xxx home video part 10

arse at a steady rate, just leisurely pushing his cock into her rectum then sliding it half-way out slowly, then easing back in.
Meanwhile, Simon was thrusting his tongue deep into his s****r's bowels whist his mother bounced on his cock. His head was swimming with pleasure in the midst of this sordid depravity as he began to realise there were no limits to the activities they were all going to get up to, whether they filmed themselves or not.
After ten-minutes and two climaxes, Melanie pulled herself up, her husband and son's big cocks sliding out of her holes. She rolled aside, exhausted.
"My go!" Danielle said, grinning, brushing her bright red punky hair out of her eyes, dismounting Simon's face, the boy's tongue sliding out of his s****r's rectum. Although he had just been licking her rectum, Simon was strangely surprised that he could taste some of Danielle's shit on his tongue. It turned him on a great deal!
Danielle hopped astride her b*****r's pelvis and swiftly sank herself down, Simon's long pulsing erection swallowed up completely by his twin s****r's tight cunt. Then Danielle looked over her shoulder at her father. "Shove your cock up my arse daddy! Right up me!"
"Okay honey," Gerald replied, "It'll be my pleasure!"
Gerald slowly pushed his cock into Danielle's rectum, burrowing his way up into her bowels to the hilt.
"Aaah, fucking hell that's good," Danielle squealed, her body shaking ecstastically, "UUUUH! Fuck me, fuck me hard, both of you!"
Simon and Gerald began thrusting, timing their rythm perfectly. Simon would thrust up as his father pulled back, then Simon would pull back when his father thrust up. Faster and faster they went, the slender girl between them spluttering out orgasmic cries after just a few moments.
Melanie finally got her breath back and hurried out the room. She returned with the film camera.
"Just a little bit of filming, she said as she began to record the proceedings on the bed, walking around and getting various angles, "I need to practice my camera skills!"
Simon and his s****r flashed cheeky grins at the camera whilst Gerald, recapturing his youthful porn-star days, concentrated on giving the leading lady a good fucking, ramming his cock deep into Danielle's rectal passage.
"Oh yeah, fuck her hard," Melanie instructed Gerald and Simon, eye to the camera eye-piece and getting a wide panoramic shot of the action. Then she went to the bottom of the bed and knelt down, zooming in on Danielle's barely-visible arse, getting a close up shot of both of her cunt and arsehole, each of those holes with a thick cock pistoning in and out of them.
"Uuuuh, oh yeah, oh yeah," Danielle was gasping, and she wasn't just faking her pleasure either like many porn-stars did. Melanie came round to the side of the bed, zooming in on her daughter's ecstatic face. She looked incredibly slutty, and incredibly sexy!
Simon reached up to play with his s****r's tits, lightly pinching the nipples. Danielle groaned with pleasure then kissed her b*****r lewdly, sticking her tongue down his throat. Simon responded by sliding his tongue into his s****r's mouth, all the while thrusting his cock up hard into her cunt. Gerald was busy holding his daughter by the hips as he began fucking her arse with faster and faster strokes. His orgasm was impending, and even with his extraordinary willpower he wouldn't be able to hold out for long, not in the esquisitely tight and hot grip of his daughter's anus.
"Fancy an external cum-shot son?" Gerald asked Simon shortly, "As seen as your mum is filming us, we should put on a good show and coat your s****r in spunk!"
"Sure dad," the boy replied, "Let's drench Danielle!"
Gerald pulled his erection from his daughter's bottom, his cock-head slurping out of her arsehole which was greased and looked like a big obscene letter 'O', and the girl thendismounted her b*****r. Simon's erection, wet with cunt-juice, slapped to his firm lower belly. The trio's nude bodies were all slick with sweat, Danielle's cunt moist and glistening, her anus yawning open, Gerald and Simon's pricks straining with stiffness, two iron-hard cannons ready to go off.
Danielle lay down in the centre of the bed, naked and beautiful, fingering her cunt and licking her lips as she anticipated the sensation of two spermy loads being sprayed on her at once. She was glad it was being filmed. It made her feel even more horny to be engaging in a slutty i****tuous threesome that was being caught on camera, plus she would be able to watch it again and again.
