Last meet I had

I was sitting at home not so long ago just messing about on the computer looking through different videos and came across one with a grandad fucking his grandson. Watching all the things that the grandad did to his grandson got me so turned on and it got me thinking, so I turned the video off and started looking through some gay/bi sites until I found one that had a few guys who intersted me. I sent them all a message telling them what I wanted and one replied telling me what he wanted to do to me and this is what it read.

Dear Grandson this is what I want to do to you:

I come to yours and knock on the door and you answer in your s****rs clothes thinking I am someone else and once I am in I order you to take me to the bedroom so I can punnish you and as you do I smack your arse as you walk in front of me. once in the bedroom I stand in front of you and order you to remove all my clothes and to get on your knees and take my rock hard cock into your mouth and give it a good sucking. after a while I tell you to stand and I take of your top and skirt leaving you in your Panties and bra, I then sit on the edge of the bed and pull you over my knee and spank you when that is done I order you to lay on the bed face down and you do as your told. I take your arms and tie them to each corner of the bed and I do the same with your legs, I kneel between your now open legs and bend forward and start to lick your hole and then when your nice and wet I will push a finger into you I then lube you up still using my finger then I slip another finger into you to open up your tight hole, then once your opened up I will place the head of my cock against your tight hole and slowly push forward sliding into you once I have it fully in I will raise myself up and start to fuck you hard and will keeping going until I fill you with cum. I will then keep my cock in you until it goes soft and then I will untie you and then order you to stand over me while I lay on the bed and tell you to wank until you shoot your cum all over me.

Reading through this made my cock go rock hard so I emailed him back straight away to organise a meet with him. He got back to me straight away and I quickly ran into my s****rs room grabbing some of her clothes and quickly got dressed and went and set her room up ready for the meet thinking it would make it more fun to be in her bed rather than mine. I hered a car pull into the drive so I ran down stairs to see the guy standing in the doorway with a very angry look on his face. I opened the door with as much of a worried look on my face as I could and before I could say anything he spoke saying.. So this is what you get up to when you are alone you very naughty boy. I looked him in the eye and begged him not to tell my parents.
He looked at me and said I wont tell if you do exactly as I tell you and I am going to punnish you for what you have done.
So I agreed to do as he said and he told me to take him to my room so he could start on me.
I walked ahead of him walking towards my s****rs room and as I was walking I felt a sharp pain hit my ass as grandad spanked me. I did not stop or look back I just kept walking. He spanked me several more times before we got to the room and as I opened the door and walked in he noticed whos room it was and straight away a cheeky smile appeared on his face and he looked at me and said good boy this is the room I was hoping you would take me to. Now come here and remove my clothes.
I moved closer to him and solowly started to undo the buttons on his shirt until it was fully open and I rubbed my hands over his grey haired chest. I then let his shirt fall to the floor before dropping to my knees and slowly removing his belt and jeans. He grabbed the belt and told me to keep going, so I slid my fingers in the waistband of his pants and slowly pulled them down revealing his thick 8 inch cock. It dropped down so it was pointing straight at my mouth and I looked up at him and he grabbed the back of my head and ordered me to oped my mouth, so I did as he ordered and he f***ed his cock deep into my mouth and started to face fuck me. After a short while he pulled his cock out of my mouth and ordered me to stand so I did as he ordered while he sat on the edge of the bed. He grabbed my arm and pulled me down over his lap and he started to spank me really hard making the cheeks of my ass glow red. He made me stand up and strip down to my s****rs underwear and to pose for him while he took some pictures. I did all this and he had me in different poses on the bed and some of us both together and some of me sucking him. Once he had what he wanted he ordered me to lay face down on the bed and to spread my arms and legs ready for him to tie me up. I did the and he grabbed a couple of sets of hand cuffs and attached each on to the corners of the bed and the cuffed my arms and legs. He got inbetween my legs and pulled my panties to one side. I then felt something wet touching the entrance to my tight hole and then I felt it being f***ed open. I was surprised when I found out it was his cock because I thought he was going to ease me into it with his fingers first but he was way too turned on to wait any longer.
He fucked me hard and very fast pulling his big thick cock out and forcing it all the way back in hard. He was like a machine and he fucked me for hours hardly stopping for breath. I then felt what I can only describe as an eruption in my as as he cum inside me filling me up and he collapsed on top of me and I could feel his hot sweaty body on top of me hardly moving just the odd movement from his hips as he slid his cock back and forth inside me until his cock slid out. He got up and turned the light on and grabbed a but plug and f***ed it inside me and he then started to get dressed before heading for the door turning the light off and closing the door behind him leaving me still handcuffed to my s****rs bed.

To be continued
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3 years ago
So far so good! Now straight to part 2...
3 years ago
Oh come on where is part 2 you can't just leave it there !!!!!!
3 years ago
You have to tell us what happen after this... I really want to know. ITs so hot.