A Cruel Son part 2

She would never forget how good she felt with him inside her. Since then she had been his sex toy, unable to resist his cock. Now, standing before her son and his friends, her soul as well as her body stripped naked for all to see, Evita could no longer face the cruel and hungry eyes that were devouring her. Her head bowed with shame, and she dropped her eyes to stare at the floor.

"Is your pussy wet mother?" Arnold asked smirking, and fully aware of his victory over this distraught woman.

"Yes Arnold, my pussy is wet, very wet." She answered without looking up.

"Why is your pussy wet mother?"

"Because I am a slut who needs to be fucked. Because I need my son to fuck me."

"Prove it mother! Show me and my friends how wet you are."

"This is horrible," Evita thought. Although not the first time Arnold had demanded that she perform for him like a trained bitch, it was so much worse with these boys watching. Still, it was true. Her pussy WAS wet, running like a river in fact, and she did so need him to fuck her. No, her need was greater than that. She might die if he did not soon fill her cunt with his male meat.

"God help me!" she prayed in silent desperation for the strength to resist, yet panicked by and overwhelming desire for her son's cock. Helpless, she knew she would do anything he asked of her.

With the expression of a trapped a****l, Evita removed her hand from between her legs and held up her finger for inspection. Sure enough, it betrayed her. Her pussy juices glistened down its length and seeped down into her palm, testifying to her sensual arousal and excitement.

"What a mess!" Arnold's eyes never left hers as he prompted, "What do we do now mother? What does a slut do with a finger sopping with her own wet?"

Evita knew very well what he wanted. This ritual of cleaning her finger and hand with her mouth was Arnold's usual way proving her submission. Closing her eyes to avoid looking into the faces of her audience, she first licked her wet from the palm, then slid the offending finger between her lips and began to suck. The taste from her pussy was salty and pungent, testifying to the level of her excitement.

"You like the flavor of a hot pussy don't you mother? What a slut you are! Put your finger back in your pussy. Fuck yourself with it! Now bitch! Do it! Lift a tit and lick your nipple. Perform for us!! Make yourself cum!! Make our dicks hard!! If you want me to fuck you, show us how easy it is for a slut to cum."

Evita did as she was told. Disgraceful! Ashamed but lusting to have his cock inside her, she did what she had to do, attacking her pussy with her finger, plunging it in and out with machine-gun rapidity, and all the while stroking her clit with her thumb. With her other hand she pushed her left breast upward and reached for its nipple with her tongue. Already driven to the edge by her erotic display, an orgasm flooded her body without warning.

Evita groaned in pain as her ovaries cramped. That delicious hurt in her belly drove her to her knees on the floor, and left her stooped over at the waist. Her hand that had been lifting a nipple to her mouth closed in spasm squeezing the bl**d from that tender breast. There would be bruises on her tit tomorrow. The hand driving its finger into her pussy clenched itself into a fist around her female core, locking that hard working finger inside the moist hole it had so effectively pleasured. Minutes ticked by as Evita knelt before her son that way, frozen by her orgasm into a statue of total submission.

"What is this you disobedient bitch?" Arnold's face contorted into a mask of evil as he chastised his mother. "Didn't I tell you not to cum without my permission?"

"Yes, but I thought you wanted..." Evita tried to explain.

Her son cut his mother short. "No excuses bitch! You have disobeyed. You will be punished, but first you must apologize. Do you remember how a slut apologizes?"

Evita remembered, she remembered all too well. Still on her knees she crawled to her son's feet. First from one foot and then the other, she removed his shoes and socks, then lifting a foot to her mouth, she began to lick its bare instep before moving downward to his toes.

"That's right momma, run your tongue in there between my toes," Arnold sarcastically taunting the naked woman kneeling at his feet. "You suck a toe almost as well as a cock. Is sucking 101 a required course in the slut school for wayward mothers?"

Then turning to his nearest friend he asked, "How about you Joe? Would you like Mother Dearest here to clean your foot?

Joe blushed a beet red around the jowls, but he nodded almost imperceptibly, "Yes!"

Arnold pulled his foot away from Evita's attention, and placed it firmly at the junction of her neck and shoulder. Straightening his leg, he half kicked half shoved her backward onto her haunches.

"Crawl over to Joe and suck his toes," he ordered. "It will be good practice when it comes time for you to suck his cock."

