Used by Taxi Driver and more

David was a young teen boy, average in size and looks and had never even thought about anything other than girls. There was never a gay thought come into his mind and he thought it would stay like that.
One day he was going into town to meet some friends and have a few drinks, he did not have much money but he could not resist the invite.
David phoned a taxi company to organise a lift into town. 10 minutes later the Taxi turned up and David left his house and got into the cab, on the way there he could see the cab driver looking at him through the rear view mirror but did not think anything of it. When the cab pulled up outside the club David was going to the driver turned round and said that will be £25 please and David handed the driver the money and just as he was getting out the driver called out to him and said if you need a lift back give me a ring and he handed David a card with the guys name and number on.
David thanked the guy and headed into the club. After a couple of hours drinking it was nearly midnight and nearly all David's money was gone. He said goodbye to his mates and headed outside to ring the cab driver, the driver answered the phone and said he would be there in a couple of minutes. A couple of cabs turned up and left and David was about to ring the guy again when he saw the cab pulling up outside and David went out and got into the cab. The driver asked where David wanted to go and David replied just take me home thanks and the driver smiled and turned round and started to drive off heading for David's house, as they drove along the driver started to talk about all sorts of things and David was not really paying much attention to him until the driver mentioned Sex. David looked up and started to talk back to the driver and they talked about previous girlfriends and one night stands etc and before too long the cab was pulling up outside David's House. The Driver looked round again and said that will be £20 please mate and David looked puzzled, The driver just smiled and said it had been nice chatting to him so he knocked abit off the price. David smiled and thanked him for that and went to get his wallet out of his pocket to find when he opened it there was only a £5 note in there. A worried look came over David's face and the driver asked if everything was ok and David looked up at the driver and said I am so sorry I only have £5 on me and I have not got any more money indoors. An angry look came over the driver face and he said how the hell are you going to pay me then???

David started to look very worried now and just stared at the ground not knowing what to say and as he looked up at the driver he could see an evil smile on his face. The Driver then said might have to put you to work to earn me the money you owe me????

David asked what he ment by that and the driver said well your a cute guy and I could get a lot of money making you work your ass off and then gave out a loud laugh.
David asked what he would have to do and the driver said he would show him but first they would have to find somewhere more quiet and started the engine and headed off going down some country roads until he pulled off the road down an old dirt track and came to a stop. The driver turned the engine off and opened his door and got out and headed for the back of the cab where David was and he opened the back door and got in leaving the door open. The driver sat back and told David to undo his trousers and get his cock out David was stunned at what he was hearing but was soon snapped out of it when the driver shouted out the order again and David quickly grabbed hold of the drivers trouser buttons and slowly opened them to find the driver was not wearing any underwear so his big cock flopped out in front of David's widened eyes and he was just amazed at the size of it. David's was only small (5 inches) so he was not used to seeing something so big. The driver looked and David and could see how stunned he was and told him to start sucking his cock now and David tried to resist but the driver grabbed hold of the back of David's head and f***ed him to his cock and ordered David to open his mouth. David tried to resist abit more but could not so he decided to do as the driver ordered and he opened his mouth and the driver f***ed his cock into David mouth forcing it deep down his throat making David gag. The driver started to fuck David's mouth like it was a girls pussy. Teas started to poor down David's face and this just made the driver laugh.
The driver let go of David's head and straight away David moved away from the drivers cock and moved to the far corner of the cab. The Driver looked and him and ordered him to remove his clothes or he would do it for him. David fumbled about trying to remove his clothes still with tears rolling down his face and the driver shouted out to hurry up. David was soon fully naked on the back seat and the driver looked up and down his body and smile before getting closer to him. He quickly grabbed David's legs and pulled him down so he was laying face down on the back seat and the driver got in between David's legs and spread them apart. David tried to move away but could not move and it was made impossible when the driver tied David's legs up so they were spread wide. The driver got out of the cab and went to the boot where he grabbed a black bag and came back to where David was laying spread out on the back seat. The driver opened the back and pulled out a tub of lube, he opened it and got a load on to his hand and soon started to rub it round David's ass and then added some to his cock. David had stopped moving now and just layed still, he felt the driver climb on top of his back and he could feel the drivers hard cock up against his leg and soon against the cheeks of his ass. David closed his eyes as he felt the drivers big thick hard cock start to penetrate hi virgin ass, the driver started slow until most of his cock was inside David's ass and then he really started to pound him hard pulling his cock all the way out and forcing it all the way back in making David cry out but this just made the driver fuck him harder and faster. After a couple of minutes David felt the driver's body start to shake and shudder on top of him and then felt him tense up as he then felt warm sensation inside his ass and straight away he new the driver was cumming inside him. The driver laid on top of David for a few minutes letting his cock slide out of David's ass before getting up and looking down at his used body tied to the back seat. The driver untied David's legs and told him to get up and come outside, it took David a little while to move and he slowly crawled out of the cab on his hands and knees to find the driver standing in front of him holding the black bag. David slowly started to stand and managed to ask the driver what was going to happen next?

