First Time With Dad as Freshmen

I was a freshmen in college. Young, worked out alot, blond short hair with blue eyes and an even tan. I was making friends, but I still wanted to come home for the weekends. I knew that this was a weekend that my mom would be away and my dad would be home alone, and he never seemed to mind the company. I arrived at our home at around 6ish on friday night. My dad was out, so I helped myself to a few pieces of leftover pizza.

My dad had obviously been home alone for a while, due to the leftover take out in the fridge. I went upstairs and turned on my computer. After a little while I decided that since it was just me and it was still august I would take of most of my clothes. I got down to a pair of white briefs and a wife beater. It was corny, that I still wore briefs, but I wanted to be just like my dad. He had worn briefs forever, and I had an obsession with his bulge. I couldnt help but stare, and think about it while I was whacking off. I had never had sex with another guy before, but I was attracted to my dad for long time. SO anyway I was in my underwear and I decided to just shut my computer down and watch tv because noone was online. So I went into the living room and turned on the television. After a few minutes of mtv my dad got home. He was in his usual business suit. both of my parents owned there own companies and always dressed appropriately every day. He came in looking exhausted, but excited that I was home.

"Hey!" he exclaimed
"Hey dad" I replied.
he took off his jacket and looked at the tv.
"why dont you come watch this upstairs and we can talk?"

there was a tv in our living room, the master bedroom, the exercise room, and the game room, but he obviously wanted me to go into his room.
so we went upstairs and I put the tv on to the channel I was watching before. we talked a little bit about college while my dad undressed, I was still in my underwear and he got into the same.
Then we both got into my parents bed and I watched tv while my dad read.
"theres nothing on" I said
"well why dont you read a magazine or something?"
I did so for a few minutes but got bored so I layed my head back against the head board.
Both My dad and I were sitting with our backs against the head board, and I couldnt help but look at what my dad was reading.
It was a gay magazine, with a picture of a man in his underwear on the page my dad was turned to.

"Dad!" I exclaimed!
"what?" he replied innocently.
"What are you looking at?"
"Look, your mother and I have been having issues for a few years now, and men just seem to be better with me." he said simply
"oh"was all I could say. I had know about my parents issues, but i didnt know that my own dad was gay. I didnt know what to think.
"I hope this doesnt change the way you feel about me" he said
"Dad, no, I kind of knew about you and mom and..." I hesitated"I kind of feel the same way...about men...i just never told you because i thought you would feel differently about me"
he stared at me
"really? thats great! just one more thing we agree on!"

He put his hand on my knee that way he always had, since i was little, just rubbing a little so it tickled and I laughed and shivered. but this time was different.he kept rubbing, and it was sexual. He moved a little bit up my leg and moved his hand along my thigh. I grabbed his hand.
"Dad, what are you doing?"
"Im trying to feel you up."
I had to make a quick choice. was I ready to let my dad into my space and have intimacy?
I was.
I slowly moved his hand up to my bulge and pressed gently, as if giving permission.
"you can do better then that dad."

He chuckled, thenmoved his leg over and got on top of me, i moved my hips up and down as we made out, pressing myself into his ass.
he then got a little crazy.
Ive been waiting along time for this, boy.
Me too, daddy.
he smiled, and moved up, pressing my face into his bulge.
I loved the feel of the fabrinc against my face, but i couldnt wait. I turned over and pulled down my briefs.
fuck me daddy!
Yea boy!

He moved back, and spit into his hand, rubbing the saliva onto his dick. then he moved in.
He fucked me hard, dipping in and out of me as he moaned and said, ooo you"re tight boy.
It hurt a little but i pushed through.
when he was done, we spooned and I felt his dick up my ass, and I fell asl**p like that. I loved my dad more then ever that night, and I had a new relationship with him.
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2 years ago
Fuck me daddy
4 years ago
Very Horny. I agree with Veronica Though
4 years ago
Oh thatr was good gee you sure know how to write
4 years ago
It was good but you've done better
4 years ago
neverhad sex with my dad but did with his brother,all of us boys did
4 years ago
That made me so hard!
4 years ago
made me very horny and sexy