Evita's heart sank. He was going to make her lick this stranger's dirty foot. Worse, if he was serious, and she was sure he was, he had confirmed her worst fears. Later he would give her to his friends to enjoy. They would fuck her mouth, and perhaps her pussy as well. She looked up pitifully at the son she had raised, and with tears in her thighs she begged, "Please Arnold..."

That was all she had a chance to say before he slapped her across the face.

"You will do as I say bitch. You don't have any choice. Crawl over there and take his shoe and sock off. Joe has a dirty foot. Clean it!

He was right! She had no choice! For the next 10 minutes she groveled on the floor before this 'Joe' cleaning his foot with her mouth and tongue.

"Good job mother! That will do for now. It is time now for you to be punished for cumming without permission." Even as he spoke Arnold brought a straight back chair without armrests from across the room and seated himself beside his friend Joe.

"Present your ass bitch!" Arnold ordered. "You know the drill. NOW!"

Evita did know. Since 'that night', Arnold had spanked her often. She stood, turned to face her tormentor, then d****d her body full length across his lap presenting the tender cheeks of her ass to his will. Arched over her son's thighs Evita braced herself with her fingertips and toes for the blows she knew was coming. Her head and upper body hung down on one side of his lap, and her legs to the other. Her full breasts dangled and swayed under her, and she could see only her son's feet and the oriental rug beneath them. Helpless and resigned, she awaited her fate.

That fate, however, would be delayed while Arnold took advantage of this opportunity to further torture and humble his helpless mother. Not only was her most private parts exposed to the hungry eyes of his friends, her female juices were pouring from her pussy and running in a steady drip down her thighs. Arnold knew his mother would be ashamed to be so obviously in heat, and ready, even eager, to be fucked.

Arnold's finger made her humiliating situation even worse. First it stroked up and down along the lips of the feminine slit squeezed between her thighs. Next it slid upward between the cheeks of her ass and probed at the puckered hole it found there. Evita could not stifle the moan that escaped from deep inside her.

"Oh God! Please..." she whispered under her breath as that inquiring finger buried itself to the second knuckle inside her ass.

Please what? Was she asking him to please stop, or to please fuck her? Evita could not have said for certain, even though to be probed this way was nothing new for her. Arnold always played with her feminine core this way before he spanked her, finger fucking her slit, then loosening her other hole, as he prepared her for the ass fucking that inevitably followed a spanking.

"Will he fuck my ass in front of his friends," Evita wondered. "Surely he would not shame his own mother that way," she argued with herself hopefully, but she knew very well that her cruel son did not care about her shame, and was more than likely to do just that.

As his fingers continued to tease, however, her thoughts were distracted by a more immediate question. How long would he make her suffer like this? If he did not stop soon, she was sure to orgasm again without permission. She must not do that! Her punishment would be doubled.

"Please no..." she told herself, struggling for control despite an inflamed feminine core trapped between a finger hooked into her pussy, and a thumb buried deep in her ass.

Finally he began! The pain was almost a relief.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!... Arnold's open hand fell hard and heavy across Evita's buttocks between a dozen to perhaps 20 times. The cheeks of her ass turned a fiery red under his beating. Evita sobbed quietly, whimpering in pain with each strike.

Finally she began to plead, " Please, no more, I'll be good. I promise!"

"Are you sure? You will do is you're told?" she was asked.

"Oh yes! I promise. I will do anything you say. Just don't spank me anymore."

"Spread your legs mother," he ordered. "I'm going to play with your pussy now, and I want my friends to see how easily you can be made to squirm and beg to be fucked."


It had been so difficult before to hold back her orgasm, but it was much more so now. With her legs spread, his hands had full access to her sensitive sex and nether hole, and they were at her with a vengeance, stroking the walls of her pussy searching for her G-spot..., and Oh God..., that thumb deep in her ass!

How could she stand the torture of his hands without relief? In desperation Evita struggled mightily to control her need. True, she squirmed and begged just as Arnold had predicted that she would. Still, she was able to hold herself in check. To cum without permission meant another spanking, and with her ass cheeks already on fire, another spanking would be more than she could bear.

Momentarily, thankfully, her son's fingers were no longer inside her. She heard him ask his friend, "How about it Joe? Would you like to take a go at her?"

Evita could not see him but she knew that this was a new set of fingers. For a long five minutes Joe teased her pussy and ass pushing her buttons until she hung trembling on the edge of an urgent climax. Then the method changed. The fingers were gone, replaced by a long wet tongue, a tongue that ruthlessly licked at her clit, fucked her pussy, and reamed her ass, in short stabbing strokes.