The driver smiled and took something out of the bag dropped the on the floor before walking over to David and told him to turn round and open his mouth, David did as he was told and he felt the drivers body up against his back again and David looked down between his legs to see the drivers big cock in between them. All of a sudden the driver put his hands round David lifting them up to his head and David saw something that looked like a ball with straps on and it was soon placed into his mouth and the straps were fastened round the back of David's head. The driver moved away and ordered David to turn around so he could see what his new slut looked like. As David turned he found the driver standing there with a camera in his hand pointing at him and then was blinded by the flash and then a couple more. The driver then told David to look in the bag and get anything out that was in it. David did as he was ordered and opened the back to find some clothes in it, girls clothes..... He pulled each item of clothing out one at a time. White shirt, short black skirt, white silk panties and padded silk bra and some white tights with a blonde wig and he soon worked that it was a school girls outfit.
The driver ordered David to put the clothes on nice and slow and David again did as he was told and as he was getting dressed the driver kept taking photos of David.
Once David was fully dressed the driver told him to move round the cab to the front and bend over the bonnet and to get in other positions while the driver still kept taking photos.
The driver then ordered David into the back of the cab and said it was time to earn his money and the driver closed the door and headed to the drivers door getting in and starting the engine before heading back on to the main round and back towards the town. David tried asking the driver what was going to happen but the driver kept quiet until he pulled off the main road up against the path outside a pub. He waited there for a couple of minutes before turning round to look at David. He then started to tell him what was going to happen.

Right slut for the rest of tonight you are going to be a whore for any man or woman who comes into this cab and you are going to do as your told and not argue ok slut ? Do you understand? David looked and the driver and nodded his head.

Good the driver said with a smile.

Here is your first customer as he looked out the window as an oldish man came walking towards the cab opening the door and getting in. The man looked at David dressed in the sexy outfit and then looked at the driver.
The driver told the man that this naughty slut was there to be used for free and that the man to do what ever he wanted with the bitch. The man smile and told the driver where he wanted to go and the driver turned round and headed off. The old man moved closer to David putting his hand on Davids leg moving it up toward his pantie covered cock and he then slowly started to rub David's cock. The old man then open his trousers and told David to suck his cock. David moved down to the old mans cock getting it out of the mans pants and he slowly started to rub his hand up and down on his hard dick. The old man laid back against the seat before telling David to suck it nice and slow and also to rub his balls. David did as he was told and it was not long before the old man was cumming inside David's mouth, the old man ordered David to swallow is cum like a good little slut and David again did as he was ordered swallowing every drop of the old man warm sticky cum.
The driver pulled up outside the mans location and the man paid and left. The driver looked and David and smile saying you enjoyed that didn't you slut?? David looked up and nodded knowing it was wrong but could not lie just incase the driver did not like it.
The driver got a call from a small group of men that needed picking up in town so the driver headed back telling David about the men saying they sounded quite d***k so he was going to get well used by the sound of it.
The cab pulled up outside a night club and 3 men came walking over opening the door and getting in. Again the driver told the men why David was there and the men got quite excited and started cheering and they surrounded David and each one of them started grabbing at David's body like he was a female slut. They all got the cock's out each one being bigger than 7 inches and David did not need to be told what to do as he took one cock into his mouth and grabbed hold of the other 2 and started to slowly wank them. One of the men sat back and told David to sit on his cock facing towards him. David got up and did as he was told and slowly let the guys cock slide inside him. David slowly started sliding up and down on the guys big cock while he still kept sucking the other guys cock. The 3rd guy got behind David and lined his cock up with David cock filled hole and soon started to f***e his cock inside David making him tense up and almost bite the other guys cock. After a short period of time the guys cock was fully inside David with the other guys cock and David was really earning his money now as he was being fucked hard by the 3 men. David thought it was never going to end because they had been going for nearly half and hour before the felt the 2 men cum in his ass and then he soon had the 3rd guy cumming in his mouth and David quickly swallowed the guys cum and the other 2 men pulled there cocks out of David well used ass and they got dressed and cleaned themselves up before getting ready to get out. Before the driver pulled away heading back to town he ordered David to grab last item out of the black back and David did this and he pulled out this big black butt plug and he looked up at the driver waiting for his orders but he already new what he was going to have to do. The driver ordered him to slide it into his as so all the cum would stay inside him.

David did as he was ordered and sat back waiting for his next customer.......

To be continued
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2 years ago
very good.very horny writing.
3 years ago
definitely one of your better stories!
3 years ago
Wow Ace Bottom this was so good i got so har4d man i came twice and i'm still hard thanks for the story
3 years ago
shame you dont taxi round here - i would make sure i didnt have any money to pay you
4 years ago
fantastic- what a turn on
4 years ago
Thankyou acebottoms that was great i jacked myself off st the end of your story hope you write the continuation