"Simon?" called Melanie as she stood filming events from the foot of the bed, "Spurt over your s****r's face. Gerald? You cum on her tits."
Both guys were more than happy to comply. They grabbed their cocks and began pumping, kneeling either side of Danielle who looked up excitedly at the two hunky fuckers who were about to give her a spermy baptism.
"Drench me, coat me in cum," Danielle urged them, a genuine order rather than just something said for the camera, "Hose me down in sperm! Oh yeah, do it, fucking do it!"
"Ah, ah, aaaaah!" cried Simon, furiously masturbating, "OH FUCK! UUUUH!" His cock exploded in his pumping fist, thick wads of steaming cum squirting all over his Danielle's face. It lashed across her forehead, nose, cheeks and mouth. Danielle caught quiet a bit on her tongue and she swallowed it eagerly, but most of it rained down over her skin.
"Here's some more you gorgeous little cunt," Gerald cried seconds later, "FUCK!" He began ejaculating, fisting his cock rapidly as he sprayed his daughter's pert young breasts with his sticky cum. "Oh yeah, oh fucking Jesus, yeah!" It was an abundant flow, and the well-hung father sprayed at least eight squirts of fuck-sauce over his daughter, virtually every inch of Danielle's breasts splashed with streaks and puddles of sperm.
Simon had finished cumming too, and Danielle - her face a mask of oozing spunk - sucked her b*****r's jizz-leaking cock.
"Fantastic!" Melanie commented, still filming, zooming in on Danielle, scanning the girl's spermy-drenched body.
"Give us the camera honey," Gerald said to his wife as he got off the bed, "I'll film you cleaning up our daughter."
Melanie handed her husband the camera and got onto the bed, just as Simon got off it. With Gerald taking over the role of camera-man, Melanie spent five-minutes licking every drop of sperm from Danielle, swallowing half of it and spitting the other half into Danielle's mouth for her to swallow. The mother and daughter ended with a long, passionate cum-and-spit swapping snog. Gerald got onto the bed and zoomed in on his wife and daughter's loving kiss, sperm and saliva running down their faces as they tongued one another's mouths.
Even though he was spent for the time being, Simon felt horny watching this, and he was already thinking of some sorid practices to suggest for the next home-movie they would all make.

The f****y could hardly wait until the next filming session, but Gerald kept his cool and insisted they restrain themselves from 'performing' until after lunch. That way, the wise father explained, it would be more fun for them all after a morning of impatient waiting, and furthermore he wanted him and his son to be fully recharged to perform as well as possible.
After lunch, Melanie went upstairs for a shower and Gerald went to his study where he put a new tape and polished the lense (it was still a bit smeared after his k**s had used it last night!)
Danielle was in the living room. She hadn't bothered dressing all morning. She had been needlessly shy about her body previously, and had usually dressed in baggy T-shirts and battered jeans, which were hardly likely to draw the eyes of boys. Now, however, she was full of confidence about her sexy nubile body, and it thrilled her to see her b*****r and father barely able to keep their eyes off of her pert titties, her furry cunt and her deliciously firm round bum.
Simon strolled into the living room, just in his boxer shorts. He spied his s****r standing in front of the mirror that hung above the fireplace, running her hands through her bright red hair and making sure it was suitably scruffy. Just because she was about to star in a home-made porn movie didn't mean she wanted to go around looking smart and respectable, after all! Simon sneaked up behind Danielle and tickled her ribs.
"Oi, fuck off," Danielle snapped, squirming away, and then she giggled. "You're an arsehole," she said, turning her back to her b*****r and continuing to check her hair.
"No, this is an arsehole," smirked Simon, and he slipped a forefinger between his s****r's bare bum-cheeks and tickled her anus, making the girl giggle and squirm some more.
"You're a bit over dress aren't you?" she said, turning.
"No I'm not," Simon insisted, immediately whipping off his boxer-shorts so that he, too, was nude. His long cock was semi-hard and rapidly growing in stiffness.
"This is so cool isn't it?" Danielle smiled, "Making these films with mum and dad. It's fucking great fun!"
