Wrapped Around My Little Finger part 2

I was shaking with anticipation. I still had my school uniform on, and he stopped himself as he was about to unbuttoning my little green plaid skirt, and then said “let’s leave your skirt on, my little schoolgirl”.

I smiled “okay daddy”.

Then he turned me around, unfastened my bra, and took it off.

I leaned back against him and he his hands came around to my big tits, caressing them. I put my hands over his and held them tightly to my tits.

“So beautiful”, he whispered in my ear.

I felt his big cock growing up along my spine. I closed my eyes and lavished the moment. I was so happy. I loved him so much.

Then he startled me by picking me up in his strong arms and carried me to his bedroom, and then laid me on the bed.

I stayed still, watching him as he moved around to the end of the bed.

He took off one of my school shoes then the other. He caressed my calves as he pulled each long white stocking off slowly, seductively.

“I can’t wait to see my baby girl’s little pussy”, he said, and then he slid my panties off. I was so wet with excitement, but l felt a little self-conscious lying on the bed with just my school uniform skirt on.

He looked down at me and said, “Sweetie, hold the front of your skirt up. Show daddy your pussy”.

Shyly, I did what he told me. When my pussy came into his view he said,

“Oh my God, so beautiful”. He fell to his knees, and then pulled my body down the bed, and my legs around his head. My legs hung over his shoulders and his mouth was only inches from my quivering pussy.

“Daddy is going to lick your pussy until you cum baby girl” he said.

I could feel his warm breath over my pussy. I felt like I was going to explode as soon as his tongue touched my tight little pussy.

He kissed my left inner thigh and lightly ran his tongue up to, but not touching my pussy. He reached around my legs and began to tease both nipples while planting soft kisses up and down my left thigh. My hips started to move. He caressed my soft tits, rolling them in his hands, and gently tweaking the nipples.

“Oh daddy, it feels so good”, I said out of breath.

His lips and tongue danced up and down me left thigh, as if purposefully ignoring my other thigh. The tension and my excitement were building to near explosion. He was so good. He hadn’t even touched my pussy and it was dripping wet. My hips were reaching for his tongue.

“Daddy, my pussy needs you”, I pleaded.

“We have plenty of time Sweetie”, he smiled wickedly, and then he blew a breath of air all over my pussy and my whole body tingled. He was making me crazy and he knew it. “Don’t worry baby girl, daddy is going to take care of you”, he said. I loved hearing those words. He has always been there for me.

“Take care of me daddy”, I said.

He planted a soft kiss on my pussy lips and I began to moan. He ran his tongue lightly up and down my pussy, barely touching.

I pushed my hips to get more and he moved just out of reach. Then suddenly he began to vigorously lick and suck at my pussy.

He stopped for a moment and said, “you taste so sweet little girl, daddy’s going to eat you up”. Daddy licked all over my pussy, and then pushed his tongue inside me.

I was soaking his face with my juice.

He pushed deeper and deeper with his tongue, as if he were reaching for something. My little pussy was on fire and I was close to orgasm.

“Cum for daddy baby” he said, and I always do what he tells me.

I perched myself up on one elbow and with my other hand I held daddy’s face to my pussy. My hips bucked against his face as I was consumed by the longest, most powerful orgasm of my life. I closed my eyes and laid back to rest, but he wasn’t through with me. Before I could catch my breath he stood up and flipped me over.

“Lean all the way over on your knees Sweetie. Daddy is going to fuck you now”, he said gruffly.

“Daddy you won’t fit, its way too big” I said, with fear in my voice.

I was truly scared. There was just no way that his big cock could possible fit in my tiny pussy. It was ridiculous to even try.

“Don’t worry baby” he said, “you will open up for daddy”.

He applied a gentile pressure on my back, and I bent forward onto my elbows. Daddy took hold of the hem of my skirt and pulled it up to reveal my dripping pussy.

“That good baby girl, you’re ready for daddy to fuck you”, he said, then. he began stroking his huge cock as he moved closer. He rubbed my pussy lips up and down with the giant cock head, and I sucked in my breath. It felt so good, but I was still afraid. He kept rubbing his cock up and down the lips, adding a little more “push” each time. The head of his cock combed deeper into my juice-soaked pussy lips, but I still couldn’t imagine him entering me. I was getting more and more turned on.

I swallowed back my fear and said, “Daddy please fuck me”.

He laughed a little and asked, “Does this little girl want her daddy to fuck her?”

“Yes daddy”, I said, “I want my daddy to fuck me”.

He was teasing me again and I was going crazy. I added. “I want my daddy to fuck my little pussy with his big fat cock”.

“Oh, well then” he answered, “Anything for daddy’s little girl”.

“Bend way over and spread wider for me baby” he said.

He held me hips and pushed his cock harder at my pussy. He alternated sliding his cock over my wet pussy lips, then trying to push his cock inside of me. He repeated this over and over again, and with each new push he seamed to come closer to entering me. My pussy was screaming again. The lips were soft and swollen and the tingling nerves were standing on end.

“Fuck me daddy. Fuck me hard”, I yelled. Seems I had forgotten my fear. I wanted him to fuck me at all costs. “Fuck my pussy daddy. Fuck my fucking pussy” I said, surprising myself with my filthy talk. I was wildly trying to push myself onto his cock.

I timed my push with his and the big cock entered me. It felt like something was ripping inside and the pain was intense, but I was totally out of control. He could tear me in half as far as I was concerned, as long as he fucked me.

“Are you okay baby?’ he said.

“Arrrgh, yes daddy, just don’t stop”, I said, “fuck me”.

He did. He fucked me with long, slow, strokes at first, and then began to pound his cock in and out. I couldn’t speak. My pussy was so stuffed with his cock, and he pounding me so hard that I couldn’t catch my breath.

“You are so tight around daddy’s cock baby girl”, he said as he continued to pound his cock in and out, “Are you sure you’re okay”.

I nodded my head “yes” as best I could. He had no idea that I had already had an orgasm and was going to have another one.

“Daddy’s going to cum Sweetie” he said, “I have to take it out”.

I still couldn’t talk, so I just reached back and held his muscular thighs to me, and as if that’s what he was waiting for, he exploded in my pussy. I held him there and my pussy convulsed on his cock again. When I recovered I just held him and cried. I’m not exactly sure why. I suppose it was because my dreams had come true.

The end
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2 years ago
Such an awesome, tender and father-daughter-love connection that my heart wanted to cry. A very heart-warming daughter's first fuck, so elegantly written to express her pleasure of her first time and her enjoyment of the coupling.

This story calls violently for more Parts, Chapters.
3 years ago
Very hot!!
4 years ago
wonderfully sexy
4 years ago
mmmmmmmmmmmm... i want daddy
5 years ago
this story was so nice...good work =)
5 years ago
this story was so nice...good work =)
5 years ago
Great story. I got off and am hard again.
5 years ago
im cumming hard
5 years ago
Thank you everyone for your kind comments
5 years ago
got me off again well done
5 years ago
great follow to part 1 keep um cummin love Daddy's girl
5 years ago
Thank you Acebottom you are soooooooo goood I have to catch my breath I came twice this time and I'll have to change my panties before I go hiome. Thank you so much.
5 years ago
5 years ago
Well done...short, sweet, and to the point!
5 years ago
Amazing story! Great job!