Son gets filled by Daddy

I didnt meet my dad until I was k**. Therefore, hes always been a bit of a mystery to me. I used to be able to see him only in school holidays, and special celebrations. He is taller than me and bald he shaves his head.

He was always very tender with me. I remember one time when in my room, my floor was covered with ants, I screamed. He descended the stairs in his loose boxer shorts, and appeared, muscular shoulders in my doorway. He calmly bent over my bed and scooped me up. His arms were so strong, each was the width of my waist at least. I put my arms around his neck, and buried my face in his hairy chest. He took me to his bedroom and laid me down on his bed. I curled up, small, delicate, and he slipped under the covers with me. I was facing away from him, he shuffled closer and I relaxed with my back against his chest.

His rough hand traced dawn the side of my bony torso, but stopped, just before my underwear, and moved down to rest on my stomach. I used his other arm as a pillow, and felt his coarse armpit hair tickle my shoulder. I liked his bed, I wanted to stay there forever. I slept in his bed for the rest of that week, and the next two visits after that.

He moved to new flat. This was one room. I thought I would still sl**p with him, but he said I couldnt. I had no excuse now, no ants to be afraid of. In the morning, when he got out of the shower, he would think I was still asl**p, so he wouldnt where a towel, I would watch him walk around, naked. His penis was very big, I think. Before I hit puberty, I had no real idea what size a penis should be. I still longed for his bed.

When I was quite older, IÂ?d forgotten about the warmth of my fathers arms, and was on the search for anothers. My first kiss was with a boy, only after this did I realise I was gay - Id never given it any thought before. This boy was very nice, and we had a whirlwind romance. We never had proper sex, he fingered me though, I loved it. The strange fleshy sensation, the feeling of being under someone elses control. I wanted him to have sex with me, but we were both too nervous to talk about it. His f****y moved him away, we said we would keep contact, but we didnÂ?t. I was alone again.

Staying in my dads flat in the summer, I was far too hot. I got up in the middle of the night and stripped down to my briefs. When I woke up my dad was sitting on the bed, stroking my face. I kept still. Somehow in the night, I had kicked my covers off the bed.
My sweet boy, youre so peaceful when your sl**ping.

I had forgotten how lovely his hands were. As his touch reached my neck, I felt my bulge start to grow. I pretended to turn over in my sl**p, concealing it. His finger tips pushed down my back and toyed with the elastic on my underwear. He moved away. He had gone back to bed to pretend that he was asl**p. When my erection had subsided I got up and walked into the bathroom. I ran a hot bath and left the door open. I lay in the bath fantasising about his hands, and his hair, and his chest. I wanted him to touch me more. When he came into the room I rolled over in the bath to hide my now throbbing penis. When he sat on the edge, and played with the water I lifted my buttocks playfully above the surface his fingers purposely brushed my rear, and through his loose boxers I saw something move. He opened his mouth to say something, shook his head and left, closing the door behind him.

I wanted him closer to me, one night, about eleven months later when he was out, I moved from my bed and buried myself in his. I remembered the smell. Sweat, but not pungent but sweet, masculine. I knew he wouldnt be back for awhile so I slipped my briefs off and rolled naked in the sheets. My mind was wild, my penis hurt, I thought I was going to cum in his bed! The door clicked, he walked in. What mould he think if he found me here? Like this? He was d***k. Not very d***k, not very d***k at all now I think of it. Hi came up to his bed, I hid in the other side, there were no lights. He took of his heavy boots, I heard them crash on the floor. I heard a zip, and then a long sequence of muffled sound. As he lifted the covers, a draft tickled my bare bottom, reminding me of my nudity. He slid in and the mattress sank towards him. Within two minutes he was asl**p. I knew I should escape, dress, return to my own bed, but I could feel his warmth from the other side of the bed. I gave in. I crawled on all fours to his sprawling mass, took one arm and wrapped it tightly around me. My back was only slightly shorter than his torso, so when I moved into his arms, his semi-hard penis lipped between my cheeks. He squeezed my in his sl**p. He was so warm. I pressed hard against him and his penis twitched. I felt so confused, I felt dirty. I couldnt escape, his arms were too strong and the part of me that still wanted him stopped me from trying any harder. I fell into a deep sl**p.

In my dream, I was a girl, and my dad was fucking me.
I woke up sweaty, naked, hard. But he was gone and I was in my bed. He came out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel this time. He walked directly towards me and sat down next to me on my bed. I tried to move away to hide my hard-on. He waved his hands;
Its okay son, ive seen it all before, sit up. I sat up and he put his arm around my shoulder. Now, he said Is there something wrong? I didnt know what to say, I looked around, and then looked down.

I saw my unstoppable erection, and looked up, away. I bit my lip. Are you sl**ping alright? I looked up at him, his face was warm. I leaned my head towards him. I found you in my bed this morning. Its alright, I dont mind. Youre a very sweet boy. I started to cry, I felt so guilty, Ssh, ssh, hush now. You can sl**p there however much you want. I wrapped my arms around him. He bent down, and picked up my legs. He carried me slowly, and lay me down in a ball on his sheets.

He didnt come into bed with me, but spent the day doing his normal things, I listened to him. He was so gentle.

I was half asl**p when I felt a cool finger slip between my cheeks. It was slimy. I was on my front and he must have been applying lubricant. I let him fondle my hole until he started pushing on it with his large finger. I rolled over to face him. He looked frightened. I smiled, lay on my back, and opened my legs. His finger pushed and broke the seal. I let out a slight gasp. He pushed it in to the knuckle, and with each joint I twitched with pleasure. As he withdrew, I felt his other hand slide down the inside of my thigh, brush my tight testes and snake over my hip to eventually squeeze my tiny pec. He moved two fingers into me. It hurt a bit this time, and I let out a whimper of pain. With his large fingers still inside me, he shifted his body so that he was directly above me. I felt his hard penis against my scrotum. The head was so thick, I reached down, it was very long. He removed his fingers and ran them up my body. He placed them in my mouth. I realised I hadnt eaten in days. This was a good thing, it meant I would be clean. he ran both hands through my hair and started moving his pelvis. His huge head toyed with my rosebud, and he slowly f***ed it in.

At first this really hurt, but my pleasure from my scalp massage and the feel of his chest meant I could only let out a breathless exclamation. He moved deeper into me, and the pain became less important. My rectum was being filled up very slowly, until he was so deeply inside me I could feel his hips press on my buttocks. he moved halfway away very slowly and then came back quicker. When he shocked me into fullness I shouted excitedly. He kept pulling back and returning quicker, but never so much that he was pummelling me. After a bit of this, he pulled out, I thought he had finished but he flipped me over with tremendous f***e and did me from behind. It was hard to keep kneeling with his huge mass intruding and retreating. He bent over and placed his weight on top of me, fondling my nipples he kissed my neck and pressed me to the mattress. He went faster and I started screaming;Daddy, daddy, fuck, fuck! He withdrew and lay down on the bed.

I think he thought he was hurting me. Well, he was but I wanted it! I moved over and straddled his upright shlong. I moved myself gently up and down, and I could see him getting excited again.
Suddenly, I was up in the air, his penis still in me, my back being supported by his strong arms. He moved to the wall and pinned me against it making fluent thrusting motions into me. We had orgasms at the roughly same time, he a bit before me. I felt is warm juice inside me, and mine got tangled in his chest hairs. He took me to the bed and lay me down; I slept with my head buried in his chest.
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1 year ago
A touching and erotic story.
4 years ago
you know thats what love is all about thanks
4 years ago
wish i could find a daddy like his...
4 years ago
I need something like that to happen to me
4 years ago
good stuff