Picked up by truck driver

I was in my young teen when this happened.

One late friday night I was walking back from town along the main road and I was all alone with no sign of movement anywhere, well that was until a set of head lights appeared behind me getting closer each seconds. They seemed to slow down as they got closer until I looked beside me to see this big 18 wheeler truck pull ap along side me and I looked up at the cab to see the driver winding down the window before sticking his head out to say hi.
I said hi back and was about to start walking when he asked if I wanted a lift anywhere and I thought for a moment before saying yes. I asked if he could drop me off at the bus station about 12 miles away.
He said that would be no problem and he opened the door and I climbed up into the cab and thanked him for helping me. He said it was no problem and slowly started to drive off heading towards the bus station. We chatted as we drove along and we seemed to be getting on realy well and as we got about half way to the station he put on his indicator and started to pull off the road into a layby. I asked what he was doing and he just smiled and said he had to stop for a leak and as he stopped the truck he openned the door and got out.
I could see him in the side veiw mirror and I could not beleive my eyes when I saw his cock it was fucking huge, I had never seen anything so big (well only in films) and I could not take my eyes off it watching the stream of piss coming out of it's big head.
I was so stunned that I had not noticed him looking up at the mirror and seeing me staring at him. As he stopped peeing he did not bother putting his cock away he grabbed it with one hand and slowly started to wank his huge cock while looking at the through the mirror.
My eyes were still glued to his cock even as he started walking towards the cab. He climbed up inside and still I kept looking at his cock and only when he spoke did I take my eyes off his cock.

So you like the look of my cock do you slut?

I did not know what to say or do but I did not have to do anythng because he grabbed my hair and f***ed my head down to his cock ordering me to open my mouth and to start sucking. I could do nothing but do as he ordered so I opened my mouth and started sucking his huge cock. I struggled to open my mouth wide enough to take his huge shaft but I tried my best. I could not believe what was happening to me especially when I have never been with a guy before or ever thought about a guy like that because I always classed myself as straight and I had been in many relationships with girls so having sex with guys never took place in my mind.

After a few minuted of gagging and struggling I felt some lumps moving up the lengh of his cock until his cock erupted in my mouth and he held his cock deep down my throat making me swallow every last bit of his warm sticky cum. As he pulled his cock out of my mouth I was nearly sick but managed to keep control.
He locked the doors so I could not leave and he started the truck and pulled out of the layby and I just curled up on my seat up against the door crying.

I looked up to see the station getting nearer and I started to feel happier until he drove straight passed it and carried on driving down the road towards where I new there was a truck stop just a few miles away and I was not surprised when we pulled in to the truck stop and I could see lots and lots of other lorries parked up and a small cafe in the middle and another small building which could only be the toilets.
He pulled his truck up near the toilet and another group of trucks and he flashed his light and I watched as 8 of the trucks opened their doors and 10 big men climbed out of them. The guy got out and came round to my side of the truck and he opened the door making me nearly fall out. He shouted for me to get out and when I did not do as he said he grabbed my arm and pulled me out making me fall to the floor, the other guys came running over and saw me laying on the floor and they came closer and started ripping my clothes off until I was totally naked. I felt totally helpless with these 11 big strong truckers surounding me.
Two of them grabbed my arms and dragged me to the toilets and took me into one of the cubicles and f***ed my head down the toilet and tied me there so I could not move and do anything.
One of the men unzipped his jeans and got behind me and with out warning he rammed his big cock inside my tight virgin ass and I let out a loud scream and this just seemed to excite him and make him fuck me really hard but luckily it did not last long before he was cumming inside me and then I noticed a flash that lit up the inside of the toilet follow by many more and I could hear the men laughing and joking about what had just happened. I new they were taking pictures of me and what was happening.
Once the first guy had finished he was replaced by another again with a huge cock but it was not as big as the last guy or the guy I sucked but still alot bigger than me and bigger than I could really take but this did not stop him from fucking me luck a bitch/slut/whore and he also lasted alot longer than the other guy and came very hard inside me.
Each one of them took it in turns fucking me before they untied me and moved me out in the main room and I was stunned to see one of the guys holding a video camera. I could not believe it they had been filming them fucking me and they just laughed when they saw my face. and one of the guys stripped off and layed on the tiled floor and he ordered me to sit on his cock and I did as he ordered because I new what would happen if I did not. I slwoly lowered myself on down on to his big cock and it slid inside me so easily with all the cum helping to lube it up.
He grabbed my arm and pulled me down until I was laying on top of him and he rapped his arms round me holding me tightly in place.
another guy move in between our legs and started to f***e his cock inside my already filled ass and he did not take pitty in my screams of pain he just kept forcing it in until both their full lenghs were inside me and both of them fucked me hard and I burried my head into the first guys neck as they used me like a slut. Once they had both cum the others took it in turns using me in the same way until they had all cum and the only guy left was my k**napper and he grabbed me and f***ed a butt plug inside my now very loose and filled ass. He then took me back to his truck and tied me up in the back and left me there to sl**p.

To be continued
96% (58/2)
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1 year ago
love to be used like that
1 year ago
A hot fantasy like story that really packs a punch!!!
1 year ago
Like 'chiefwantcum' said, not enough cocksucking but very hot story.
1 year ago
soooo hot
1 year ago
Very hot story. Not sure if I would have enjoyed it that much mainly because there no cocks to suck. The only times I was ever gangbanged was at the adult movie theater but there I had a cock in my mouth, my ass and usually I would be jerking off two other cocks. As sson as one hole was empty another cock would take its place and I would also feel hot cum raining down on my naked flesh from men who couldn't wait.
2 years ago
All I can say is wow
2 years ago
2 years ago
3 years ago
Very nice
3 years ago
Thats made my cock throb..
3 years ago
That's hot
3 years ago
Very hot story
3 years ago
3 years ago
Wow that was so hot i jacked myself off again looking forward to the next chapter. thanks
3 years ago
One of the hottest stories I've read. Just added a new fantasy to my list. Besides getting DP'ed, I'd love this.
3 years ago
very nice fantasy
3 years ago
Good work....Thanks.