Wrapped Around My Little Finger

I tried to keep my excitement in check, because I didn’t want to hurt mom’s feelings. She's taking me to daddy’s and we were just about there. They divorce when I was f******n, two years ago, and I only see him every other weekend. I nagged her endlessly to let me stay with daddy part of the summer, actually the whole month of July, and she finally relented. I harassed her so much about it, in fact, that I think she’s glad to be rid of me. Hey, whatever it takes, I wanted... no needed more time my daddy. I was packed and ready to go two weeks before the trip there. I love him and miss him so much.

As we pulled up the long driveway, daddy came out the front door to greet us. It was nearly dark, but I could still see my handsome daddy’s face, as his eyes searched through the car’s tinted glass for me.

I couldn’t hold my excitement any longer. I opened my door, and jumped out of the car before it even came to a full stop.

“Lisa are you crazy”, I heard my mom say as I leapt into my daddy’s arms.

“I love you daddy”, I sobbed into his broad, muscular chest.

“I love you too Sweetie”. I hugged him as tight as I could, not wanting to let go.

“Hello Robert”, my mother said, as she stood at the side of her car.

“Hi” he said, “How was the drive”.

“Fine” she said, “Why don’t you get her bags from the trunk”.

“In a minute” he said, “First I have a surprise for Lisa”.

I looked up at him and asked “Wwhat kind of surprise”.

“Come with me”, he said, and he took me by the hand to his garage.

My mother stayed next to her car and just watched.

We stood in front of the middle garage door for a moment, and then my daddy bent over to me and whispered, “I love you”. Next, he pushed the remote control button and the door opened. “It’s all yours’ Sweetie”, he said, as the opening door revealed a cherry red, Mustang convertible.

I held him and cried, “You’re unbelievable daddy”, and then I heard my mother call to him “You're unbelievable Robert. She has you wrapped around her little finger”.

He just smiled, because he knew it was true. He handed me the keys, gave me a kiss on my forehead, and said, “I’ll go get your bags”.

I hugged him again, and said thank you. As I sat in driver’s seat, still a little in shock, I heard my mom and dad going at it a little bit. “Don’t worry” I heard my dad say, “She’ll be fine”.

“Lisa, come say good bye to me”, my mom said.

God, I love my daddy, in fact, I’m admittedly obsessed with him. He has always been my hero. He’s strong and handsome, but he can be so gentle and nurturing, especially with me. I worship the ground he walks on.

I’ll never forget the day I went from an adoring c***d to hormone driven nymphet, with taboo fantasies for him. I was already well into puberty, but only thirteen when my body went through an amazing transformation. My boobs burst onto the scene. I tried wearing clothes to hide my big boobs, but it was futile. I was a 115 pound thirteen year old, with a full D cup. I knew my body attracted boys, and men too for that matter, and I hated it. I wasn’t really that interested in dating boys, and all that stuff my girlfriends seemed nuts about. Then, quite by accident, I saw my daddy naked, and it was like a switch went off inside of me.

I was still thirteen at the time, and I was going to use my parent’s bathroom, because I wanted to use their big whirlpool tub. My dad was just stepping from the tub when I walked in on him. My eyes immediately locked on his huge cock. It was surreal. It was impossibly long and thick. It seemed nearly a foot long. I stood there like I was in a trance.

“Linda, get out” he yelled.

I shook my head to regain my senses, and left embarrassed. I went straight to my room, and it seemed someone had just released the dam to Hormone River. There was a fire burning inside my virgin pussy. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I just held and squeezed my pussy until I had a violent orgasm. My first.

My daddy acted as if nothing had ever happened, and for him it was probably no big deal, but it turned my life upside-down. I couldn’t get the vision of his massive cock out of my head. It was so big. I wondered if it could even fit in my little pussy, or if I could get my lips around it. I wore my little pussy out. I fucked it with any and everything. My mom must have wondered where all the cucumbers went to it seemed I was possessed. I spied on him all the time trying to see his cock. I became more and more daring.

One day I hid in his closet, because I knew he’d be out of the shower soon. My heart pounded in my chest, as I kneeled on the carpeted floor, peering through the cracked door waiting to see him.

