Used at School 3

Claire walked past David and Olivia and headed over to the bed before turning round to face them both but all the time not taking her eyes off of Olivia.
David noticed this and it put a big smile on his face as thought's of what he could get Claire to do to Olivia and of what he could do to her popped onto his mind.

"So what do you think"?

Claire snapped out of staring at Olivia and looked at David slightly confused.

"What do you mean"? she asked

"What do you think about seeing Olivia all tied up in front of you"?

What thoughts are going through your mind right now"?

"I don't know.. I guess I like seeing her like this but I am not sure"

"Would you like to be tied up like her and see how it feels to be helpless and made to cum again and again? or would you like to help me Dominate Olivia"?

"I.. I am not sure. A big part of me loved making her Cum earlier today but an even bigger part of me want's to be in her place and be made to cum"

"So do you want to become my Slave and be made to cum until you can't cum anymore"?

"I think I do Master"

"Good. Before we start with your training I want you to go over to that cabinet and open the bottom draw and pull out the blue folder and then bring it
over to me like a good Slave"

Claire thought about what she was letting herself in for, for a few seconds before replying

"Yes Master" and she walked over to the cabinet and opened the bottom draw and found the blue folder and she picked it up and closed the draw before turning round
and walking over to David and she handed it to him and then dropped to her knees.

"Good Girl" he said as he opened the folder and pulled out a sheet of paper

"Right Slave I want you to read through everything on this sheet and if you agree to everything on there I want you to sign it and then hand it back to me. But if you
are unsure or don't agree then I will understand and you can leave and nothing will be said."

Claire to the sheet from his hand and started reading it.

I Claire Cooper hereby agree to be the sex slave of David, My Master, until such time as he shall tire of me. As his sex slave i will live by the following creed and

1. I am a sex slave and nothing more.
2. I will not speak without my master’s permission.
3. My only desire is to serve, obey and please my Master.
4. I will worship my Master's body all the time.
5. I acknowledge that I am nothing more than an object - an instrument to be used by my Master for his pleasures.
6. I acknowledge that my body and mind is the property of my Master and always will be until he decides otherwise.
7. I will never again masturbate without my Master’s permission.
8. I will always thank my Master for all that he gives me.
9. I will never hesitate when responding to my Master.
10.I will maintain my punishment book which will list all the times I upset my Master with my disobedience and thoughtlessness.
11.I will thank my Master for the discipline and punishments I receive from him and if I don't I will happily receive all the punishment twice more.
12.I will always submit to my Master without hesitation.
13.I shall wear the collar my Master gives me with pride for it signifies his ownership of me and my devotion to him.
14.I will never look into the eyes of my Master without his permission.
15. My head will remain bowed and my eyes will be cast down in the presence of my Master.
16. My rightful "place" is on my knees before my Master.
17.I will always be ready to please my Master.
18. The opportunity to please my Master is very important to me and I will take every chance to do so.
19. I will never reach orgasm without my Master’s permission.
20. I will tell my Master when I need to be punished and why.
21. I will tell my Master when I have been bad.
22. I must never show disrespect for my Master in any way - no matter where I am - in his presence or not.
23. The needs of my Master are more important than my own.
24. I am allowed to suggest ways to further my training or use of me as long as I address my Master properly first.
25. I will always respond fully both physically and verbally to whatever my Master does with me.
26. I must always feel and act sexual - I am a sexual being, a Slave and a Slut.
27. If my Master uses me to make love with - i will Happily respond.
28. I will not date others or form a relationship with others without begging my Master for permission and approval. If I should have sex with others I will have it safely and will always tell my Master in detail about the sex I have had before taking my Punishment

Please sign here: Claire Cooper

She handed the sheet back to her Master and she made sure she looked at the ground.

"I am happy with everything on this contract Master, I am ready to learn. But I only have one thing I must say and that is I am still a Virgin"

"Good, Ok slave maybe I should add another Number to this contract."

He grabbed a pen and started writing.

29. I will let my Master take all my Virginities and show my love for him at all times.

"now for your first order. I want you to crawl on your hand and knees over to that cabinet and open the top drawer and choose one of the collars that are in there
and then crawl back to me and hand it to me like a good little Slave"

"YES MASTER" she replied before quickly turning round and crawling over to the cabinet. When she got to it she opened the top drawer like he said and she looked inside
to find Ten different coloured collar's and she looked at each one and ended up choosing a pick 1 inch wide leather collar and she then closed the drawer and crawled back
to her Master. She was on her knees with her lower legs tight together behind her and she lowered herself down so she was sitting on her legs still keeping upright before
handing him the collar then she dropped her head forward flicking her hair over the top of her so it was dangling in front of her making it nice and easy for David to put
the collar on her.

"Good Slave" he said as he started to fasten the collar round the back of her neck.

"Now I want you to crawl over to Olivia and get in between her legs and start licking her pussy"

"Yes Master" she replied before crawling over to Olivia.

She got in between Olivia's legs and rested them on her shoulders so Olivia was sitting down and she started licking her pussy nice and slow remembering how fun it was
earlier playing with it in school. While she did this David had picked up a short chain and came walking over to his two slave and he hooked one end on to Olivia's nipple
clamps and the other end he hooked on to Claire's collar making sure that every time Olivia moved as she was getting pleasured from Claire that it pulled down on her Clamps.
Olivia was soon starting to moan out loud as she came closer to cumming and within a few seconds she was squirting into Claire's mouth.
Claire tried to swallow as much as she could and she did a great job with only a small amount squirting over her white school shirt. David looked at her and smiled before
un hooking the chain.

