My first gay experience

My first gay experience

I had only just left school and so far all my life I had been single, mostly down to be too shy round girls and over the past couple of years I had been playing with girls underwear and one thing lead to another and I started wearing panties at first and then more as time went on. I would wear my s****r's or mum's panties to school and where ever else I could and I would play when ever I could in then making myself cum so I would be wearing cum filled panties all day and I loved it, the feeling of the silk and wetness on my cock was just so hot and I would spend a lot of the day hard with my cock straining against the tight panties. Once I left school I went straight into work and that took over a lot of my time but I still kept wearing my girly things even when at work and that is when I met my new friend. His name was Paul and his was in his late fifties and a little on the heavy side. We got talking one day while on our break and after a while the conversation went to sex and what we had done. He told me about some of his milf's he had fucked while working at their homes and some young girls he had got to know through work and when he asked me what experiences I had I did not know what to say and he saw that I was a bit nervous and he said that I did not have to tell him if I did'nt want but I smiled at his and told him that I was still a Virgin and had not even kissed a girl before or even come close. I thought he was going to laugh but he just looked at me and said that it was ok and that it was nothing
to be upset about which helped put me at ease. We finished our break and went back to work and I needed to go to the toilet so I went into the bath room and undid my jeans and let them drop a bit so I could get my cock out of my panties and I struggled to pee because my cock was so hard from all the stories Paul had told me so I thought if I played with myself a bit it would make it easier for me, so I started rubbing my cock and I must have lost track of the time because I had been in the loo for half and hour and Paul came looking for me and I did not hear him come in because I was just lost in the moment. Paul was shocked when he saw me wanking and was even more shocked when he saw that I was wearing girls underwear and just as I shot my cum into the toilet he cleared his throat making me jump and spin round trying to cover myself.
So this is where you have been all this time? I thought you had got stuck. I looked at him and begged him not to tell our boss about this and he just smiled and asked what I was willing to do for him to stop him from telling and I said I would do anything for him not really thinking much about it and he said ok then, let's get back to work and after work I shall take you up on that offer. He turned round and left the toilets and I quickly pulled up my jeans and followed him and got back to work and I kept asking him what he wanted me to do and he just told me to wait and see. It was on my mind all day and as soon as we finished work I headed home hoping he would not do anything and as I walked along down the foot path I heard a car slowly down and pulling up beside me and I looked to see the window winding down and in the car was Paul.

"I looked round for you and someone told me you had already left. Had you forgotten you owe me something for keeping quiet?"

"Oh yeah sorry I totally forgot"

"Well get in and I shall tell you what you can do to keep me quiet"

So I reluctantly got in to his car and we drove along the road for a few miles and he was quiet for quite a while before he pulled off the road and drove down a dirt track and into a small wood and then stopped the car. He turned to face me and looked me up and down before he spoke.

"Right David I have brought you here so we can be alone so we can talk about what happened earlier today. Now tell me why are you wearing girls panties? are you wearing anything else girly under them clothes?"

I was quiet for a few seconds before I began to tell him everything about what had happened with me over the past few years and I told him that I was also wearing a bra under my clothes.

"Show me" he said as he started to open his door and get out. I sat there for a few seconds before nervously getting out and walking round to the front of the car. It was still barely daylight and he had turned his headlights on to help him see me. I stood in front of him and slowly started to undress until I was only wearing the girly underwear and he moved closer to me and cupped his right hand over one of the bra cup and gently squeezed it just like I was a girl and he was squeezing my breast. At first I did not do anything but I decided I should stop him and I put my hand on his and pulled it away but he f***ed it back on to my chest and I saw an angry look in his eyes.

