My Older b*****r

I am Kevin. I am 5"8" and 18 years old. I always thought that i was bisexual. And now i know for sure. My b*****r Scott is 3 years older than me, he is 5"9" and he is very built, with a swimmers body. He has that scruffy beard look, that makes me want to beat off everytime that i see him.

So to the point. I was walking up to my room, when i was walking by Scotts room and i thought that it was too quiet. So i quietly opened his room door. He was jerking off! He didnt hear me cause he had the headphones in. I was in awe at his 7.5" dick! And it was uncut. I felt my dick get instantly hard in my pants. I had to keep looking around and see everything that he had to offer so that i could use my memory of this to beat off later. But soon Scot saw me looking.

Scott closed the screen to the laptop that he was jerking off too and put it away, his dick still hanging out since he could only do one thing at a time. I just walked in and got on my knees in front of him. I wanted to suck his uncut cock more than anything else in the world! He pushed me away and i feel backwards. "What the fuck are you doing?!" he yelled. "JUst go with it, pretend i am a chick, it is the same thing." i tried explaining to him. "No fucking way man, that"s so fucking gay!" he screamed. I grabbed his dick and started licking the foreskin on the head of his dick. He quickly changed his mind.

As i was sucking him off, i could feel his semi-hard cock get hard in my mouth. It was the best feeling i have ever experienced! But i wanted more. I stood up, and took off my shirt. I pulled down my pants to reveal my 7" hard dick. "Thats a nice one youve got there little b*o" he told me. I was proud of myself, and Scott started to suck on it! i was shocked but i loved it. He stopped after a little and i walked over his body as he sat up in his chair. I sat on his lap, directly over his hard cock, facing his face. We kept eye contact. I felt his dick slide up my ass. It was amazing, a perfect fit. I wanted to cum! i bounced up and down on his big dick and loved the feeling of his dick sliding in and out. Also, it was amazing to feel my dick flapping against his chest with each of my bounces.

"IM GOING TO CUM!" he screamed and i felt it too. I felt his dick cum inside me. I loved it.
I had to cum, so i just let it all go. I exploded o his chest and on his face. He licked it up and i went in for a kiss. We made out for a while and let our dicks get soft. We walked to the showers naked and shared a shower. We washed each other. we both washed each others dicks with our mouths, and each others assholes with our dicks. ;)
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4 years ago
Thanks that was great and very fasanating
4 years ago
I want him to do me too. thanks
4 years ago
nice brother.......mmm