Joe simply nodded, letting her take control. She placed the boxers next to him on the bench and leaned down to take hold of his shirt on either side. He gazed down at her cleavage as she pulled up on the shirt.

"Now lift your arms, honey." He lifted his arms. She slid the shirt up over his head, baring his chest. After dropping the shirt to the side, she ran her fingertips down his chest and stomach, towards his pants. Joe shivered at the sensation. His mom kneeled in front of him. "Open up your legs," she said. He opened his legs, allowing his mother to crawl forward, her sides pressing into the inside of his thighs. "Good boy," she cooed. "Now would you mind if mommy took off your pants for you?"

"No, mom... mommy." He hadn't called her that for years.

"Okay, baby. Open up nice and wide for mommy." He opened his legs wider. She took hold of his pants to undo the first button, the back of her fingers softly stroking his skin. "There we go, honey." She focused on her work while Joe focused on gazing at her breasts. "And now for the zipper." His mom had to struggle to pull the zipper down over his huge erection. Waves of pleasure tingled out through his body when he felt the movement against his cock being caused by his mother. "Oh, baby! You're so big for mommy."

Joe was unable to speak. His mom leaned forward now that his fly was opened. She grabbed at either side of his pants and tugged down. They got stuck coming off. "Lift up for mommy, please." Joe lifted his ass up off the bench, allowing his mom to pull his pants down to his thighs. His cock came springing fee, creating a huge tent in his white underwear. Her face moved right up to his cock once she had pulled the pants all the way down. She brushed her face briefly against it, making Joe jump involuntarily. "Now pick up your feet, baby." Once Joe did that she had his pants off.

"Mmph. Mommy is getting hot, Joe." She undid one of her buttons. Even though he could see her full breasts through the shirt anyway, it was still a huge turn on that more of her cleavage was actually bare. "That's better. Now for your underwear." Joe nodded. His mom reached out and ran the palm of her hand down her son's shaft, looking at him and smiling. "You're so big and hard, baby."

Joe met his mother's gaze. "You make me this hard."

She half closed her eyes and squeezed his cock. "Mmm, I like when you talk that way, my sweet baby boy."

Joe arched his back, pushing his shaft into his mother's hand. "Stroke my cock for me mommy?"

"Baby!" She gasped, opening her eyes. "Never talk to me with that language!"

"Oh, I..." Joe was confused until he saw what she intended. She sat on the bench beside him.

"What a bad boy you are," she scolded. "You deserve a spanking. Bend over my lap." Joe was more than happy to comply. He turned and bent over his mom's lap. His enormous cock pushed down into her upper thigh. His mom's hand came ramming down against his ass, on top of his underwear. "Bad boy!"

"I'm sorry, mommy," Joe replied, playing his part. She spanked him again.

"Never use that language in front of your mommy!" She continued to spank him. Each time, she spanked a little harder, and her hand stayed in contact with his ass for a little longer. Meanwhile, Joe grinded his shaft down against his mother's leg. He lifted his own legs up, causing more pressure to be placed against his mom's bare thigh. "Bad, bad boy!" She emphasized each 'bad' with a spank.

"I'm sorry," Joe playfully begged. "Really I am."

"I don't believe you, baby." She then pulled his underwear down on either side. His ass was fully bared in the back and his cock partially free in the front. She slapped Joe's bare bottom with a loud smacking sound. Her hand rubbed his ass in circles a little before going back for another spank. "You are such a bad boy!" Joe continued to push his cock against her, apologizing occasionally.

After a few more slaps Joe's ass was reddened with his mother's hand prints. She ended the last spank by leaving her hand on his ass, rubbing it up, down and around. "Oh, baby... your bottom is all red..." One of her fingers dipped into the crack of his ass, sliding up and down. "Honey... oh, I'm so sorry!!" She helped him sit back up on the bench and then gave him a hug. Her chest pressed against him while her hands caressed his body. "Baby, mommy is so, so sorry." She stroked his hair, his arms, all of his upper body. Then she laid herself down over his lap, just as he had been on hers. His cock had come free in all of the commotion and her bare belly was now pressing into it.

"Honey," she began, "I've been bad now too. I'm so sorry. I think you better punish me." She looked up at her son.

"Mom, I think you're right." Joe then spanked his mother as hard as he could. She cried out, and it was by luck that no one heard it even considering that the dressing room was a separate closed off area.

"Oh, yes baby," she choked out lustily. "I deserve it..." Joe reached up and brought his hand down rapidly against his mom's barely covered ass, aiming for the bottom where each ass cheek peeked out of the boyshorts. There was another loud slap. "Oh! Oh yes..." He felt his mom starting to writhe against his bare cock, rolling it up and down against her belly as she slid back and forth. "Spank me again, honey, I was so bad." He did, again and again, continually stroking her butt as she had done to him. Her ass was soft and supple beneath his hand.

