Bareback father

I just had my 18th birthday. I was in my room reading a book when I heard my dad come home. I ran downstairs and gave him a hug as usually. I always try and grab his ass. But just can"t.
My dad is musclar, fair skin. Very hairy and smells of man. I have seen him wank and envy his cock.

Anyway. Ieft him to get his food that I prepared and go for a shower. We lived alone so the shower door never closed. I though ill go for a shower before him. I went into the shower.

And began rubbing soap all over my body when my dad walks in. He stopped to stare at me 8 inch cut cock. My dad shocked me as he tore off his clothes and joined me with his erect 10 inch cut penis.

He got the soap and continued to rub it all over my chest. I was in total shock. He reached for my penis and dropped the soap. "Pick it up." My dad demanded. So I bent over to pick it up off the shower floor.

As I was getting up he grabbed my ass and pulled me onto his hot big cock. His cock was fully erect and I was in pain. Dad kept forcing his big cock inside my virgin ass. Dad then sat on the shower stool and turned me around facing him. He thrust his cock inside me harder and harder. I could not believe what was happening to me, it felt great and I did not want him to stop.

I slid up and down on his cock for a few more minutes before he put his hands on my hips and slamed me down hard on his cock so all 10 inches of his cock was inside me and his hands gripped me hard and he closed his eyes as he unloaded his cum deep inside me.

He held me there for a few minutes before he ordered me to get up and go to bed, so I did as I was ordered and I had not been in bed long when I hered my door open and I then felt my cover being lifted and I felt my dad's hot body get into my bed and lay up against me. It was not long before I could feel his cock getting hard again as he rubbed it up and down between my ass cheeks.

Then all of a sudden he f***ed it inside my as and I gave out a loud moan as he f***ed his intire cock inside me and he started pumping me hard and fast filling my ass with his huge cock.
He rolled me over so I was laying on my front with him laying on my backslamming his cock inside me and after a couple of minutes of his hard pumping he slammed his cock all the way inside me and unloaded his cum inside my ass again. We layed in this position for a few minutes before dad rolled me on my side with his cock still inside me and we fell asl**p.

I woke up first in the morning and straight away I noticed thats dad's cock was already hard so I slowly moved down the bed under the covers until my face got level with my dad's cock and I still could not believe the size of it but I could not resist taking it in my mouth and I slowly started to lick the head of his cock while I rubbed his balls with my hand.

I started to take as much of his cock as I could before I felt his hand rest on the top of my head and he started to f***e my head down and at the same time he lifted his hips so he could f***e more of his cock inside deep insde my throat and he was about 8 inches inside my mouth when he gave out a loud moan and I flet my mouth and throat being filled with his cum and I tried my hardest to swallow every last drop but there was just too much and a load came squirting out of my mouthand I hered my dad order me to lick it up, so I did as I was ordered and as soon as it had cleaned every last drop dad ordered me to get out of bed.
He then sat up and told me to lay across his lap, I did so straight away not knowing what he had in mind but it did not take long for me to work out as I felt a hot stinging sensation on my ass as dad slammed his hand down on one of my ass cheeks. He did this a few more times on each cheek before he rolled me off his lap and pulled me to the edge of the bed so my feet were on the floor and I was bent over the bed and he spanked me a couple more times and then without warning he f***ed his cock inside me and pumped his cock in and out of my ass for only a few seconds before I felt him cumming inside me again.

He pulled out of my ass and left the room, I could not move for a few minutes and as soon as I could I went over to the draws where I keep my pants and I grabbed a pair of my silk underwear and I wnet over to my bed and started rubbing my pants over my ass and straight away it felt good.

I layed on my bed for a few hours before I went to have a shower and part of me was hoping that dad would join me again but in some ways I was glad he did'nt.

The end.
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1 year ago
2 years ago
either written by a person far younger than 18 or someone with only passing knowledge of the english language, even as a fantasy it leaves much to be desired
3 years ago
good experiance for you
4 years ago
thanks that was good you made me jack opff so I could finish your story thanks
4 years ago
great storie