Suddenly I thought, “What was I doing there? What if I got caught? I’m a raging pervert? I’ve got to get out of here”. But it was too late.

He entered the bedroom and I saw his huge cock again.

My throat and mouth went dry, and I tried wetting my lips. My breathing became heavy, and my pulse pounded.

He finished drying himself, and then he actually began to stroke his beautiful, big cock! It began growing in front of my eyes. It must have grown to 12 or 13 inches.

“That’s impossible.” I thought, but it was there in front of my eyes. He continued to stroke his cock, and I began to rub my pussy. I moaned, and quickly covered my mouth.

He slowed his stroking and turned his head in my direction.

“Oh my God! He heard me”, I thought.

He stopped stroking and began to move toward the closet, his big cock waving in front of him.

Tears began to form in my eyes. It seemed I was going to be humiliated, but then he stopped right in front of the closet and picked up a small wastebasket.

He held the basket under his huge cock and began stroking it again.

I couldn’t move. He would surely hear me. I just held my pussy tight. The big cock was so close to me now. My mouth began to water. I imagined sucking it.

He began to stroke it faster and faster, until his big cock exploded again and again into the wastebasket.

I wanted to cum, but I was too scared. He would hear me.

I just held my pussy and my mouth tight.

Daddy put on a T-shirt and shorts and left the room.

I waited until I thought the coast was clear, went over to the wastebasket and put some of his cum on my fingers.

I ran to my room. I locked the door to my room, and stared at my glistening fingers. “My daddy’s cum” I thought, “The potion that created me”. I was so stupid for hiding in his closet, but I got so close to his big cock that I could almost taste it, and now I had his cum. The smell was intoxicating. My little pussy was on fire again.

I struggled to get my shorts and panties off with one hand, and then I laid back on my bed. I spread my legs wide and drew my knees up.

Closing my eyes, I imagined daddy was in bed with me. I opened my little pussy with one hand and inserted my, cum covered fingers as deep as I could.

“Ooooooh, fuck me daddy” I whispered, “Fuck your little girl”.

The vision of daddy’s huge cock was still so fresh in my mind. I imagined his cock stuffing my little pussy. I fucked three fingers into my pussy as hard and deeply as I could. I imagined he was pounding my pussy mercilessly, as my fingers furiously fucked in and out.

“Oh daddy, cum for me, cum for your baby girl”, I whispered again.

I couldn’t get deep enough. My pussy began to fuck my fingers. I lifted my hips up and drove my fingers in and out.

“Oh daddy, fuck me, fuck me” I said, as my body stiffened and I came in wave after wave. I rolled up in a fetal position, my fingers still in my pussy, and my eyes still closed.

Then daddy called to me from down the hall, “Lisa, everything okay?”

I kept my eyes closed and smiled “It’s just wonderful dad. Thanks”.

He chuckled, “Thanks? Thanks for what?”

“Thanks for cumming”, I said and my hand rushed to cover my mouth “I mean thanks for asking”.

Later that evening I was watching TV with dad. He turned and looked at me for a long time, then asked, “Are you okay Sweetie”.

“I’m fine dad, why?”

“It just seems like something has gotten into you lately”.

I smiled and thought to myself “You’ve gotten into me”, but I just repeated, “I’m fine dad”. I was fine, but something actually seemed different about daddy. He seemed preoccupied. When I talked to him he barely looked at me. This went on for a couple of weeks. I hated it. Finally, I decided I had to talk to him. I couldn’t imagine what was wrong with him, and I didn’t know what I could possibly do to help, but I was terrified of the unknown. I waited until we were alone in the house, and I found him sitting in the living room.

I asked him if we could talk, and he replied nervously “Okay”. I sat across from him and asked, “daddy what’s wrong”?

“Nothing”, he said, and looked down at the floor.

“Daddy, look at me”, I said, “Something’s wrong. I know it. You’ve been avoiding me. What have I done”? He looked up at me and saw the tears welling up in my eyes.

“No, Sweetie, don’t cry. You haven’t done anything”, he said, and stared back at the floor.

“Daddy, I’m scared. I love you so much. Please tell me what’s wrong”, I pleaded, as tears ran down my checks.

He took a couple of breaths, and seemed at a loss for words.

“Please”, I repeated.

