Olivia's new Master part 4

When Olivia woke in the morning the house was quiet so she got up and walked round the house trying to find her Master or anyone but the place was empty. She went down into the kitchen and found a note on the table with her orders for the day.

Olivia here are your orders for today I shall not be back till tomorrow.

1. Do your chores
2. Go down stairs and use the Vibrator till you orgasm
3. there is a new machine for you to use aswell so try it out.
4. Go down to the local night club and stay in the boys toilets and pleasure anyone who comes in. They all know you will be in there so dont disappoint them.

See you tomorrow slut


Olivia was a bit disappointed that her Master was not here with her but she had her orders so she set about doing her chores which did not take her long and then she headed downstairs and grabbed the Vibrator and she laid herself down on the padded table and tied her legs to either corner and then wdged the Vibrator against her pussy and turned it on, she then tied one of her hands above her and she just laid there letting the Vibrator do it's work and as her body started to lose control as orgasm after orgasm shot through her body she could not help but think about what had happened yesterday and how much she wanted to do it again. As her sixth orgasm shot through her she untied her hand and then slowly removed the Vibrator and once her body had stopped shaking she untied her legs and got up and put the Vibrator back were she got it from to make sure the place stayed tidy for her Master. She then went into one of the other rooms where she saw this padded block in the middle of the room with a machine bhind it and as she walked over to it she got excited as she saw what it was.
There were two long poles with dildos attached to one end and the other end was attached to the machine and when she turned it on the two poles started moving back and forth and there wwere some wires coming from the machine that headed to the front of the black and they were attched to a speed controller and she tried out the different sppeds and was amazed at how fast the top speed was and did not she she would be able to take it. She applied some lube to the dildos and she knelt down behind the black and tied her legs to the back of the block and then she slowly eased the dildos into her holes before she bent over the block and she placed a ball gag into her mouth and st****d it in place. She then places her hands into some restraints at the front of the black and she turned the machine on and as the dildos started to move back and forth inside her two holes she remembered how she took all the men the night before taking two at a time and she loved it and she eased up the speed bit by bit and the speed got too much for her to take and her hole body started to shake uncontrollerbly as the biggest orgasm she had ever felt shot through her body making her drop the control box so she could not turn the machine off until she finally managed to free her hands and quickly turn it off and she just laid there shaking and jurking with the two dildos inserted fully into her two well used holes. It took quite a while for her body to settle down and she felt drained but she new she had things to do so she eased the dildos out of her pussy and ass and the untied her legs and she headed back upstairs but quite slowly as her legs felt very weak but she managed to get up the stairs and she walked into her room where she saw a note on her bedside table that she must have missed ealier when she first got up. It told her to go into his room where she would find an outfit for toight so she walked into her Masters room where she saw laying on the bed a school girls outfit.
There was a white shirt, short grey skirt, long knee height socks, White silk bra and panties and a pair of black short heeled shoes.
She grabbed the clothes and went back to her room and she then had a quick shower to freshen herself up and once she was all dried she laid down on the bed and looked at the clock where she saw she had 4 hours before she had to get ready so she set her alarm clock and slowly fell asl**p but it seemed like only seconds before she hered the alarm going off so she turned it off and slowly got up stretching and yawning before she slowly started to get dressed wishing to herself that she had not fallen asl**p. Once she was dressed she went downstairs and got something to eat and tidy up a bit more before it was time to leave. She left the house and headed into town and into the night club where her Master had told her to go and she headed straight into the boys toilets and as she got in there she found a row of five cubicles and on the door of the middle one in big letters was her name so she opened the door and walked in closing the door behind her and locking it. There was a smallish hole on either wall at about waiste height and it was not long before she found out what they were for as she hered the door to the toilets open and she hered someone walking towards the cubicle and she watch under the walls as the guys feet came to the cubicle beside hers and she looked through the hole oin the wall and she watched and this guy unzipped his trousers and let them drop to the floor and reveal this thick 8 inch cock and she watched as he turned towards her and he slid his cock through the hole so Olivia got down on to her knees and she slowly rapped her hand round his cock and she satrted to rub it back and forth beofre slowly started to tease his cock with her tongue, she lick the head of his big cock exploring every part of it before she let it ease inside her mouth and she slowly started to suck it taking his full lengh inside her and she could hear his moans getting louder and then she felt his warm cum shooting into the back of her throat and she swallowed every last drop. The guy pulled his cock out, pulled up his trousers and left the toilets.
Olivia loved it, the thoughts of not knowing who was on the other side of the wall was just so hot and it showed as she eased her hand under her skirt she could feel that her panties were soaked and just as she started to play with herself she hered the door to the toilets open again but this time two men came walking up and they went in to the cubicles on either side of her and again they both slid their cocks through the holes in the walls and she gripped their cocks in both her hands and she took it in turns sucking both their cock until they both came inside her mouth and again she swallowed every last drop of their nice warm tasty cum. When the next pair came in she was just so horny that she stood up and bent over and took the smallest cock into her mouth and she let the biggest cock slide into her soaking pussy and the two guys fucked both her holes and as she started to cum she felt the guy fucking her pussy shoot his load inside her and then the other guy shot his load into her mouth and again they left and this continued all night with her taking countless loads inside her holes and part way through the night she opened the door so the guys could watch her getting fucked and take pictures of her and at the end of the night once the night club had closed she called for a taxy and headed home to find her Master waiting for her and she just ran up to him and rapped her arms round him and he took her up stairs and fucked her pussy hard and fast until he unloaded his cum inside her and they both fell asl**p and Olivia laying on top of her Master with his full lengh deep inside her pussy.

Too be continued
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