Evita renewed her pleas to her son. "Arnold, if you ever loved your mother, please let me cum. I cannot stand this any longer. You must let me cum. Please, please...."

To her surprise he relented. Why? Who can say? Possibly his mother's orgasm was a gift to his friends. More probably he knew how guilty she would be when she realized she had cum like a whore on the tongue of a total stranger. Her son would undoubtedly remind her that to be a slut was one thing, but to be a whore is quite another.

In any event Evita was allowed the orgasm she needed so badly. It was not to be the end for her, however. Only moments after her spasms subsided, the second friend, Harvey, took the place of Joe behind her. With fingers and tongue Harvey once more f***ed her to climb the mountain to an inevitable orgasm. Once more she would squirm and beg, and once more her pleas for permission to cum were eventually granted.

Then it was the turn of the third friend, Fred. With Fred, the buildup was the same, as he played with her clit, and finger and tongue fucked her pussy and anus. The finish, however, was different. When she begged for her orgasm, Arnold refused. Instead he demanded what Evita had feared from the beginning.

"Mother, you are such a slut? Look what you've done! Just look at the bulge in Fred's pants. You have gone and made the poor guy's dick all hard. He needs to cum and it's all your fault. What are you going to do about this? Actually there isn't but one thing. Beg my friend to fuck you. Tell him how badly you want his cock. Beg for it bitch!

Evita had no will left with which to resist.

"Yes, Please, fuck me Fred! Fuck me now! I will make it so good for you, the best piece of ass you ever had.

Arnold interrupted, "Where should he fuck you mother? Which hole are you offering to him?"

Evita hesitated, but only briefly. She understood quite well what her son wanted. He wanted her to shame herself by begging this awful boy to butt fuck her. She didn't care! Desperately she needed a cock inside her somewhere, anywhere!

"In my ass! Please fuck my ass! Oh please Fred! I am so hot! I need it so bad! PLEASE FUCK ME UP MY ASS!"

Arnold dumped his mother off his lap and onto the floor with the instruction, "On your hands and knees slut! Show Fred your worthless slutty ass! Tell us again what you want bitch."

As she scrambled to do as she was told, Evita begged once more for her bottom to be filled with male meat.

"Please Fred, take me! Fuck my ass. Stick it in my back hole and fuck me, Oh Please! Fuck me please!

Fred dropped his pants and stripped off his shirt. Evita waited impatiently on her hands and knees, trembling with need, her head down staring at the floor. It seemed an eternity to her, but it could only have been a moment or two until this boy she hardly knew straddled her head, and with a fistful of her hair, yanked her face upward into his crotch.

"Open your mouth Momma slut! Suck me!" he ordered. "It's for your own good. Make me wet and slick for your ass."

Evita was willing. Turned-on and desperate, it was a relief just to have a penis in her mouth, to taste that male flavor once more, and anyway, she knew he was right. It would be less painful if his cock was wet and slick when he took her. Her mouth felt equally delightful to Fred as the vacuum of her mouth pulled at the tiny passages inside his balls.

It appeared for a time that distracted by that delicious blowjob, both Fred and Evita had forgotten the **** of her ass. Not so! Evita needed to be fucked, so much so that without being told she pulled her head back, allowing her prize to slip from her lips. A drool of saliva and pre-cum dripped from her mouth, and down her chin.

Once more she begged, "Oh please! First put it in my pussy, I am so wet and slick there! Then for the love of God, give it to me in my ass."

Fred obliged her. She screamed as he slid his cock home into that sopping cunt. He teased her, pulling back, then driving himself deep, so deep he touched her womb, once, twice, three times. Evita shamelessly shouted out to the world her delight at each thrust.

Slick with her juices, Fred withdrew from Evita's pussy. Raising his hard-on those forbidden two inches, he pressed his big round cock head hard against a butt hole still partially stretched from all those fingers that had probed her there. Her sphincter muscle gave way easily to his first thrust. Greasy with female wet and saliva, Evita's house guest fucked her bowel with sooth deep strokes, riding high on her tailbone with his legs astride her raised hips.

It was all so much more than Evita could take. She needed to climax as badly as she ever had in her life. Pitifully she raised her head to look at Arnold, and begged for his permission.

