All tied up part 5

Later that night they all slept together in Penny's bed rapped in each others arms fully naked.
In the morning Penny was waken up by a feeling she had never felt before, is it slightly painful but very nice at the same time. She openned her eyes to find herself laying on her front with her hands tied to the bed post's above her head and she moved her head to one side to try and see what was happening and the first thing she saw was her son's face close to hers, He kissed her on the lips before he went back to what he was doing.
Michael was forcing his big cock into his mother's tight virgin ass. He kept adding more pressure allowing his cock to slide inside her, Penny gave out a loud cry that soon changed to a lustfull moan. Then all of a sudden Penny saw a shaddow appear above her, it was her naked daughter. Michelle was lowering herself down on top of her mothers pillows so that her pussy was level with her mums mouth and Penny knew exactly what to do and straight away she let her tongue start to explore her daughters already wet pussy, she licked and licked making her daughter's body shake all over with excitement.
Michael was now pounding his cock deep inside Penny's ass and an orgasm started to grow deep inside her body and as it took over her Micheal unloaded his cum deep inside her ass and a few seconds later Michelle came hard and fast squirt all over her mothers's face and in her mouth. Michael collapsed on top of Penny trying to gain his breath. Michelle layed back against the head bord of the bed and a hot swetty mess. After a few minutes Michelle started to untie her mother and then moved down so she was laying beside Penny, by now Michaels cock had slid out of his mum ass and he rolled off her so she could turn round. Straight away Penny kissed her twins and thanks them for everything they had done.
They layed there for a while before they got up and went downstairs to get something to eat, they did not bother to put any clothes on because they knew they would not need them.
The rest of the day was full of fun and games with both Penny and Michelle getting their pussies and asses filled by Michaels cum.

The End......... Maybe
82% (22/5)
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1 year ago
oh what a let down, part 5 was, there was so much potential for more from the series and it closed in an unseemly rush, shame.
2 years ago
2 years ago
THE END. Maybe...?? Could it be at all possible that we might, may have future installments/parts to this awesome, sensational threeway, Mother, Son and Daughter exhibiting their new-found enterprise of incestual sex, as love!!

With any luch we could even be adorned with the impregnating of one (or maybe both) of the mother or daughter!!!
2 years ago
This last part, Part 5 (04-01-2010), appears immediately to NOT have been written by the same author/writer of Parts 1 through 4.

This Part 5 does not congeal, nor have the more professional writing style of the first four parts. The language, grammar, punctuation--even the scenario--appear to be totally foreign from the parts one through four. Go Figure!!

As for Parts 1 through 4, the story is fantastic, artful, thoughtful, visual, expressive, free-flowing of imagination and feelings for the mother, son and daughter. Totally perfect in thought, very limited bondage, and compassion.

Part 6 will follow as soon as the author sees the appreciation of xHamster readers thus far.
2 years ago
I enjoyed the whole thing but felt the end was lacking something :(
I wanted to know about Penny and her husband too - maybe one for the future?
4 years ago
loved the story but the end was a bit washy! would have liked to know more about dad, as these things are all about the detail! great for the imagination when home alone though, so thanx x
4 years ago
writing excellence
4 years ago
All tied up is the best of your stories so far... The end was a bit rushed I felt.. almost two different styles of writing