Used by Taxi Driver and more ch.2

The taxi driver headed off down the road towards the town again but on the way there walking along the road was 2 young girls and the driver pulled up beside them and asked if they wanted a lift?
They both smiled and said yes that would be centre please. As they got into the back of the cab they were stunned to find David tucked up in the far corner.
They looked at the driver and then carried on getting into the cab. As they all headed into town the girls asked why he was there and why he was dressed as a girl and again the driver told them what he had done and the girls had a strange look in their eyes that David had seen a lot that night. The girls moved closer to David and introduced themselves as Kim and Jess before they started to slowly move their hands over his body starting with his legs and moving upwards. Jess moved closer to him leaning in and kissing him on his lips before letting her tongue slip into his mouth. This was a new experience for David and one he really liked, in fact he liked it so much he did not notice Kim had pulled his panties down and had started sucking his cock. The 2 girls stopped for a bit and moved back slightly and started to kiss and undress each other only leaving their panties on and by now the driver had stopped in a nice quiet spot and turned round to watch the fun going on in the back of his cab. Jess Laid back on the seat and asked David to pull her panties off and to lick her wet pussy, David did not need to be told twice so he moved in between her legs gripping the sides of her panties and slowly starting to pull them down revealing a hot sexy wet shaved pussy. He took her panties off and just as he was about to drop them to the floor the driver asked for them so David handed them to the driver who immediately put them to his nose and sniffed at the crotch and he could feel the wetness from Jess's pussy on them as he played with them.
David moved his head closer to Jess's pussy and very slowly started to lick it exploring every part of it and when ever he licked a bit that Jess really liked she gave out some gentle moans of pleasure so David would spend more time there before moving on. While David was licking Jess's pussy Kim had started to suck on and play with Jess's nipples and breast, squeezing them, pinching them and licking them before moving up and kissing he lips again.
Kim then looked down at David and told him it was her turn now so David reluctantly stopped licking Jess's pussy and moved over to Kim and just before he started to pull her panties down he noticed a bulge in side them, he thought that she must have a really hairy pussy or something like that so he carried on removing her panties and soon realised it was not hairy or even a pussy but a big 8 1/2 inch un-cut cock. David move back slightly staring at it and Kim looked at him and smiled and said haven't you ever seen a shemale before? and laughed.
David said never in real life only in pictures or the odd film and Kim just said well from what I have heared you are great at sucking cock so get down there and suck mine, so David did as he was told and moved his head down towards her cock and took it into his mouth and he quickly started sucking it, she started moaning quiet at first but her moans soon became louder and louder as her pleasure began to grow. David soon had all of Kim's cock inside his mouth and was sucking like crazy and Kim rest her hand on the back of his head and gripped him tight holding her cock deep inside his mouth and with a loud moan she unloaded her cum inside his mouth forcing him to swallow every last drop. She laid back breathing heavily as David finished sucking her. David sat up and looked at Jess who was moving towards him as she grabbed his arm forcing him to lay back and she got on top of him and took his cock into her pussy and quickly started moving up and down taking his full length inside her and she soon started moaning out loud and increased his movements making David start to moan with pleasure and it was not long before they were both cumming with David filling Jess's pussy with his cum. Jess laid on top of David, both of them breathing heavily against each other. The driver had already cum inside Jess's panties while he had been watching the 3 of them fucking each other. They all got dressed and the driver headed into town to drop the girls off, just before the girls got out Jess handed David a peace of paper with her phone number on then she kissed him and left. The driver turned round and told David to get stay naked because he had one more thing to do before the driver would take him home. The driver took David to a local wood near David's home and told him to get out and head round the front of the cab and bend over the bonnet, so David did as the driver ordered and got out and bent over the bonnet and waited to see what the driver was going to do.
The driver got out and got into the back of the cab grabbing all the sex stuff David had been wearing and using all night and he placed them into the black bag again before getting out and joining David at the front of the cab. He dropped the bag to the floor and undid his trousers moving closer to David quickly forcing his cock deep inside David's ass and quickly started pumping hard into him making David moan loudly and the driver did not last long before cumming inside him. He left his cock inside David's ass for abit and started to spank him making David's ass turn red raw and then the driver pulled his cock out of David and grabbed the butt plug out of the black bag and f***ed it inside David ass again. The driver then stepped back and looked at David and told him to turn round, so David did as he was ordered and turned round to look at the driver to find him holding the bag infront of him with David's clothes. Here you go said the driver, you have fully paid you bill now so you can get dressed and I will take you home. You can keep everything in the bag and use it when ever you want and if ever you want a taxi just give me a call or if you want to earn yourself a little extra money hahaha. David quickly got dressed and grabbed the bag from the driver and thanked him and then got back into the cab and the driver took him home. Just before David left the cab he looked at the driver and asked what he ment about earning abit extra money and the driver told him he would be doing the same things that he had been doing all night but he would get all the money as long as David would let the driver use him when ever he wanted. David thought about it for abit and then said he would like to do it and when could he start so the driver told him he could start tomorrow as long as David would let him spend the night in bed with him letting him do what ever he wants to David until his shift starts tomorrow afternoon.
David agreed and they both headed indoors and up into David's room ready for the fun to begin.

To be continued....
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3 years ago
Wow Acebottom this could make a great series thnaks
3 years ago
mmmm yes very nice, hope we get more soon mmmm yessss
4 years ago
different but hot looking forward to pt 2