Last meet I had 2

I fell asl**p after a short while not really thinking of what might happen if I was cought in my s****rs room, I was just too tired.
I woke up what must have been a couple of hours later and then everything started to come back to me and I started to get worried about what might happen and then I hered a noise I did not wont to hear. The back door down stairs closing and then I hered foot steps coming up the stairs and getting closer to the room. I burried my head into the pillows to try and hide my shame and then I hered the door open and a deep silince before whoever it was spoke. Ah it is good to see you have not moved Grandson I am ready to fill you up again and I felt him get on to the bed and lay on top of me forcing his cock deep into my already filled ass. He started riding me hard pulling his cock all the way out leaving it for a couple of second and then ramming it all the way back in. Thats when I hered another noise but I just ignored it thinking something had fallen off the bedside table from the fard bed movements but it was not that.
I was having too much fun to hear the foot steps coming up the stairs and to the room and I did not even notice the door being opened, But I did notice the shocked gasp from my s****r and I pulled my head out from under the pillow to see her standing in the door way just staring at me with a slightly angry but sad look on her face. I did not know what to say or do and it was not helped by the fact the the guy was still fucking me like a bitch and not showing any signs of stopping soon. I was just about to say something when the guy looked round to see my s****r and he just said

hello grandaughter, how are you?

Sorry we are using your bed but I had to punnish your b*****r for being very naughty and for wearing your underwear.

My s****r said nothing, I think she was too shocked.
The guy pulled his cock out of me and got off the bed and went over to her and rapped his arms round her to comfort her and to me surprise she rapped her arms round him and just began to cry. After a few minutes he stepped back and she dried her eyes and then looked back at me and with a quiet voice said.

I want you to punnish him very hard for me and I want you to spank him. A big smile spread across the guys face and he grabbed his belt from the floor and started to whip it across my ass making it glow dark red again and then he handed the belt to my s****r telling her to have a go. She did not need to be told twice and she whipped my ass again but evenm harder than the guy did and she did it even faster too. My ass was in so my pain it was unreal, but I kept quiet and took it knowing what would happen if my parents found out. The guy moved up to the top of the bed and climbed on telling me to open my mouth so I could get him hard again. I did as he ordered and I started to suck him trying not to bight his cock because I s*s was still slapping my ass. The guy started to face fuck me forcing the full lengh of his cock into my mouth making me gag.
My s*s stopped slapping me and moved over the the bedside table and opened the small draw and grabbing something and pulling it out, I could not see what it was because of the guy face fucking me was blocking my veiw.
I felt her get on to the bed and move inbetween my legs, I felt her spreading my ass cheeks before sliding something inside me. Then I felt her whole body lay on top of me and then I knew what was happening, she must have been wearing a strap on and she was fucking me with it. I new she had fucked other girls before on her sl**p overs but I would never have thought she would fuck her own b*****rs ass. I am not sure who fucked me harder the guy or my s*s. I was even more shocked to hear my s*s call the guy grandad, she told him she thought I should take both of them inside me and he agreed. They uncuffed my hands and legs and the guy Layed on the bed beside me and he told me to sit on his cock facing away from him so I did as he said and I slid his full lengh inside me and started to ride up and down on it. He then told me to sit all the way down on it and then to lay back on him. so again I did as he said and as I layed back he cupped his hands over my bra covered chest squeasing at it like I had breast. He then told me to pull my legs up towards my head and to hold them there, so I did and the I looked down between my legs to see my s*s completely naked just wearing the strap on. She was rubbing lube up and down the lengh of the shaft before moving closer to me. She pointed the head of the shaft at the entrance to my already filled ass and started to push forwards stretching the whole brinning a tear to my eyes. She help it there for abit before trying to f***e it in abit more, then she eased it back a little and then push it back in. She did this for a while and before I new it she had the full lengh inside me. Then they both started to slide their cock back and forth inside me but they did not fuck me as hard as they did earlier it was much slower and smoother and felt so much better. We fucked like this for about 20 minutes before grandads grip on my chest tightened and I felt his cock start to unload inside me and I looked up and my s*s to see her body start to shake and her moans got louder and louder as an orgasm swept through her body and she collapsed on top of me. We all layed there in a tangled ball breathing heavily all completely nakered. My s*s was the first to get up and the grandad helped ease me off his cock and before getting up to go into the bath room. My s*s grabbed a really big butt plug and foced it into my ass before walking over to her cubboard. she grabbed some underwear and a couple of silk night clothes. She told me to take off the old underwear and to put on the stuff she handed me. I looked throught the bits she handed me and could not wait to try them on. The was a sild white bra with silk white matching panties and then the silk white nighty. I put all this on and she was wearing the same sort of thing but in pink. Grandad came walking out and smile at us both and told us to get into bed, so we did and he helped tuck us in and kissed us good night and left the room turning the light off and clsing the door and then leaving the house. Before we fell asl**p s*s kissed me on the back of the neck and told me this was how I was going to sl**p for now on and that I was no longer her b*****r. I turned to look at her asking what she ment and she said you are now my s****r and you are only going to sl**p with other guys and I will be the only girl you sl**p with. I smile at her and kissed her lips before agreeing to all that she said. We kissed one more time and said goodnight to each other and I rolled over facing away from her and she tucked herself upagainst me rapping her arm round me.

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3 years ago
Well, that was unusual departure from the classic threesome...very clever and imaginative, as usual.
3 years ago
hey, i enjoyed your stories. feel free to check out my blog if you want, i have some of my real life experiences posted on there and you might enjoy them.
3 years ago
You always have amazing stories I love them