"Right Slave, I want you to undress for me"

"Yes Master" she replied as she slowly undid the buttons on her shirt and quickly removed it followed by her bra and then her short skirt.

"You can keep you panties on for now slave"

"Thank you Master" she replied.

"Now I want you to continue licking Olivia's pussy and I don't want you to stop until I tell you to. ok Slave?"

"Yes Master" She replied before starting to lick Olivia's pussy again.

Olivia could not be leave what was happening to her, a big part of her wanted it not too be happening as Claire was her best friend and it did not seem right to have her
buried between her legs licking her pussy and making her cum. Also she wanted David to herself as that is how it had been ever since she met him and now he had someone
else to play with and maybe she thought that he was getting bored of her but then she thought to herself that maybe it might make things better. The thought of having
Claire to play with every day started to turn her on even more.

David had moved behind Olivia by now and was started to squease and spank her ass cheeks before starting to rub the head of his cock against her tight already well used hole
and without warning he worked it inside her hard and fast and he started to fuck her deep making her scream out loud as an orgasm shot through her body and once more she
squirted all over Claire's face who was not ready for it so she got a good soaking. David continued to fuck Olivia's ass while Claire licked her pussy and Olivia had countless
orgasm's during this time and she was getting tired. She could feel her Master's pace starting to build and she new he was getting close to cumming and so was she.
She started begging him to fuck her harder as she was starting to cum.
David started fucking her as hard as he could and was soon filling her ass with cum and he watched as her body shaked and jerked as she started to cum in his cock and Claire's
face and then it was over, she could not take anymore. David pulled his cock out of her ass and told Claire to stand up and help him get Olivia down. She did as he ordered and
they both got Olivia down and untied her before David took her into a spare bedroom and laid her on the bed and left her there to rest.

He walked back into his room to find Claire down on her knees waiting for him.

"You did a great job in licking Olivia's pussy Slave and now it is time for your training to properly begin."

"Thank you Master" she replied.

"right slave I want you to remove your panties and climb on to the bed and lay down"

"Yes Master" she replied before doing what he ordered.

As she laid on the bed looking at her Master she was not sure what he was going to do but when she saw him picking up so rope she started to get an idea. David walked over to
the bed and up near to the pillow and he told Claire to place her hands above her head, which she did and he tied them together and then tied them to the head board of the bed.
He then climbed on to the bed and told her to spread her legs which again she did without hesitating.
"good Slave" he said before lowering himself between her legs.
David had no idea what Claire was thinking and didn't really care at the moment.All he knew was that the sight of her soft pink cunt was almost too much for him and he so
wanted to just stand up and fuck his hard cock into her, filling her Virgin cunt. But he resisted as he wanted her first time to be special.
Claire wasn't sure what was happening but it didn't feel like his fingers teasing her pussy. Whatever he was using to touch her pussy was softer and wet. His tongue! He was
licking her! A cold shiver ran through her body and then his tongue pushed into her and she couldn't stop her moan.
As David pushed the tip of his tongue into her pussy until his lips were pressed against her cunt lips he half heard her moan and assumed that it was because she liked
it.Not that he'd have stopped if she didn't like it because he loved it. After less than a minute he was addicted. He loved the taste of her pussy and the feel of it on his
tongue and against his lips. He started slowly lapping at her, licking up as much of her pussy juice as he could. Claire found herself slipping into an erotic haze as he kept
licking her. For a while she tried to resist these feelings as she did not want to cum too fast.
Her hips jerked up as though she'd been hit with an electric shock as his tongue reached to the top of her pussy and flicked across her clit. After all the masturbating she'd
done, all the times she'd played with her clitoris, she thought she knew everything about the pleasure she could get from down there. But nothing had prepared her for the
feel of his tongue on her. It was magic and she tried to push herself forward blindly searching for more of this new sensation.
Concentrating his attention on her clit, David now had no doubt that she liked what he was doing. With his tongue he pushed back the hood covering her clit so he could lick
the smooth head. She immediately started bucking her hips and he had to grip her thighs to try to hold her steady. This was so hot he thought as he started experimenting with
how he licked her clit moving his tongue in different patterns, different pressures and speeds across the swollen nub. It didn't matter how he did it though, her moans and
twitching seemed to be fairly constant. Actually that wasn't true. Her moaning was getting steadily louder and the twitching was also getting more extreme and he was having to
hold onto her thighs to keep her steady so he could keep his tongue on her clit.
It was hard for Claire to imagine something feeling better than this. Then he sucked her clit into his mouth as his tongue kept teasing it and she discovered there was
something even better. As he sucked so hard she thought he was going to suck her clitoris off, she exploded in a kaleidoscope of the most intense pleasure she'd ever

“Ahhhh. Oh god. Ohh yes, yes. Oh shit. I'm Coming, oh god yes!” is all she could say.

The waves kept washing through her until she thought she'd die from the pleasure and still he kept sucking on her, his mouth clinging to her clitoris as she madly twitched and
jerked. She literally saw stars and thought she was going to pass out the feelings were so intense. Finally with one last spasm it was over and she collapsed, gulping in air. So wonderful, so

To be continued

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hot story. love it!
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damn great need to read more
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Mmmmmmmmmm x
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Some of those innocent, gullible young ladies are so vulnerable and believe so easily. Being a male, I wish it wasn't true; however it's probably the "female spirit", or DNA, to want to, to aim to, please.
2 years ago
Lovely story...more please!