Olivia's new Master part 6

The Next morning when Olivia woke up she could not see anything, all she could see was darkness and when she went to move her hands she found that they were tied down and it was the same with her legs so she called out to her Mistress and then she herd a soft gentle voice in her left ear telling her to relax.
So Olivia relaxed and laid there waiting to find out what was going to happen next but she did not have to wait long as she felt something penetrating her pussy and once inside she felt it starting to move back and forth and then she new that it was the machine that she had used on herself when her Master was away. Her Mistress slowly eased up the speed bit by bit until it was on full power and then she added the Vibrator to the fun and she places it against Olivia's pussy and straight away Olivia started screaming out loud with pleasure as she had all these sensations shooting through her pussy, she got so loud that her Mistress decided to put the ball gag into her mouth to quiet her down.
Soon Olivia had her first orgasm of the day and soon there was a nice puddle building up under the table she was tied too but to her Mistress that was not enough so she grabbed a Vibrating butt plug from the wall and eased it into Olivia's ass and switched it straight on to full power and this made Olivia go crazy. She was lifting her hips up off the table and dropping back down again and her whole body was shaking and jerking and then stiffening up as more and more orgasm's shot through her body. She was begging her Mistress to stop but with the ball gag in her mouth it was a major job to speak properly and with the machines going at full power she just could not say a full sentence.
After a couple more orgasm's her Mistress decided she had, had enough and slowly lowered the power of the machines until the were all switched off and one by one she removed them and even then Olivia's body was still shaking.
Once the machines had been put away her Mistress came over to the tale and removed the ball gag and then she climbed up on to the table and sat on Olivia's face and she started rubbing her pussy over Olivia's mouth so Olivia started to lick and suck on her Mistress's pussy and as she up her speed her Mistress told her to slow down as she wanted to last as long as possible so Olivia did as she was told and slowed down taking the time to explore her Mistress's pussy and letting her tongue slide deep inside it and this made her Mistress moan with pleasure.
Her Mistress lent back slightly and put her hands behind her back and placed them on to Olivia's breasts and then gently started to squeeze and tease them as she continued to grind her pussy on Olivia's face. Soon it was getting too much for her so she told Olivia to speed up as she wanted to cum, so Olivia did as she was told and speeded up and within seconds her Mistress was cumming into Olivia's mouth and once again Olivia swallowed as much of her Mistress's cum as she could. Once Her Mistress had settled down she got up and climbed down off the table and walked over to the wall and grabbed the Vibrator again and placed it against Olivia's pussy and turned it on to full power and it only took seconds for Olivia to start squirting out more cum so she switched off the vibrator and then removed Olivia's blindfold and she lent in close and kissed Olivia on the lips and she told her that her Master would be back any minute now and then the real fun would start.
She then started to untie Olivia's hands and legs so that she could take her upstairs and get her ready to please her Master. Once upstairs she took Olivia into the living room and told her to get down on her hands and knees, so Olivia did and she was told and got into position. Then her Mistress slid a few pillows under Olivia's stomach for her to rest on and then they both heard the front door opening so she went to welcome him home and she led him into the living room where Olivia was waiting.
He looked at her and smiled and asked if she had been a good girl and her Mistress told him that she had been a great little slut and had pleased her well.
Good he replied, I have been looking forward to fucking your pussy all day my little slut.

I have also been looking forward to you fucking my pussy too Master Olivia replied.

He smiled as he started to get undressed and he moved in behind her and he dropped to his knees and he drove his cock all the way into her pussy and he started to fuck her hard and fast making Olivia moan out loud with pleasure. While they were fucking, Olivia's Mistress went back downstairs and grabbed a strap-on off the wall and went back up to join them.
She got down on to her knees in front of Olivia and she told her to open her mouth which Olivia did so she started to slide her cock into Olivia's mouth and she started to face fuck her. Olivia sucked on her Mistress's cock as well as she could and after a couple of minutes of being spit roasted they both pulled out of Olivia and her Master laid on the floor beside her and he told her to take his cock into her pussy and then to lay down on him, so Olivia did as she was told and got into position and then her Mistress got down between their legs and slowly eased her cock into Olivia's ass and they both started to fuck Olivia as hard as the could and it did not take long before Olivia was cumming and she started to squirt cum all over the floor but they did not stop fucking her until Her Master pumped her pussy full with his cum.
They laid on the floor for a while before they managed to get up and head up to the bed room. Olivia and her mistress had a quick shower and while in there Olivia looked a bit worried and her Mistress asked what was up and she told her that since before she came to see her Master she had been on the pill so that she did not get pregnant while having sex with all the other men and that when he left she stopped taking them while the two of them were together and she had forgot to take one in the morning and now she was worried that she would be pregnant.
Her Mistress smiled at her and told her that everything would be ok and that it was planned that she was going to have her Master's babies at some time anyway so there is nothing to worry about and she told her to relax and not to tell him until she new she was pregnant and not to take any pills for now on.
They both go out of the shower and dried each other off before going back into the bed room to join Olivia's Master who was already in bed. They cuddled up to each other and fell asl**p.

To be continued
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