"I suggest you don't do that again unless you want me to tell our boss what you did and that you were wearing girly underwear at work"

I started to get a bit scared now as I new deep down I could do nothing unless I wanted to loose my job and have my parents find out about my secret side of life. So I let him continue playing with my bra and he soon started playing with my nipples making them hard and the more he played with me the harder my cock became and when Paul looked down at my bulging silk panties he smiled and he grabbed me and turned me round so I was facing the car and then he bent me over the bonnet and told me not to move. I did as I was told and stayed in position while he went to the back of the car and he came back with some rope in his hand and he grabbed my hands and f***ed them behind my back and tied them there and I then heard him unzip his jeans and I felt him rub his cock against my panties before letting it slip inside then and he slowly slid it up and down between my ass cheeks and now I was getting really scared now and I new deep down what was going to happen next but I just did not want to believe it but when I felt the head of his cock pressing against my tight virgin ass hole and before I could beg him to stop he f***ed it inside me making me scream out and he quickly started moving it back and forth inside me and I could hear him moaning louder and louder as he speeded up. After a few minutes of pounding me he rammed his cock all the way inside me and held it there for a couple of seconds before pulling it all the way out and then quickly ramming it all the way in and he started to fuck me harder and faster and then he started to
spank me as hard as he could and my ass was soon glowing red and was really stinging. As time went on I could not believe how long he was lasting for a guy of his age and how hard he could pound me and very soon I was starting to enjoy it even though I did not want to but I just could not help it and my cock was soon rock hard again and Paul noticed this and he move his hand under me and gripped my cock through my panties and he started to slowly masturbate my cock while he fucked me and I could not help but moan out loud with pleasure and he started wanking me and fucking me in sink and wow did it feel good. The longer it went on the more I got into it and I just went with it as I did not want it to end but I still could not believe how good it felt being treated like a girl and Paul big cock was just fantastic, I could not get enough of it and as I just started to cum inside my panties I felt him tense up and grunt out loud as she shot squirt after sqirt of cum deep inside my ass breeding me like a slut. He collapsed on top of me breather hard and fast and I could feel his hot, hairy, sweaty chest pressing again my back as he slowly moved his cock back and forth inside me until he pulled out and moved away. It took me a few seconds longer to catch my breath and then it seemed like the sky lit up as Paul started to take some photo's of me bent over his bonnet and he told me he was going to keep them to remember our night together and I could not believe what I was about to say and I looked round behind me as he started to untie me and I said it does not have to be our only time if you don't want it to?

"So you did enjoy being a girl then?"

"Yes, I loved it Paul and I want to do it again and I hope you will be up for it too?"

"Sure k**, as long as you continue to wear these sexy thing under you work stuff and I will fuck you daily and make you my little cum slut but you can only sl**p with me unless I let you have a girl on girl fun but mostly you will be my girl and you will have to move in with me where you will live in only girls clothes ok?"

"OK" I said as I stood upright.

"Right, tomorrow after work I shall take you home and collect some of your things and then take you in to town to buy you some new sexy clothes to wear and then take you home were you will get undressed and change into your new clothes and take your role as my girly slave."

I nodded and we both got dressed and he took me home and I told my parent that I was going to move out but did not tell them where I would be living and I went up to my room and stripped off down to my panties and just laid on my bed and went through the memories of what had happened before I dosed off.

To be continued
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1 month ago
great story, I 2 wear panties 24/7......soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo comfy
9 months ago
Quite the Turn-on; surprizing really... thanks for posting
11 months ago
love it
1 year ago
Phew...! Great story
1 year ago
part 2 soon please
1 year ago
Awesome, loved it...
1 year ago
the best stories u rite luv it
1 year ago
Very HOT story! The first time I got fucked was with a guy I met online through a rubber fetish site. We only lived about an hour drive from each other and were looking for someone to share our fetish for latex with. He was just divorced and, although he had always been turned on by latex, had never had the chance to wear anything but rubber gloves. I told him to come visit with me and he could put on one of my latex catsuits.

To make a long story short, we were both so turned on being together and wearing rubber catsuits that we started playing with each other. In no time, I was down on my knees sucking him. We ended up with his cock in my butt and filling me with a nice big load! We still get together to wear latex and have sex.
1 year ago
great story
1 year ago
ready for part 2 please
1 year ago
great story
1 year ago
Fantastic, hot stuff!
1 year ago
love the sissy storie right more plizzzz
1 year ago
fuck yeah
1 year ago
Great stoy but never give up! A good person is out there!
1 year ago
I agree I would like to read more of this got me started
1 year ago
that was great luv to read more when ur ready very good