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It had been a three-years ago, when he was twelve, that Simon had found out his father had been a porn-star. Not a major porn-star, admittedly, but nonetheless he had done about two-dozen movies in his younger years.
Simon had been a bit shocked at first, but then he had mentioned it to his mother, who his father had assured him was obviously well aware of his past. In fact his mum, Melanie, laughed when Simon bought it up when being given a lift home from school. She said she was happy to let her husband continue starring in porn movies after they had married, although he had finally stopped when Melanie had their first c***d, Danielle.
"I could tell your dad was a porn star," Melanie had told Simon, "before he even told me! He was a real stud in bed! And well equipped if you know what I mean."
Simon had indeed knew what his mother had meant. His mum was an easy-going person, an attractive dark-haired woman who acted like she was more of a friend than a mum, and he hadn't been too phased by her bragging of his dad being "well equipped."
Simon's twin s****r, Danielle, had also found out about their dad's past. At the time she had began to enter a moody, introverted phase of adolescence, and thus tried to make a big-deal out of not caring. She could not hide her curiosity though, and, secretly, she managed to find a stash of video tapes of films her dad had starred in. When alone in the house, the pretty teenager would watch them in her bedroom. At first she had been shocked to see her father in his younger years, naked and ramming his ten-incher hard into a variety of hot little sluts, but then she had grown more and more turned on and was soon frigging her tight wet slit as she viewed the sordid images on the screen. Danielle thought she carefully put the tapes back afterwards, but her parents guessed that their little minx of a daughter had been watching them.
Danielle and Simon's dad, Gerald, ex-porn-star and now office-worker and father-of-two, was quite aroused at the idea of his daughter watching the tapes. So was his wife.

"Do you think I could, y' some adult movies dad?" asked Simon. He was standing on the driveway and watching his father clean the car.
"You can't do adult movies until you're an adult yourself," smiled Gerald.
"I know," shrugged Simon. Simon was fifteen and quite tall for his age, slender with broad-shoulders. Like his father he had short, jet-black hair and a handsome, boyish look about him. "I want to do some er, porn-movies and stuff eventually, when I'm old enough," he added, "I don't know how to though. Do you have to practice?"
"Ask your mum," Gerald replied.
"What would she know about it? You were the porn-star." Simon grinned as he said that. Although it was now common knowledge in the f****y about Gerald's brief career in the adult movie industry, it wasn't really mentioned all that often in the open. Certainly no-one was ashamed of it, least of all Gerald, but it wasn't something that was talked about a great deal.
"Yes, I know," Gerald explained, "but to be a porn-star, you have to be good at sex, and you'll have to ask a woman's opinion to know how a guy can be good at sex."
"I guess."
"You have to have sex before you can know you're good at it too."
Simon grumbled to himself. He was still a virgin. He did get a blow-job off a girl at a d***ken party last month, but he knew that that didn't really count as losing your cherry.
"Ask your mum," Gerald repeated. The favourite catchphrase of any father.
"Okay," sighed Simon, and he turned to go into the house. It was a Friday evening in winter, and though sunny it was feeling very cold. Simon had been shivering in his jeans and T-shirt as he had stood talking to his dad, and the warmth of the house was welcoming.
His s****r was just coming down the stairs.
"You'll catch a cold out there," Danielle said as her b*****r strolled past her in the hallway.
"You sound like mum," retorted Simon.
"Yeah, well you need two mums 'cos you're so c***dish and dumb," Danielle moaned at her b*****r, "bl**dy boys, you're so irresponsible and immature." Danielle had not quite emerged from her moody phase, although the rest of the f****y put up with it because it was evidently an act, and she was really quite pleasant when she wasn't sitting on her bed with headphones blasting out Marylin Manson. Teenagers need to assert their individuality, and as Danielle was content to fit herself in the role of a shy moody girl, that meant Simon found his niche as a cheerfully laid-back boy.