“Lisa” he said, and paused to take another breath, “I’ve done something I’m ashamed of and I’m having trouble living with it”. His voice trembled.

“Daddy what is it?” I said.

“Lisa, I knew you were in my closet the other day”, he said. I let out an audible gasp.

“You knew?” I said softly.

“Yes. I heard you moving” he shook his head, “I should have just left, but I decide to play a little game, and well, I went too far. What a horrible thing for a father to do”.

“No daddy”, I said, “it was the most exciting thing I’ve ever experienced”.

“Your just thirteen years old Lisa, you shouldn’t be exposed to anything like that, but your own father did. I will never forgive myself”, he said, then placed his head in his hands.

I went to where he was sitting and kneeled at his feet.

“Daddy, I’m not somehow traumatized. I’ve been fantasizing about us making love since long before that day. It was hottest thing I’ve ever seen”.

He stroked my cheek and said, “Sweetie, that’s exactly why it’s so wrong. You’re not ready for sex”.

As if possessed, I moved closer and put my hand over his cock, and felt the monster pulsing through the material of his shorts. “I’m sooooo ready for sex daddy” I said, as I closed my hand around the shaft.

Daddy reached down and grabbed my wrist, but he allowed my hand to stay on his cock. “Sweetie, this is wrong” he said.

I stared intently into his eyes. “I don’t care” I said, “I’ve never wanted anything more in my life, and daddy always gives me what I want”. I gave him a coy smile, and then he closed his eyes and put his head back.

“Oh my God” I heard him say under his breath. He stretched his legs out and said, “Take it out Lisa” as if his mouth was too dry to speak. He lifted his hips and I slid his shorts down and all the way off. He quickly pulled his T-shirt off and sat back in his chair. I moved, on my knees, up between his legs. His huge cock bobbed in front of my face.

I held the thick shaft with both hands, and still had nearly 8 inches of cock coming up through my hands. I stared at the big cock not knowing quite what I should do with it. My pussy was screaming for it, but I just had to taste it first. It was so thick. I really wondered if I could get my lips around it.

I kept my two fisted grip on the shaft and licked around the crown. I must have looked like I was eating a big ice cream cone. I slurped all around the big head of his cock, and then tried to stuff it in my mouth, but I couldn’t get my lips around it. I went back to licking and slurping on his cock, and then push my lips over the cock head. My lips stretched tightly around his cock, and he began to moan.

Daddy held the back of my head and gently fucked his giant cock into my mouth. I reached down with one hand and began to rub my pussy, while unbuttoning my blouse with the other hand.

“Oh God, that feels so good baby girl” he said, “Eat daddy’s cock”, then, he fucked his cock deeper down my throat.

It was difficult to breath.

I had practiced this on a cucumber, but my mouth and throat were absolutely stuffed with cock, and I had to work to get air. I was scared and excited. My pussy was gushing.

Daddy began fucking his cock deeper and faster.

I placed my hands on his muscular thighs to keep from losing my balance, as he literally began fucking my face.

“Baby, I’m going to cum” he said, “Daddy’s going to cum”.

I put my hands around him to let him know I wanted him to cum in my mouth.

He arched his hips and drove his cock deep down my throat. I struggled not to gag as he emptied his seed.

I swallowed the best I could, but there was so much of it that some escaped down my chin.

Daddy suddenly realized he was chocking me, and he pulled his cock out. “I’m sorry Sweetie. Are you okay?”

I looked at him, trying to catch my breath, and with his cum dripping off my chin I said “Was that okay Daddy?”

“You are amazing Sweetie”. I was so happy I could do that for him.

He stood up and pulled me to my feet. “Let me see my baby’s beautiful body” he said, and he slid my blouse off. “Unbelievable”, he said as he looked me over.
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5 months ago
so good!!!
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Really hot!
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yeah aces
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4 years ago
Amazing writing, soo erotic, real and exciting.
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i want to be the daughter
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Super hot. Great story.
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wow. that was hottest story I ve read! x
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Outstanding hot as hell
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Oh ace bottom you did it again you made me cummmmmmm Thank you
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5 ***** mate excellent story as always
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Definitely a five star effort! Too hot!
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Fantastic writing! I can't believe how turned on I am right now!