First Foursome part 3

Sharon said, “Watch.” She picked up the camera and shot a picture of Bev and me on the couch. Then she reached over to my lap, grabbed my dick almost roughly, and gave it two quick pulls. Immediately, it was hard. She took another picture, this time showing my hard-on, my hand caressing Bev’s tit, and Bev’s hand cupping my balls. I kept that picture for years after we had moved away. It was my favorite. Sharon went back to trying to awaken Chuck’s tool, which was not proving to be as easy.
Encouraged, Bev dropped down into my lap and started sucking my now-hard cock. I grabbed her hips and rotated her around so I could lay down with her on top and suck her pussy. I had never tasted my sperm or anyone else’s, but this certainly seemed a good time to try it. I sucked her clean and brought her off for a fifth time. Then, I pried her mouth off my dick and pulled her up to me. We shared my cum-soaked tongue while I maneuvered under her. Lifting her hips, I laid her down on my second erection. Immediately, she sat up and began riding for all she was worth. I kept a thumb near her clit to push her along. She came a sixth time. Her pussy walls rippled and made me cum again. But, this time I did not go soft. My erection stayed hard, long, and wide, nestled in that dark, wet, warm place.
Chuck had gotten up to get a drink of water. Bev’s assessment that he was only good for one shot was proving to be true. So, I told Sharon to come up and sit on my face. Bev kept my hard cock in her cunt, lazily rotating back and forth, then left and right in order to keep up the tingling in her crotch. At the same time. she reached around Sharon to tweak her nipples. Slurping and sucking noisily, I ate her like a man possessed. My tongue worked the shaft of her clit, first one side, then the other. I buried it as far as it would go up her canal. Moving my lips to the outside of hers, I inhaled her entire outer lips, sucking them together over her clit, then using that mound of flesh to massage the shaft. Finally, I worked my lips inside of hers and sucked directly on the end of her clit, tweaking it with my tongue. Looking up into Sharon’s bust while feeling Bev’s tight pussy was driving me crazy. As Sharon began to stiffen, I zoomed in on her clit with a rapid side-to-side flicking of the tip of her clit. This brought her off.
But, I did not think it to be a good idea to leave Sharon at one orgasm when Bev had just passed six. So, I had them switch places. Even the act of swapping places was grand. Both girls were a little wobbly from the orgasms, with a slight glaze over their eyes that could only be lust. The two naked, twenty-something wives put down one foot and pushed up with difficulty, using one hand on the back of the couch for support. Just watching their bodies was fabulous. They finally reached their feet. Sharon turned around so they could trade places. The girls looked at each other, then down at my hard cock. They both grinned. Sharon said, “I told you.”
The lust in Bev’s eyes turned to fire. All she said was, “Thanks,” and moved none too steadily to sit on my face. She started with her cunt poised above my nose. Not to be outdone, I lifted my head and rubbed up and down her clit shaft with the tip of it. After a pass or two, Bev had had enough teasing and moved her box squarely over my mouth. Sharon straddled my mid-section. This arrangement was even hotter for me, looking up across Bev’s perfect tummy and fabulous tits while feeling Sharon’s tight, wet, hot, grasping cunt on my dick. At first, I just laid my dick in her outer channel, inside the lips but not in the tunnel. The sensitive spot below the head of my cock was resting on her clit. She moved her hips to keep the pressure just right in just the right places. She came again. As that subsided, I slipped my dick inside her. Meanwhile, I used every pattern and ploy I could remember or imagine to stimulate Bev to new heights. In the meantime, I cleaned up my second deposit from Bev’s cunt. As I watched, Bev went into a semi-conscious sexual euphoria. Steadying herself with one hand on the back of the couch, she massaged one nipple with the other. I decided to balance things out by caressing the other nipple. Her hips humped involuntarily and her head fell back.
With Sharon astride my cock controlling the tempo, I lasted 30 minutes. Sharon went through a gigantic third orgasm, but I was able to focus long enough to fend off my own third come. Chuck got a picture of each arrangement of the women. One captured Sharon’s face in the midst of that shattering climax. He had lost his stiffness but not his interest. He sat on the floor while the three of us coupled on the couch. By the time Sharon began reaching for her fourth orgasm, Bev was slack-jawed and nearly limp. I had had to shift to holding her up with one hand on each breast. As Sharon’s fourth orgasm came, the clenching of her cunt, along with the sight of naked Bev with her twat on my mouth became too much and I came for the third time.
Sharon was in no shape to hop up and catch the inevitable drip of come from her cunt, but neither did she want to stain the relatively new couch. So, she just shifted forward, using Bev as leverage. This pulled Bev back to sitting on my chest while Sharon leaked into my belly button. I didn’t mind at all.
The clock on the wall told us that it was time for them to go. Sharon and I donned our robes again in order to lower the sexual tension in the room. Chuck and Bev got dressed. We made skeletons of plans to explore this relationship further with games and toys, streaking and exhibitionism. But, planning had to stop because they had to go to take the sitter home. We decided to get together the following weekend for a longer time.
After they had departed, we cleaned up the living room and went to bed. For the first time since our honeymoon, I was able to get it up a fourth time and screw my wife. We did it like old married folks, in our bed, with sheets and blankets, in the dark. We did it from the side so we could both lie down and pump as we felt like it. We took little rests on the way to the best fuck of the night during which we revealed our fantasies to be played out by the four of us. Over the next year, we tried three-on-one sex, outdoor sex, public sex, dildos, vibrators, games, shaving, bathing, and overnight mate swapping. If I have time, maybe I will commit those stories to posterity, too.
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4 years ago
A great series of stories. I haven't checked to see if you have posted others, but hope you have written about overnight swaps and maybe some games. Thanks for posting.
4 years ago
excellent series
4 years ago
love your stories they get me so wet ;)