Used at School

Olivia was a young teen girl who had recently become a slave for a much older Master and he had opened her eyes to new sexual pleasure and she could not get enough. She loved being tied up and f***ed to cum until she could not take it anymore and she loved taking his huge 9 inch cock deep inside all her holes and she loved it when he cum's inside her.
Most of their meet were always at his place or some times outside but this was all about to change. One morning when she woke up she found her Master sitting beside her with a remote control in his hand and she looked down at her breast and saw these two patches on them and all of a sudden she felt these little electric shock on her nipples which immediately went hard and she looked up at her Master and he told her that she will keep them on all day so her nipples will remain hard and that she will not be wearing a bra under her school shirt today. She had no choice but to agree to what her Master ordered and her then handed her two egg shaped objects that were joined together by a wire and another remote control and he ordered her to place on in her pussy and one in her ass and then to put her white silk panties on witch he had laid out for her, so she did as he ordered and placed one into each of her holes and put the white silk panties on and she then put on her stockings and short skirt and then her shirt and blazer and she was ready for school. Her master turned the controller of the egg shaped vibrators on and set them on to the middle setting and Olivia loved how they felt vibrating deep inside her but she did not know how she would be able to put up with them all day without anyone knowing but she kissed her Master and then left for school. She soon found that the more she walked the more intense the vibrations felt inside and she was soon having her first orgasm and she was not at the bus stop yet.
She finally managed to make it to the bus stop but she had to sit down fast as she could barely walk and her panties were soaked and she was relieved when she saw the bus coming as she new she had an hour before she got to school. As she got on to the bus she saw her friend sitting down waiting for her so she walked over and sat down beside her and her friend could tell that something was up with her and asked what was wrong and Olivia always told her friend everything and this was no different and as she told her friend what she had just gone through she found herself starting to cum again and she struggled not to make a noise. As her orgasm subsided she felt the vibrators slowing down and she thought something might be wrong but the then got a text on her phone from her Master asking how she liked the feeling of being so helpless and not being in control of the intensity of the vibrations?
She replied that she loved it and she told him how much she had cum and how wet she was.
This pleased her Master and she soon felt the intensity of the vibrations building inside her as he set them to maximum and she came hard and fast squirting cum through her panties and her started shaking uncontrollably and she was amazed that know one had seen her. Her friend tried to help keep her steady and as the vibrations inside her slowed again she was soon able to gain control of herself and then it was time to get off the bus and they both headed for the toilets so Olivia could try to dry her panties abit and tidy herself up before they headed for their first class. throughout the class she had a couple of orgasm's but they were not as intense as previous ones which she was slightly glad off as she would not know what to do if she had another orgasm like she had on the bus. The first class was soon over and she had not been in the second class that long when she got a text message telling her to go to the boys toilets and go in to the end cubicle.
She did not recognise the number but she thought she had better go just to see who it was so she put her hand up and asked if she could go to the toilet and the teacher let her go so Olivia headed to the boys toilet and looked in to make sure know one was there and she sneaked inside and headed for the end cubicle and as she turned to go inside she found her Master standing in front of her totally naked waiting for her. Right slave remove all your clothes now and get on your knees so she quickly did as she was told and stripped off and dropped to her knees. He then grabbed her clothes and and placed them into a bag and her ordered her to start sucking his cock so she did and she was soon deep throating his cock just how he liked it and as she did this her Master set the vibrators to full again and he watched her body as her muscles kept tensing up as she came closer to another big orgasm. He then grabbed her hair and used it to f***ed his cock all the way down her throat so he could also hold it in there before releasing her to catch her breath before forcing it all the way in again. He did this for a few minutes before pulling out of her and squirting his cum over her breast and he ordered her to lick and suck the last few drops from his cock and as she did this her orgasm took over her and she started to squirt cum over the floor and she had to brace herself with her hand on either wall to stop herself from falling over.
He then order her to stand up and bend over in front of him which she struggled to do but did as she was told and got into position. He moved in close behind her and pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and replaced it with his cock and he put his hands on her shoulders and started to fuck her hard and fast and she struggled to keep quite only letting out the odd loud moan of pleasure and as he started to fill her pussy with his cum she looked over to the door way leading into the toilets and saw this boy standing there watching her. She then herd her Master tell him to come over and get his cock out and she looked back at her Master who gave her a hard slap on her ass and told her again to ask him over so she called out to the boy and he came over and she begged him to let her suck his cock which the boy was more than happy to do and he got his cock out and she started to suck it. while she did this her Master placed the vibrator back into her pussy which helped keep his cum inside her and he then pulled out the vibrator that was in her ass and he f***ed his cock inside her and started to again fuck her hard and fast and he told the boy to make her take his full length which was about 7 inches and she easily took it all the way and very soon he was cumming in her mouth and she swallowed every drop of his cum. Her Master then told the boy to go to her class and grab her things and tell the teacher that Olivia had been called to the Head Master's office so the boy did as he was told and headed off to Olivia's class.
He grabbed her things and rushed back to find Olivia on her knees bent over and sucking her Master's cock who was sitting on the toilet. He then noticed that Olivia's hands were tied behind her back and he found himself starting to get hard again and he passed Olivia's bag to her Master and continued to watch Olivia and that is when the Master asked if the boy wanted to fuck her ass and the boy said that he would and he quickly got his cock out again and dropped to his knees behind Olivia and he started to work his cock inside her cum filled ass and he slid in with ease and he started to fuck her but did not last long and was soon cumming again and he pulled out of her and then quickly headed back to his class. Olivia sucked her Master for a few more minutes before he grabbed her head and pulled her off his cock and he squirted another load of cum over her breast and he then untied her and ordered her to get dressed and not to wipe any of his cum off her body as he wanted it to show through her shirt so she did as she was told and he ordered her to wait until he had gone and then head to her next class and he would make sure she came a few more times before the end of the day with he vibrators.

To be continued
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4 months ago
Lucky slut!
5 months ago
very good
10 months ago
got me cumming
11 months ago
1 year ago
I wonder if that works for transexuals
1 year ago
1 year ago
hmmm very good story! I love it! Really need to buy me some of those eggs!
2 years ago
this story made me sooo wet ;]
2 years ago
damn hot
2 years ago
You really know how to make a girl wet ;)
2 years ago
How many ways can a young lady be used, and the protaganist not end up on "the funny farm" or in jail??

Vibrators are kind of kinky (as most females can attest to their useage and effects); so is a dick in her pussy and maybe even her ass. However, the interruption of a child's education I would say is over the limits!
2 years ago
Wow, that sure is a lot of orgasms for one morning! Now, on to part 2.
2 years ago
I liked this a lot.
2 years ago
Great stuff please continue