f****y Fuck Doll

Ever since I was about 18 I have enjoyoed dressing up in girl clothes. I had a few sexy outfits that I had stolen from my mom and a few I had worked up the courage to buy. I always dreamed of being a woman and having a hot stud ram his hot cock up my ass. This was the closet thing I could have.

One day my mom was out of town with friends and my dad gone fishing with my b*****rs. I had told them I wasn"t feeling well and wanted to stay home. After they all left I got into the bathtub and began to clean up. I shaved by entire body bare except for my head. I then went back to my room and slipped into something comfortable. I tucked my cock between my legs and pulled on my black lace panties. I then put on the matching bra and stuffed inserted my silicon enhancers to give the impression I had breasts. I then put on my garter, black pantyhose and short skirt. I felt like a hot woman by now and continued to dress like the queen I am. I pulled my tube top on and continued to my boots. My s****rs use to play dress up when we were little and I had found one of the old wigs so I adjusted it on my head. I proceeded to my parents bathroom were I borrowed my mom"s makeup. I applied my eyeliner, mascara, blush, and finally some lipstick.

At this time I was feeling damn sexy and wanted to look at my self. I walked down the hall to look in the mirror. I looked like someone completely different and knew this is what I should have been born like. The sight of myself turned me on so I walked to my room and got out my new dildo. I had just bought it a few weeks earlier and figured this was the time to break it it. I went to the living room, sat on the couch, and began to lick the huge dong. After it was well lubed I proceeded to slowly insert it in my ass. Nothing feels as good as an object sliding between your ass cheeks and into your tight hole.

I was so caught up in fucking myself I didn"t realize my dad and b*****rs had came home. Evidently my dad had forgotten the beer and came back to get it. He walked in the house to find we lying on the couch, deeply engaged in pleasure with a huge dildo buried deep in my ass. He started to yell, "You little fag, get off my fucking couch" and "You"re not my son, you"re a fucking fag". I got up and ran to my room. I completely forgot about the dildo and I didn"t care at that point. My f****y would never look at me the same. I was lying in my bed crying when I heard my dad outside yelling at my b*****rs. The next thing I know my dad and all three of my b*****rs are in my room calling me gay. My dad grabbed me by my arm and pulled me to my feet. I thought they were all going to kick my ass and beat my senseless. Instead all four of them grabbed me and d**g me down the stairs.

They pulled me to the couch and ordered me to get on the ground. The next thing I know my dad has his pants off and has his cock shoved im my face ordering me to suck it. I thought he was going to try to hurt me so I tried to run. My b*****rs grabbed me and pulled me back to my dad. He grabbed my head and pulled it to his half hard dick. I had never sucked dick before and I could not fit that much in my mouth. He began to f***e it deeper and deeper into my throat causing me to gag. I eventually got used to it and took the whole thing in. After I sucked him for about ten minutes and he was good and hard he pulled his dick from my thoat and ordered me to get on the couch. He grabbed my hips and pulled me around so my ass was sticking out. Spitting on his fingers to lube them up he began to shove them in my ass. Since the dildo had already stretched me out my dad had no problem getting his fingers in. My dad then got on his knees and got close behind me. I moaned in pain as he pushed his raging hard veiny cock deep inside my hole. His cock was bigger than my dildo and it hurt like hell when he shoved it in. He didn"t even warm up, he just went straight to pounding my ass as I cried in pain. He told me to shut up and said if I wanted to dress like a whore he would treat me like one.

My dad then ordered my b*****rs to get in on the action. Just then my oldest b*****r ripped his pants off and shoved his cock down my throat. My dad then ordered me to give jack off my two other b*****rs. It was basically a giant orgy with me getting treated like a cheap fuck doll. After a few minutes I could feel my oldest b*****rs, the one who had his cock in my mouth, cock began to pulsate. Then a hot stream of my b*o"s cum shot down my throat. Then out of all the caos and the feel of my dads rock hard dick sliding in and out of my ass, my other two b*****rs stood up and came all over my back and on my face. About five minutes later I felt a hot stream of my dad"s cum shoot deep inside my ass.

My dad pulled his cock out of my tender ass pulling out cum with it. He then ordered me to lick the cum of the carpet and clean up. My dad and three b*****rs then went outside. I went to the bathroom and began to clean up. I looked in the mirror and saw my makeup was smeared from the tears and cum. I cleaned it off and began to walk to my room. When I turned around my dad was standing there with a glare in his eyes. He told me to get my makeup back on because he wasn"t done with me.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me into his bedroom and locked the door. My dad stripped down completely naked and lied on the bed. I clomb on the bed and mounted my dad. He began to pound my ass with fury and then just laid still. I knew what he wanted. He wanted me to work him like a whore would. I bounced up and down on his cock, fully taking it in each time. After about thirty minutes he came deep in my ass ounce again and this time he didn"t pull it out. Instead he laid there and told me to go to sl**p. I did as told and when I woke up a few hours later his cock was still in my ass. You can probably guess what went on when we woke up.

Since that day my b*****rs now take turns fucking me in the ass when my parents are in bed. Whenever my mom goes out for the day I get to be my dad and b*****rs personal fuck doll, and everytime time I am ordered to put on my outfit. Its nice being the only daughter/s****r.
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3 years ago
"i have cum over this so many times and im not even gay!"
You keep telling yourself that
3 years ago
4 years ago
this story is one of the hottest things ever i have cum over this so many times and im not even gay!
4 years ago
This story is crazy as fuck. awesome but crazy
4 years ago
thats a good story crazy but good
4 years ago
i love this story
4 years ago
4 years ago
Now this was really hot you made me cum twice thanks
4 years ago
i rember sex with my brothers too
4 years ago
exellent story