Another Meets 2

Once I had cleaned every inch of his big fat 7 inch cock and licked and sucked on his balls he pulled away from me and moved back round behind me and started to spank me and he ordered me to count them out loud to him while his friend films us. So one after another I counted out loud after every spank from his firm hand 1,2,3,4,5.....10....15 and he had soon reached 25 and my ass was realy saw now and I could barely move.
The guy filming us set the camera up on a tripod and pointed it at us on the bed and came walking over and layed on the bed next to me and he untied my hands and ordered my to get up and to sit on his cock facing away from him and to then slowly lean forwards towards his feet where the first guys cock was waiting to f***e it's way into my mouth again.

As the head of his cock touched my lips I slowly opened them to let it ease all the way in and as I went to pull away from it to let it slide it he grabbed the back of my head and hel me in place keeping his cock all the way in me.
I was struggling to breath and he did not show any sign of letting me go until a few seconds later when he pulled out to let be breath even if it was not for long and he eased it back inside me again and they both ordered me to start riding the 2nd guys cock so I did as ordered even if it was a struggle with the 1st guy still face fucking me.
We did this for a few minutes before the 1st guy pulled out again and he ordered me to lay back so I was laying on top of the 2nd guy and to then pull my legs up towards my head and to hold them there. Again I did as he ordered and got in podition and he got on to the bed and started adding some lube to his cock and my ass and then moved the head of his cock to the entrance of my already cock filled boypussy. I thought he was just going to f***e it any and rip my boypussy apart but to my supprise he very slowly started to ease it in and at any sign of pain from me he would stop and let me relax before easing more inside me.
It was not long before his full lenth was inside me and they were both slowly fucking me and thats when I felt a cold wet feeling on my cock as the 1st guy was squirting some lube on to my cock and rubbing it all over with his hand. He gripped my cock firmly in his hand and slowly started to wank my hard small cock. Pre cum was already cumming out of my cock and this just made him wank me harder and faster and they both increased the speed that they were fucking me.
I had never felt anything like these feelings I was getting and my whole body was shaking as these 2 men used me and abused me, it just felt so good I did not want it to stop but like all great things I knew it would and thats when my cock unloaded all it's cum inside my s****r's panties and then the 2 guys started to cum inside me and the 1st guy collapsed ontop of me breathing heavily on top of me I could feel his hot sweaty body laying against me and it felt good. The 3 of us rolled on to our side making sure their cocks did not leave my pussy and I was just so tired that I fell asl**p there with the 2 men in my s****r's bed.
I woke up hours later to find myself tied to her bed with my arms and legs spread wide. They had removed my blindfold so I could see once my eyes had adjusted to the light and as I looked round the room I could see a couple of cameras set up and I could see they had both been through my s****r pantie drawers and thats when I finally got the chance to see who the 2nd guy was and I was shocked to see it was my old school teacher who I had spent so many years in his class with. He was now in his early 60's and still looking great for his age and so was his big 8 inch cock.
He saw the look on my face and just smile and he told me how he used to watch me getting undressed ready for PE and then how he used to watch me in the showers and this turned me on so much. The thought of my old pervy school teaching looking at my young untouched body was like so fucking hot and now here he was infront of my now used naked body after he had fucked me in ways I thought were never possible.
The 2 men spent many more hours using my body for their pleasure making me cum many more times inside my s****rs panties and they were totally soaked with theirs and my cum and once they had finnished with me they said they would be back again tomorrow and that I was going to be their full time sex slave especially for my old school teacher.
They both got dressed and left me there tied to my s****rs bed and they did not return.
I did not know what I was going to do because they had tied me so tight I could not move to untie myself and my s*s was due home anytime soon. I tried to struggle free but it was not happening and then to my horror I hered the front door open and close and the sound of my s****rs voice calling out she was home and then the sound of her foot steps coming up the stairs towards her room and then the door opened and I closed my eyes and then I hered her gasp as she saw me tied to her bed in her very cum filled panties. I just kept my eyes closed because I did not want to see the horror and shame in her eyes and as the tears started to move down my face I felt hered a sound of what sounded like a porno film being played and thats when I realised she was watching the videos of the two men using me on her bed and how much I was enjoying it.
She sat on the bed bside me and watched the film all the way through and I then felt her start to untie me before she started to speak saying that I should have told about what I got up to when she was not around and how she did not mind and she wiped the tears from my face and kissed me on the lips and I slwoly opened my eyes to see her smiling at me. She told me not to move and she headed into the bathroom and had a quick shower before coming into the room only wearing a towel. She then pulled the bed cover from under me and told me to lay on my side looking away from her and as I went to say something she just shhhhhed me and again told me to roll over so I did as she said and I hered her towel drop to the floor and then felt her climb on to the bed and she pulled the cover over our bodies and cuddled up against my body and she told me to go to sl**p and she turned the lights off and she too fell asl**p.
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3 years ago
Now thats one hot fasanating story with a great ending is there another chapter