Olivia's new Master part 7

After a short while Olivia found she was pregnant so one morning while they were all having breakfast together she told her Master that she was having his baby and she asked what was going to happen while she was pregnant ?
He smiled at her and he told her that while she was pregnant in the later stages she would not take his or anyone else's cock's in her pussy, so she would be taking anal all the time but she would still have the Vibrators used on her daily.
Olivia was happy with this as she did not want the fun to end. Each day continued the same as the others with her pleasing her Master and Mistress in every way she could and as her baby bump got bigger her Master stopped fucking her pussy and just abused her ass daily as did her Mistress. She also had to please other guest for her Master and many times she had to take double anal while sucking on countless amounts of cocks. She was loving her life and could not get enough but as she got into the later stages of her pregnancy she found that her Master and Mistress were slowing down with her and she was not getting the hard sex that she wanted and when she asked why they both told her that they were doing it for the baby especially when they found out she was carrying twins and that once she had the baby they would both start fucking her hard again and that she would have to make up for lost time.
The day came for the birth of her two babies, one beautiful baby girl and a baby boy. As soon as she was able to go home with them her Master came and picked them up and took them home and when they got there he told her he had a surprise for her. when she got out of the car her put a blindfold on her and led her inside while her Mistress brought the babies in, she was led upstairs and into one of the rooms. Once inside her Master removed the blindfold and she was shocked to see that while she had been in the hospital her Master and Mistress and cleared out one of the rooms and done it up for the babies and she loved it. He then told her that he had another surprise for her and again placed the blindfold on her and led her down to the sex rooms and got her to bend over the padded table and then her grabbed her arms and bent them behind her back and tied them in place and he then f***ed his cock into her pussy and he started to fuck her hard and fast pulling his cock all the way out and ramming it all the way in and she was loving it and then she felt another cock started to rub against her lips and then another so she opened her mouth and started to suck on the two cocks and soon she could feel her Master cumming inside her for the first time in ages and she had forgotten how good it felt. He pulled his cock out of her pussy and one of the guys she was sucking moved round behind her and he started to fuck her pussy and as she continued to suck on the other guys cock she felt another start to press against her mouth and she started to wonder how many men were there with her, watching her getting fucked. Each of the men took it in turns getting sucked before fucking her pussy and after many orgasm's and many loads of cum the last guy unloaded inside her and she had gone through 18 guys but a couple had fucked her twice. She loved her surprise and looked forward to the next meets. Her Master untied her and took her upstairs so she could get cleaned up before dinner.
After they had eaten, her Mistress took her back upstairs and got an outfit out for her to wear, it was a tight blue short dress with high heeled shoes. She told Olivia to remove her underwear and to put the dress on so Olivia did as she was told and put the dress and shoes on. Then her Mistress told her that the two of them were going out to a night club and were going to have some fun while her Master stayed home to look after the babies.
It was 8pm when they left for the night club and when they got there it was well packed with hot guys and hot woman all dancing and drinking. They walked over to the bar and ordered some drinks and that is when her Mistress told her what was going to happen.
Right Olivia tonight you are going to see how many guys you can get to fuck you on the dance floor and in the toilets and even one or two woman might be up for it too so get out there and start.
So Olivia finished her drink and got up and walked out on to the dance floor and started to dance and her Mistress watched as she moved her body to the music and she looked so sexy out there. It did not take long before she started to draw attention to herself and this tall guy came up to her and started to dance with her so Olivia started to get up close to him, rubbing her body against his and she let his hands explore her curves and very soon he found she was wearing no underwear. Olivia turned and faced him and she started to kiss him and she whispered into his ear that she wanted him right here right now and she rubbed her hand over the crotch of his jeans before unzipping them. She eased her hand inside and started to play with his cock while still continuing to dance, he was trying to as well but it was not easy. Olivia then got his cock out and the turned round and she started to rub her ass against it before letting him ease inside her and she fucked him quite hard until he cum inside her and she left him and moved on to the next guy but he wanted her in the toilet so she followed him in and she started to suck his cock taking his full length inside her mouth. They both then stood up and he quickly f***ed her against the cubicle wall and he started poking his cock against her pussy but that was not the hole he wanted so he moved back slightly until he found her ass hole and he quickly f***ed his cock deep inside her and he fucked her as hard as he could brinning her to her first orgasm of the night. Once he cum inside her he opened the door and left and just as she tidied herself up and started to leave another guy came in and saw her there she she went back into the cubicle with him and again started to suck his cock before getting fucked and this is how the night continued and just before the end of the night she was joined on the dance floor by her Mistress and they both started dancing together very sexually, they were rubbing their hands over each others bodies and they were kissing, much to the enjoyment of many men and woman who were watching them. The time came to leave so they went out to their taxi and headed home, as they were on their way Olivia's Mistress told her to lay back on the seat so she could lick her pussy, Olivia was a bit stunned but did it anyway and once she was laying down her Mistress lifted Olivia's dress and she moved down and started to lick and suck on her pussy, licking up all the cum that was dripping out of her pussy. Soon Olivia started to moan which caught the attention of the driver who soon realised what was going on behind him and he adjusted his mirror so he could watch and he soon had his cock out and was starting to wank as he watched these two beautiful woman having sex in the back of his taxi. As Olivia started to cum she looked over to see the driver was watching them and she smiled and hinted for him to come and join them so he quickly pulled off the road and parked up and got out and opened the door. Her Mistress got out and told him do do what ever he wanted with Olivia so he climbed inside and got on top of her and immediately f***ed his cock into her pussy and her started to fuck her and kiss her. His breath smelt like smoke and he was a bit of an ugly fucker but her did have quite a big cock so Olivia just went with it and let him do what he wanted and she ended up with all three of her holes filled with cum before being dropped off at home. They both walked inside and were greeted by their Master but they were both so tired that they ended up going straight to bed.
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4 months ago
great series
5 months ago
what a slave/slut...love it
2 years ago
love these stories more more what's next for Olivia and her mistress and master
2 years ago
These stories r so horny, need more
2 years ago
Loving these stories!! x