"I think you were very bad, mom. So bad, in fact..." He grabbed her boyshorts and pulled down, baring her ass.

"Joey! Don't!" In spite of his mom's protests, Joe spanked her bare ass over and over again. "Baby!" she cried out with each spank. "No! Honey no! You're hurting mommy!" It was all a game, of course. In fact, part way into the bout of spanking she took her son's hand and guided it down to cup her breast. Joe was more than happy to comply by cupping, lifting and squeezing his mom's tit while spanking her bare bottom. He shifted her over so that she was bent even further, and then spanked the very bottom of her ass. The ball of his hand came briefly into contact with the lips of her pussy between her legs. "Ohhh," his mother moaned. Encourage, Joe spanked her in that same spot again. This time he rubbed and pushed the ball of his hand hard into her pussy. "Baby..." she breathed out heavily.

In pushing her over so she was bent lower, Joe had also aligned his mother's crotch with his own. Thus when she arched forward after a particularly hard slap against her ass and cunt, the soft fuzz between her legs brushed against her son's cock. They were both very aware of that. Joe spanked her again, and she arched even further, blatantly rubbing herself against her son's sex. In response, he pulled her breast out of her purple mesh top and pinched her bare nipple. "Honey, yes," she moaned softly.

They carried on like that for quite some time. Joe would spank his mother's ass, caress her buttocks and pussy lips from behind, while she would arch forward and grind her cunt against his shaft in the front. Soon his cock became soaked. He pulled her other breast out of her top and began to play with them both, rubbing, touching, pinching, pulling and pushing her bulbous tits. Their sexual frustration was building and building to an unavoidable pinnacle, where Joe would enter his mother's body and they would fuck one another's brains out.

But not yet. First the rubbing, touching, spanking, moaning, groaning, grinding, and gasping continued. They touched and teased each other, Joe playing with his mother's body, and his mother writhing atop his. Joe could not understand why he had not yet cummed all over his mom. Perhaps the taboo of sex with his mother was preventing it from happening. Yet he was turned on to the point of dizziness, and his mom's constant pressing of her pussy against his cock had made his shaft grow to a size and length he had never seen before. His erection pulsed and surged for his mother who continued to roll over and push into it.

It was just too much for Joe. "Mom," he panted. They continued to convulse into one another.

"Mmmm," she gasped. "Yeah?" another gasp. "Yeah baby?"

"I want you so bad mommy," Joe managed to get out.

"Ohhhh." His mother moaned deeply. "Then baby," as she gasped. "Baby... why don't you take me?"

Joe's cock surged with that statement. With a great thud, he rolled with his mother off of the bench. Joe straddled her hips. His underwear and her underwear were both still on, stretched around their thighs, but there was no time to remove it. Quickly and violently Joe thrust his long, hard shaft up deep into his mother's hot, dripping wet cunt. They both cried out. They were getting very loud now.

"Oh god mommy," Joe cried. He continued to push his slickened pulsating cock high up into his mother, ramming it home. He thrust as far in as he could go, their crotches grinding together, each of them pushing into the other.

"Oh my god baby boy!" she cried back. Joe grabbed his mother's ass and pulled her towards him with all of his strength, while also thrusting his hips down as hard as he could. He also strained his cock, flexing it inside of his mother, forcing the head to expand just a little bit deeper.

Then he allowed his cock to slide back. He felt his mother's muscles contract around his shaft, wanting to keep him inside, longing desperately to have her son inside her body. After exquisitely sliding out against that friction, Joe gladly gave her what she wanted. He rammed in hard and fast. She pushed forward as well, causing a great collision between their bodies. They pulled back long and slow and then slammed forward again. They were in a rhythm now, bumping and fucking one another with great f***e and great passion. With each movement in and out they moaned and groaned for one another.

There came a knock at the door. It didn't even phase them. They continued with their hard fuck, mother and son moving together in ultimate pleasure. The knock came again. This time, Joe stopped, wrapped one arm around his mother's back and hooked the other underneath one of her thighs. He flexed his muscles and stood in one swift motion, lifting his mother, then staggering the couple steps to the door. He then started fucking his mom against the door, which opened inward. If anyone tried to open it they would have to push against the power of their fucking. He supported his mom's ass with both hands now, allowing her to lean back against the door. She arched her back as he rammed her back against the door with his cock, jarring the door considerably. There were voices outside now but neither of them cared.
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2 years ago
I guess we all have some exibitionism in us!!!!
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
very hot!! cant wait to see what happens.
4 years ago
Making me cum
4 years ago
i love the pacing and the imagery is expertly done
4 years ago
Baby... why don't you take me? mmmmm lv it
4 years ago
cant wait to see how it ends
4 years ago
Its getting hotter