"You look like a jerk wandering around in a T-shirt even though it's November," she told her b*****r.
"I love you too s*s," Simon smiled, and he gave his s****r a kiss on the cheek, solely because he knew that annoyed her.
"Gerroff," snapped Danielle, wiping her cheek in horror. She was petite and slender with shoulder-length hair that was normally black but was currently dyed bright red. Danielle had a small silver nose ring through her left-nostril. It had been intended to shock her parents, but had failed; 'Nice nose-ring honey' had been her mum's comment when she had seen it, leaving Danielle despondent at having unshockable parents. Danielle was also wearing dark eye-shadow and deep red lip-stick, and currently had on a baggy green T-shirt, a short black skirt and knee-high white socks, the gap between those latter two garments meaning her knees and lower-thighs were on show. She had pale skin, and overall the fifteen-year-old girl looked like an odd - but pretty - hybrid of grunge and punk.
Danielle did love her b*****r, deep down, but she often avoided being seen with him whilst out and about because, to her embarrasment (but Simon's amusement), strangers often mistook them for boyfriend-and-girlfriend. It was understandable though. Simon was tall, smartly dressed, easy-going and polite, whilst Danielle was only five-foot-two, scruffy (but in a trendy way), petulant and introverted. It rarely occured to people that the contrasting pair were siblings, let alone twins.
"Is mum upstairs?" Simon asked.
"Yeah, mum's up there somewhere," Danielle called over her shoulder as she stomped off to the living room where, no doubt, she would try and find some nu-metal on MTV.
Simon went up the stairs to find his mum.

Melanie was sitting on her bed wearing a dressing-gown having just had a shower. She was filing her nails and humming to herself.
"Hi mum," Simon smiled as he entered the room.
"Hi sweetie," Melanie responded, "What are you up to?"
"Nothin' really."
"Nothing? It's the start of the weekend, I thought you'd be up to something exciting."
"I was just wondering," began Simon, sitting on the edge of the bed, "about er...something."
"About what?"
"Something embarrasing eh?" giggled Melanie, putting the nail-file to oneside. She shifted to the edge of the bed and sat next to her adolescent son. At thirty-nine, Melanie was still very attractive, slim and fairly flat-chested but with a nice round bottom and a bright and pleasant face. Her long black hair was damp from the shower and she smelt of fine perfume.
"It's not really embarassing," explained Simon, "I was just I'd go about being a porn-star?"
"A porn-star?" giggled Melanie.
"I knew you'd laugh."
"But it is funny sweetie...kind of. You're not legally old enough to star in adult-movies, and besides, shouldn't you be talking to your dad about this? He's got the experience in such, ahem, a career."
"I asked him but he told me to ask you," insisted Simon, "He said that a guy has to be good at sex to star in a porn movie, and you have to ask women to find out what makes a guy good at sex."
Melanie giggled again.
"Well," she began, trying to appear serious, "you need to have the right equipment."
"A big cock you mean?" asked Simon, smiling, determined not to be outdone by his mother in terms of being crudely honest about the subject matter at hand.
"I guess," confirmed Melanie, "and...well, really you just have to be able to perform and to know how to perform. You'd be best to actually screw a few girls before you try to do it on film."
"I s'pose," Simon sighed, "I guess dad was right, I'm too young. Oh well."
"Not to young to be planning such a career move though," Melanie suddenly added before her son could get up. She reached out and gently stroked his thigh, "Why don't you us your equipment?"
"Huh? But your my mum. I can't show you my dick."
"I've seen it before."
"Only when I was little."
"Yeah, but you're still my son sweetie. C'mon, let's be serious here. You're thinking about a career move, you need to know if you're qualified...think of me as an interviewer. An interviewer for a porn movie. Let me see what qualifications you've got."
Simon hesitated for a moment, then grinned.
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Those devious mothers! Don't ya just love'em??
They will go to any lengths to take care of, be understanding of and taking care of their "little boys"! And the suspense builds!
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nice start
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