stay over takes a strange turn

sl**p over takes a bad turn for b*****r

It was a Friday afternoon and David had just finished school and was walking home when he remembered that his younger s****r Sally was having a sl**p over with her girl friends and he always hated it when they came over as they were always trying to do things with him. He took his time to get home and when he walked through the front door he could he the girls shouting and playing in the front room and he sneaked past and went upstairs to his room and dropped his bag by the door as he closed it behind him and he went and laid on the his bed. He wasn't there for long when his door opened and in walked his s****r just wearing a thin low cut red top and red silk panties and she came in and jumped on the bed and asked why he had sneaked in without saying hi. David tried not to look at her as he new it was wrong even though he had looked at her many times before but that was different because she had not seen him. He just looked into her eyes and told her that he did not want to disturb her and her friends as they seemed to be having a good time so he came up to his room, she smiled at him and said that she wanted him to come down as they all wanted to play a game with him. David did not like the idea but could not resist his s****r and just nodded at her and followed her down stairs. When they went in to the front room David did not know where to look as ten of Sally's friends were playing around with a few of them just in their underwear.
Only when his s****r called out to the girls did he snap out of his daze and as the girls the girls came running over to him he just could not seem to move his body and suddenly it went dark as Sally put a blindfold on him and he felt his body being pulled forwards as if he was being lead somewhere so he walked forwards until he could feel an arm chair in front of him and then he was spun round and pushed down on to the chair and when he tried to remove the blindfold he felt his arms being pulled above his head and then being tied together, he tried getting his s****r to stop what they were doing but she did not answer him. He then felt his trainers being pulled off followed by his socks and again he called out to his s****r begging her to stop but they still continue undressing him and when he tried kicking free but they tied his feet together and it was hopeless he could do nothing to stop them. Within a couple of minutes they had all his clothes off so there he was all tied up and completely naked in front of all these girl's including his s****r. He tried to beg them to stop once more when he felt something being f***ed into his mouth, it tasted funny and then he heard a voice whisper into his ear.

"How does your s****r's panties taste? I bet you love them don't you, she told us all how you kept looking at her when you thought she was not looking and she told us that her panties would go missing for a couple of day and then turn up in the was. So how does her freshly warn, wet panties taste?"

He tried to spit them out but the girl put some tape over his mouth to keep them in. He then heard the girls leave the room and head upstairs for a few minutes before coming back down and into the room and he could hear them talking to each other saying how fun it was going to be to play with him and he started to get worried about what they were going to do to him. He was not embarrassed about being naked in front of them because he always looked after his body and always went to the gym and he had a good sized cock but the thought of being naked in front of so many girls and being tied up and not know what they had planned for him was just too much and then he felt something wet round his cock and he thought someone was starting to suck his cock or something like that but then he heard the girl whisper in his ear again.

"Right David for our fun to begin we need your body nice and smooth which means we are going to shave your body so we can make you nice and feminine for our games"

David felt the girls shaving every inch of his body getting rid of every bit of hair only leaving the hair on his head and only now did he start to feel so exposed and even a bit humiliated. He then felt the girls starting to dress him and they started with the underwear and they felt so soft against his skin and when he felt something sliding up his arms and then being rapped round behind his back and then being fastened in place he new they were dressing him in girls clothes and that is what the girl meant when she said she wanted to make him more feminine. Now he was really getting worried and a little scared, what would dad think and say if he saw him like this? it was just too much to think about and he just tried to think of other things but it was not easy. He felt the girls putting on some fish net stocking next and then a couple of girls started putting make on to his face while the other's continued to dress him. It took nearly an hour for them to get him ready and then the games began as the laid him flat on the floor and Sally lifted the skirt he was wearing and she started to tease his cock through his panties while one of the other girls sat down on David's hand's above his head and started using them to masturbate her pussy with and another girl came over and sat on his face and started grinding her pussy against him and he found himself starting to lick her and soon he could hear her moans of pleasure followed by the girl he was now starting to finger and soon he was moaning as he felt his s****r easing his cock into her tight young pussy and she started to ride him taking his full length deep in to her pussy and she fucked him as fast as she could and within a few minutes he was cumming inside her but she did not stop riding him as she wanted to cum on her b*****r's cock. The girl riding his face was soon starting to cum and she squirted into his mouth and he nearly choked as he struggled to swallow it all. The girl he was fingering was next to cum and she was closely followed by David's s****r who came hard on his cock and she had to lift herself off so she could squirt her cum over his cock and panties before falling back on to the ground between his legs shaking as the orgasm continued to sweep through her body. Once all the girls had taken it in turns to ride his face and fingers they took him upstairs and put on Sally's bed and left him there while they went out to the shops to get some drinks and snacks.
While they were gone their Dad (John) came home from the pub and was surprised to find the house empty and quiet so he headed up stairs and looked into David's room to find no sign of him so he knocked on Sally's door and he heard a noise inside so he opened the door and was shocked to see his Son dressed up in girls clothes, blindfolded and tied up and he just did not know what to say or do but weather it was the drink or something else but he found himself getting turned on by seeing his Son in his Daughters clothes and he started thinking what he could do and his son would never know it was him, but then he thought it would be wrong but the more he looked the more he got turned on so he just went for it. He walked over to the bed and grabbed his Son pulling him to the side of the bed so his head was hanging over the side and he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his thick eight inch cock and slowly started to wank himself till he was hard. David thought it was his s****r playing games with him again so he went along with it to start off with just to see what she would do next. John was soon hard and put his hand on his son's chin and lifted it up making David open his mouth and John f***ed his cock deep into his Son's mouth making David choke and gag on it and John continued to fuck his son making him take all eight inches deep down his throat and as John looked down at his Son swallowing his cock and decided he wanted more so he stripped the rest of his clothes off and pulled his cock out of David's mouth and he climbed on to the bed and rolled David over so he was face down and John eased David's panties to one side and he started rubbing his cock against David's tight Virgin hole and now David decided it was going too far and he started begging his s****r to stop and untie him but there was no answer and John Sat there for a few seconds wandering why he was calling out to Sally to stop and he wandered what she had done to him but then just continued on with what he was doing and he spat on to his cock making it nice and wet and he started to f***e his cock into David's Virgin hole making him cry out begging for it to stop but John was not listening, he wanted David's Virginity, he wanted to fuck his Son the way he had always wanted to fuck his sexy young Daughter so he f***ed his cock deep into David's hole and John fucked him hard and fast slapping his hand on to David's ass until there was a dark red hand print showing on his ass cheek. David was nearly in tears as he felt this big cock stretching his hole and taking his virginity but this was not the worst thing going through his mind, the worst thing was he was actually starting to enjoy it and he was finding it hard not to beg his s****r to fuck him hard but then he heard something strange, the he had made himself when he masturbated and then he felt it, he felt a real cock unloading it's seed deep inside him, breeding him like some cheap whore and he felt the hairy body lay on top of him breathing heavily and he felt the guys warm breath on his neck and he could smell the alcohol in the guys breath and David now started crying as he new he had just been used like a girl by a real guy and now his ass was full on cum. John laid there for a couple of minutes before getting up and grabbing his clothes and leaving his used Son on his daughter's bed and left the house before Sally and her friend's got back.

To be continued
82% (48/10)
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on to part 2. hurry!!
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this is one hot story. fuck i'm stroking now ..
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hot fucking story
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