Valetines Day surprise part2

"You look beautiful, Heidi," he said passionately. She walked to him, using both hands to pull the towel loose from his waist. He stared openly at her cleavage as she ran her hands over his chest and flicked her long, red nails across his nipples. He reached for her, but she grabbed his hands quickly.

"Not now, Brad. Later you can touch me all you want, but not now." She picked up the slacks from the bed, and kneeled down to help him step into them.

"Where are my shorts?" he asked as he slipped his legs into the pants.

"You aren't going to wear any," Heidi confessed. "This is our fantasy. Remember the one we talked about last week? The one where we fantasized about your cock being exposed in public? Remember how hard you got, and how intensely you came?" As she talked, she lightly caressed his cock, which was once again swelling with passion.

"Oh no, Heidi, that was only a fantasy. I can't really take a chance of anyone seeing me." He finished nervously.

"You will take a chance, Brad." Heidi told him in no uncertain terms. "You'll do exactly what I say, when I say it. This is my fantasy, too, and there's no way you're ruining it!" She finished adamantly.

Brad was surprised by the quickness of her anger, and he knew how she could be when she got like that. The last time he'd made her angry, she hadn't let him touch her for two weeks. It had been a miserable time, and he'd been careful not to let it happen again. She'd continued to fondle his prick while they talked, and her anger had only served to increase the pressure and intensity of her caress.

"You'll do it, won't you Brad? You'll do exactly what I say because you know it will be the hottest orgasm of your life." Brad groaned softly as she rubbed pre-cum around the sensitive head of his cock. "Say it, Brad," she demanded. "Say you'll do what I tell you."

"I'll do it. Yes." Brad conceded, as she pumped his cock between her hands. She released him abruptly, leaving him trembling with arousal as she reached down to pull the slacks up over his hips. She carefully buttoned and zipped them, then looked with appreciation at how his erection made a tent in the front. Rising to her feet, she reached down, and pulled the material apart between his legs. Brad felt the coolness of the air on his testicles and ass, and Heidi reached inside the pants and took his cock out through the opening.

"I took out the seam in your pants just for tonight." Heidi told Brad, "I want to be able to see and touch your cock whenever I want to, and to show it to anyone else that I want." His eyes were glazed with arousal, and he trembled. She pulled the tight shirt over his head, tucked it in the waist of the loose fitting pants, and slipped a narrow black belt around his waist. Their little game had made her pussy so hot and wet, Heidi didn't know if she could stand it until after supper.

She adjusted Brad's pants so his cock was covered again, although it still tented out in front, and then she picked up her handbag and walked toward the door. "Come on, Brad." She urged. "As he walked toward her she could see brief flashes of skin where the seam was open. His erect penis pushing against the material made the open seam gape more that it would have otherwise.

Brad walked toward his wife. Her eyes were glued to his crotch. He could still feel the cool air coming through the opening in his pants as he walked. The idea of going out in public like this terrified him, but it also made him incredibly horny.

His heart was pounding as they stepped into the hallway and headed toward the restaurant on the other side of the hotel. He hoped his erection would go away, but he remained stubbornly hard. An elderly woman passed them, and Brad couldn't even meet her gaze. To his embarrassment, he found himself hoping she was looking at his cock, hoping she could see his balls through the open seam. The head of his cock felt so sensitive as it rubbed against the soft material of his slacks, pointing straight out as if giving directions to the dining room.

When they reached the restaurant, they waited behind two other groups for the host to seat them. As they waited, Brad felt Heidi's hand on his ass, and then her fingers touched his bare skin. Oh my god, he thought to himself, the seam must be open half way up the back too! Her warm, nimble fingers lightly ran up and down the crack of his ass, then her index finger probed between his cheeks, finding his tight puckered asshole. He gasped at the intensity of his reaction, then tried to hide his expression as a woman in front of them turned to see why he'd gasped. He felt himself blushing as the woman's gaze dropped to the front of his pants. He was mortified when she winked at him, then continued to stare. His cock jerked involuntarily, as if acknowledging her admiring look.

He felt the tip of Heidi's finger penetrating his bottom, slowly fucking in and out of his hole. He felt his balls pulling up, and he knew if she didn't stop he'd come right there. Luckily, the host returned at that moment, indicating that he and Heidi should follow him, along with the couple in front of them. Her finger slipped from between his cheeks, and he put his hand on her waist, directing her to follow the host.

He could see the heat in her eyes, and he knew how hot it had made her to finger him that way. He wished he could feel how wet she was. Her full breasts jiggled above the low-cut neckline of her dress as she walked, and Brad couldn't help noticing how many of the diners stared at her tits. He also knew they noticed how his pants tented out in front, how his cock wagged in front of him as if asking for attention. He couldn't remember ever being this hard, or needing to come this bad. He knew his face was flushed and his breathing rapid.

They were shown to a small table for two near the back of the dining room. When he leaned over to pull out Heidi's chair for her, he felt his pants pull open and cool air hit his ass and balls. He stood up quickly, hoping no one had noticed, and then remained in a more upright position as he scooted her chair forward, enjoying the view down the front of her dress. From this angle, he could see the dusky pinkness of her areolas.

He walked around to his own chair, and when he sat down he could feel the cold leather of the seat on his bare ass. Sitting down pulled the seam widely open, and he felt his balls resting on the cold leather as well. The only reason his dick wasn't showing was because it was so hard that it still tented up the front of his pants. When he glanced down, he realized anyone who walked by the table would be able to see his hairy testicles laying exposed between his cloth-covered thighs. He couldn't take his eyes off of his own lap. His entire body felt so sensitized and erotic when he saw himself exposed in public this way.
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2 years ago
Seams open on men's pants is not normally a hot sexual subject nor idea, but with his wife at the helm adds an acute, lurid realm to the visual effect. Appears to be sexually fun and sexually kinky and wild. Go Heidi!!!
4 years ago
good continuation