"Damn right," Simon agreed, "Do you think you will become a professional porn-star? Like me?"
"Hmmmm, I dunno. I'm not sure."
"If you do, we could star in a proper movie. I bet there's a lot of people out there who'll get off on a bit of real-life i****t in a porn movie."
"I bet there is! We could make a fortune. Then again, we'd probably be arrested."
"Yeah. Well...we could just not tell anyone. It'll be our secret as we hump on set, the viewers unaware we're twins."
"Unless the viewer is someone we know."
"They wouldn't say anything. They'd be admitting to watching porn, and no-one would do that."
"I guess," shrugged Danielle, "Well, whether I follow in your's and dad's footsteps and become an uber-porn star, I still love making movies with mum and dad. And you of course."
"This from a girl who got all grumpy 'cos I kissed her yesterday," laughed Simon.
"Well..." Danielle began, then found herself unable to articulate the sudden departure of her previous anti-social demeanour and it's replacement by that of a lustful, i****tuous young lady. Instead, she just gave Simon a long passionate kiss.
"Hey, don't start now," Melanie said as she into the living room, wearing nothing but a pair of high-heeled white shoes "The camera's not running."
"It will be in a minute," added Gerald, entering the room behind his wife. He too was naked, his cock growing stiff at the prospect of the fun to be had that afternoon, "Who wants to star in the first scene?"
"Me and Simon," Danielle replied.
"Sounds good to me," her twin b*****r agreed.
"Okay," Melanie said, "I think Danielle should be in control of this little scene. Simon honey? Sit on the sofa. Your s****r can do with your cock whatever she likes."
Simon grinned and obeyed, sitting down in the middle of the sofa, slumped back, his long erection laying stiff and throbbing across his stomach. Melanie stood to oneside and her husband stepped up, camera held up, ready to capture the resulting activities of the two twins.
Licking her lips, Danielle knelt before her b*****r and eagerly grabbed his cock. She spent a moment just lovingly masturbating Simon, stroking his long pole in her small fist, the boy gently panting with delight. Then Danielle leaned forwards and began sucking on her b*****r's prick, slurping on the end and making obscene smacking noises with her lips, all the while jacking off the base of it. Then she took it out her mouth and resumed jerking it off.
"Tell the viewers at home what you're going to do with your b*****r's lovely big cock," Melanie urged her daughter from off camera.
"I'm going to sit on it and take it in my cunt," Danielle purred, turning her head and staring intently at the camera pointed her way, "and then," she continued, "I'm going to take it in my arse."
Watching this through the camera's eyepiece, Gerald grinned, proud of his little girl. It always heightened the sexiness of of a porn movie if the leading lady was sincerely enthusiastic about the fucking she was going to get.
Danielle then stood and turned her back to her b*****r. She gently sat down, lowering herself slowly, reaching down and holding the base of Simon's cock to hold it upright. With Gerald zooming in to capture the penetration, Simon's cockhead nudged against the lips of Danielle's tight furry cunt, then slowly eased in as the girl descended further. Lower and lower she went, a look of ecstasy on her face as her twat swallowed up her b*****r's long pulsing erection inch by inch.
"Mmmm, take it s*s," Simon breathed, holding Danielle's hips to support her.
"Oh fuck, oh yeah," the girl panted, finally sitting down fully in her b*****r's lap, her cunt fully impaled on his throbbing eight-incher, "OH GOD! Oh yeah!" She placed her hands on her knees and began to lift herself up, half of Simon's prick sliding out of her cunt. Then she dropped down, she and Simon grunting ecstastically. Danielle then rose up
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this had better stop soon or veronicas going to explode
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Can someone give us an "Amen"? Oooh, Brother and Sister, the action just keeps excalating and intensifying and so luridly thrilling. There'll be lots of cum free-flowing about now!
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kowabunga this is perfect
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I'm exhausted...I'll be happy for the ending so I can get my breathing back to normal.
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O yes, O yes, O yes OOOO yeh, what can i say its fantastic.
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O yes, O yes, O yes OOOO yeh, what can i say its fantastic.