"Please son, let your mother cum. She so needs to cum! Oh please son! His cock feels so good up my ass! I'm on fire! Please have mercy! Your slut mother can't take it anymore!"

Arnold hesitated. He was enjoying his mother's distress, but he knew that she wouldn't be able to hold back much longer. It would set a bad precedent if she was to surrender to her passion and climax without his permission. The smart thing was to allow her the orgasm that was probably unavoidable. Nodding his head in agreement, he told the tortured woman with the six inches of hard penis burried in her rectum, "Yes mother, you may come now."

"Oh Arnold! Thank you! Thank you!" and with her relief approved, Evita began to babble incoherently in the throes of a shattering orgasm. Her explosion set the mark for Fred as well, and he simultaneously filled her intestine with the goo of his ejaculation.

With her release came relaxation. Unable to support her body any longer, Evita's arms gave way at the elbows, and she pitched forward face down and belly flat on the floor. Fred followed, falling on top of her, his chest resting on the soft smooth skin of her nude back, his breath blowing on her neck, and his legs rubbing on her nylons from thighs to ankles. His cock, no longer the great weapon it had so recently been, lay soft and inert between the cheeks of her ass soaking in the warm sperm that was oozing in a sticky stream from Evita's stretched and plundered nether hole.

Well done Fred, "Arnold complemented his friend." I couldn't have done better myself. Isn't that right mother?" The question was rhetorical. Arnold wasn't looking for an answer and he didn't wait for one. "It's almost time for dinner. How about we freshen up and sharpen our appetite before we eat? Let's all go soak in a hot tub for a while and sip a little wine."

The men stripped off whatever clothes they still had on, and Evita peeled off her pearls, garter belt, shoes, and hose. Arnold took her by the hand, and with this three friends following along, he led her to the pool patio where a tub of hot bubbling water large enough for all five of them waited. George, the head butler and her husband's 'Man Friday', along with two other servants, brought towels, glasses and ice buckets of champagne.

Evita was embarrassed by her situation. What must the servants think of her cavorting in the nude with her equally nude son and friends? Even worse, everyone was probably aware that something unusual had gone on this afternoon in the mansion living-room. The house staff could hardly have missed hearing Evita's screaming in the passion of her orgasms.

Accustomed as she was to servants working silently around her, unnoticed and almost invisible, it had not occurred to Evita the danger that they were to her i****tuous secret. Even before this afternoon, how much did the servants know what had been going on between she and her son? Certainly, at the very least, the butler George must have known that Arnold was sl**ping with his mother.

The servants would gossip. That was the way of servants. Would that gossip get back to her husband? If it didn't, would George tell him anyway? George? What about George? He had always befriended her in the past. He was always professionally discreet. He was also the absolute master of the house, and he could keep the other servants quiet if he chose to do so. There might be hope here. Perhaps George would take her side and help her find a way out of this terrible mess she was in.

Arnold saw her staring intently at the butler, and guessed at her thought. As soon as George left the room, Arnold wasted no time in dashing any hope his mother might have had of finding an ally.

"Don't even think about it Momma slut," Arnold told her. "George isn't going to help you any. He knows who signs the checks around here. He also knows he is overpaid to keep his mouth shut about things that don't concern him. Anyway, you needn't be embarrassed about parading your naked pussy in front of him. George has already seen that pretty slit of yours, although he might not recognize it without my cock in it. Who you think took those pictures of you in action?"

"Of course!" she thought. She had been so concerned about the pictures themselves, she had hardly them considered who might have taken them, but logically George was the most likely candidate. "God what a bastard her son was."

Arnold and his friends were already soaking in the hot tub, a glass of champagne in everyone's hand. Arnold motioned for Evita to join him, and as she stepped into the hot bubbling water, he sat his champagne glass down and pulled her onto his lap with her back against his chest. Under her she could feel his already hard cock pressed flat along the crack of her ass. Arnold hugged her in strong arms pressing his body deliciously tight against her own. In each hand he cupped a breast pinching the nipples between his knuckles. The twinge in her tit nubs was not a cruel pain, but a hurt to be savored and enjoyed. Evita couldn't help the sigh that escaped her lips.
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1 year ago
Forced initially she may have been but now she's just a total fuck-slut,,,keep going son.
3 years ago
awesome story!! I could spend a few hours jerking myself to the pictures your story creates in my mind.
3 years ago
I will post a picture of myself to join because of your twisted mind
4 years ago
bad nasty son