Antoher meet

Had another meet with a guy yesterday and this is how it went.

I woke up in the morning and turned the computer on as I always do and I turned on the internet and straight away it cme up saying I had an email so I clicked on it ad it was from a guy not far from me saying he was looking for a slut to use. So I quickly emailed him back saying I was free and ready and a few minutes later he had emailed me back saying what he wanted to do to me.

This is what he said.

I want you upstairs in your s****r's room bent over the bed with your legs spread and I want you blindfolded so you cant see me. When I turn up I will come straight upstairs, strip all my clothes off then pull down your s****r's panties and spank your bare ass till it is dark red. Then I will pull you off the bed and down on to your knees and f***e my bare cock into your mouth and make you suck it nice and deep and getting it nice and wet to abuse your tight ass.

Let me know what you think?

So I emailed him back straight away saying I was well up for that and to get here quick.

I ran up to my s****r's room and opened her draw and grabbed some of her underwear and one of her tops and quickly ran into her bathroom and got myself all cleaned and and got dressed into her clothes and by now my cock was rock hard.
I grabbed another of her tops to use as a blindfold and had just put it on and started to bend over the bed when I hered the front door close downstairs. I layed there bent over the bed listening to every foot step coming up the stairs and I was sure there were two sets of foot steps but the guy had not mentioned brinning anyone so I thought I mus have hered wrong or something.
The guy came into the room and I hered him getting undressed and he came over to me and grabbed my ass and squeezed it hard before spanking me only once.
He then started slapping his cock on my ass before sliding it inside the panties inbetween my ass cheeks and he started talking saying how much of a slut I was and thats when I hered something move beside me. I felt the side of the bed lower as another guygot on to it. I felt his hairy body up against my face and what felt like a huge cock rubbing up against my lips.
The guys f***ed it into my mouth really deep making me gag and I tried to push myself away with my hands and that was when the first guy grabbed them and pulled them behind my back and tied them there and then without warning he pushed the head of his bare cock into my ass and eased it out before forcing all his body weight against me making his cock f***e it's way deep inside me making push forwards on to the other guys cock making it go deeper down my throat. They both fucked me hard like this for a good 20 minutes while spanking my ass and pinching my nipples.
My body was crying out in pain and pleasure and there was nothing I could do about itand in some ways I did not want to.
The first guy to cum was the guy face fucking me and his cock unloaded deep down my throat making me swallow it all.
He pulled out of my mouth and rubbed it over my face and moved away so he could watch his friend pound me like a bitch.
It was not long before he was cumming inside me breeding me like a bitch and he pulled out of me and came round to my face and he ordered me to suck his cock and to clean all my ass juices and his cum juices from his cock so I did as he ordered and eagerly sucked on his big hard cock.

To be continued...
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3 years ago
Should have read this one first well w3on't make the same mistake nextime thanks
3 years ago
nice & hot & waiting for more
3 years ago
Please let me know when you post part 2
I had a meet like this myself once ;)
3 years ago
very hot I need to jerk off now