Dad home from the bar

My father and I were not very close. He was a quiet man, who enjoyed watching sports and hiking. I was a 18-year-old rebellious teen, and mainly tried to steer clear of him now a days. There was a time, though, not that many years ago, that I began to notice him differently, as more than my dad. As a man. I have seen my father naked many times, but in the past few years I began to take notice of his body. And of his large cock. It put mine to shame; he was at least 7 or 8 inches and thick as my arm, where I was only 6 inches. I have been unable to stop myself from staring at his naked body and getting massive erections.

It was Monday so my mother had to work late and that meant my dad and me would be alone almost all night. He had plans to go drinking with a few friends so I was not surprised to see him very d***k, stumbling in the house at 10 pm. He sat down on his favorite chair in the living room and began slurring his words while talking aloud to himself. He finally found the remote and turned on the television. I was shocked to see porn come on the screen, he must have ordered a pay per view film. I walked in the living room to ask him what he was doing but before I could speak my eye was drawn to his massive throbbing cock. He stroked it slowly and sensually, moaning just a little. I couldnÂ?t stop myself; my hand flew to my dick and started rubbing it through my sweatpants. I was so lost in the moment I let out a moan of pleasure. My dad quickly snapped his head around and saw me standing there, watching him and touching myself. I froze, I was so embarrassed. I turned to run away in shame but he grabbed my wrist. What were you doing, son? he asked. I had no idea what to say,I...I.. he held up his other hand and said calmly, Just say it out loud, thats all. I was still so shocked that I just gave in and said, Watching you masturbate, dad. He was silent a moment and added, Did it get you excited? All I could do was nod. He let me go and sat thoughtfully for a second. Come sit down, he ordered. I obeyed and sat across the room in another chair. No, no he said, On my lap.

His cock was still out and hard as ever. He sat me on his knee and said, Ive seen you looking before, you know. All you had to do was ask for it, son. I could smell the booze on his breath. He suddenly stood up and began taking off his clothes, until he was completely nude. He then started grabbing at my clothing, ripping off my shirt, then my sweatpants and underwear, exposing my stiff cock. Now thats better, he said smirking. I have an idea, hang on. He leapt up and headed in the kitchen. I heard the phone get picked up off the receiver and then his mumbled speech. Who was he calling? A few minutes later he returned, Youre in for a treat buddy, he said, beaming. A moment later there was a knock on the door.

I went to grab my clothes and answer the door but my father stopped me, go like that. Confused, I obeyed and opened the door nude. To my surprise and dismay it was my dads b*****r in law, my uncle Jon, looking d***ker than my dad. Hey buddy he greeted my father. Came as soon I could, cant believe we are finally gunna do this. I stood stunned, as my uncle looked me up and down, his cock growing from under his jeans. Yea man, I told you he was queer my dad laughed. They both smiled and cracked open a beer my uncle had brought over and this should help us too said my uncle as he pulled out a vial from his pocket, These are the best poppers in town! My dad looked over at me and gestured for me to come over. My uncle had already stripped and I could see his dick as well, it was shorter that dads but still very thick and I could see some pre cum already leaking out.

I stood in front of them unsure of what to do next. My dad and uncle were stroking their cocks watching the porn on TV. Come here son said my dad suddenly, and pulled me to my knees in front of his huge cock. With one hand he shoved my head down on it until I was gagging. Good boy, just like that, son he moaned, and I deep throated every inch, drooling all over his shaft. Hey man, share the love, Im dry over here! said my uncle. Here take him, replied dad, and all of a sudden I was swallowing my uncles dick. It was easier to take and I even started to like the feeling of sucking dick. My uncle's eyes were rolling back and his leg started to shake. Whoa there buddy said my dad, don't cum yet, and theres still more fun. Right my uncle agreed.

Then quickly they both shot up, grabbing me off the sofa. You want to start? asked my uncle. Hell yea, I'm gunna pop that cherry first. I was shocked at what I heard, all I could do was let them take me over to the bedroom and toss me on the bed. My uncle grabbed my hands and swiftly tied them together, lifting them above my head and securing them to the head bored. Once that was done he grabbed my legs and propped them wide apart. Son, this may hirt but just remember, it feels so good for daddy, and you want me to feel good, right? He positioned himself on his knees in front of my exposed hole. Hey this might help little man, said my uncle as he poured some of the poppers on a rag and shoved it in my mouth. I breathed it in and my head started swimming and my body got warmer. I looked down and saw my dad spit onto his cock and move forward. I felt a huge pinch, I started to let out a yelp but my uncle shoved the towel deeper in my mouth. I could feel his dick pulsing inside me, and he leaned into me and whispered, god you feel amazing son, so much better than your mother. His face was slick and as he fucked me faster he began to blurt out more and more, fuck yea, you like that you little fag, don't you? He finally reached a rapid speed and then, right as I thought it might never end, he ejaculated all inside my hole. I felt the warm load shoot up deep inside me and he collapsed next to me. Wow that was amazing, boy he said, man you got to try his hole, he stated to my uncle. I plan on it man my uncle responded, moving into position where my dad was. Hold his legs bud, he said, but I shook my head. He removed the rag and looked at me, confused. You don't have to hold me down, I want to take it, I declared, and it was true, my hole wanted more and I wasnt about to say no to this urge, it felt too right to be servicing them like this. All right you little slut, said my uncle affectionately, I'm gunna fuck you so good, boy.

He used my dads cum as lube and slipped into me. I let out a gasp of excitement and he smiled at me, you like my cock, huh? he asked, yes sir! Soon he was plowing me without regard, slamming his dick in me like I was his personal fuck toy. My dad had recovered and was jacking off next to me, watching in amazement as I took all he had to give. I was taking the pounding and all I could think about was getting more! I turned my head and looked my dad in the eyes, I want you to fuck me too dad. He smiled and said, I can do that. As soon as your uncle finishes, No dad, I want you to fuck me now. With uncle Jon. His eyes lit up, Are you sure, son? he asked. I nodded; I knew I wanted this bad. What do you think Jon? he asked. Im down man, lets do it! he responded.

My dad moved himself to be underneath me, while I sat on top, riding his cock now that my hands are untied. I can tell I'm loose enough now so I look over at my uncle and motion him over. I lean foreword so he can clearly see my hole, filled up with my dads raw cock. I brace myself and inhale deeply the poppers as uncle Jon pushes his cock into my already filled hole. My whole body shivers as I feel my uncles dick rubbing my fathers inside my hole. The two men are moaning in pleasure and thrusting their dicks deeper and deeper as their lust takes over. As they fuck away my cock throbs more and more, I feel like I"m going to explode with pleasure. And just as it all climaxes and I fear I may pass out, my dad groans, Im going to fucking cum!!!!! And with that all three of us shot our loads and fell over on the bed.

When I finally caught my breath, the two men were getting dressed hastily. Put your clothes on my dad ordered, your mother will be home soon. I quickly obeyed and ran into my room and climbed into my bed silently. I heard the front open and close as my uncle departed then I listened to the footsteps come down the hallway. My door creaked open and my father popped his head into the door. Goodnight, son he said. I looked over at him standing there and replied Night dad. He smiled back and closed the door. Oh and son, this will be our little secret, ok? I nodded in agreement and watched him as he shut the door.
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4 years ago
Wow that was one great story i would like todo something like that thanks
4 years ago
wow that is so hot
4 years ago
i am hard!!! want my dad now!
4 years ago
I got so hard I had to jack off to finish your story thanks
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im hard as fuck
4 years ago
4 years ago
Mmm, hot story, had me hard as a rock !
4 years ago
Very hot, two cocks in your ass. I want to do that