Olivia's new Master part 3

After they had both finished eating and Olivia had cleaned the dishes and had gone into the bath room to clean herself up her Master went about setting up one of the rooms ready for tonights fun.
While Olivia showered herself making sure she was all clean and shaven she could not help but think about what she had been through so far and could not wait to see what her Master had planned for her tonight. She steeped out of the shower and slowly dried herself off before walking out of the bathroom still fully naked and she walked down the hall to her room where her Master had left some clothes for her to wear. She walked over to the bed and looked through what he had layed out for her.
There was white silk underwear with a black very short skirt and a white low cut top and a coller with her name on it. She got dressed and did her hair before heading downstairs to her Master who was waiting for her and as she walked into the room he smiled as he looke up and down her body and when he saw she had put the coller on.

What do you think of your outfit slut? he asked

I love it Master, I love how the silk underwear feels against my skin and I especially love the coller.

Good I am glad you like it because for now on you must never take it off as it shows you belong to me now and knowone else ok?

Yes Master she replied.

Good now our guest will be turning up soon and tonight you are going to be used and abused like never before. You are going to try a lot of new things and your body is going to be pushed to new limits just so we can see how much you can take.
He ordered her down on to her knees and to put her hands behind her back which she did without hesitation and as she did he walked round behind her and started to tie her legs together and then her hands and then he tied a rope between them both to keep her leaning back. He then grabbed something Olivia had not seen before, it was a metal object that looked like a pair of lips with something sticking out to one side and as Her Master walked toward her she started to work out what it was for.
He ordered her to open her mouth and as she did he placed it into her mouth and it fitted to the shape of her lips perfectly and he started to turn this bolt type thing that was sticking out to one side and she felt her mouth being f***ed open and he kept turning until her mouth was open as wide as he could get it.
He then walked round infront of her and pulled out his cock and eased it into her open mouth and slowly started to fuck her face forcing as much of his cock inside as he couldand as she started to gag there was a knock on the door so he pulled out of her and headed toward the door and as he opened it infront of him stood eight big black guys and three quite well built white guys. He invited them in and they headed into the living room to see Olivia tied up in the middle of the floor ready for them. They each started to undress infront of her and Olivia's eyes got wider and wider as she watched each one of these men strip infront of her revealing some monsterous cocks. They all grouped round her and one of them moved closer to her and he grabbed hold of his cock and started to ease it into her mouth and he started to fuck her quite fast and she struggle not to choke and he fucked her throat as deep as he could before he cum deep down her throat making her swallow every last drop and he pulled out of her and the next guy took his place and this continued until the last guy emptied his load inside her. they then started to rip her clothes off her body revealing her slutty bodyto them.
They all started grabbing at her breast and piching her nipples beofre moving down to her ass and pussy. They then stepped back and one of them grabbed the leather strand whip that her Master had used on her when she first turned up and he walked over to her and he started to gently whip her breast until he could see the red lines starting to appear on them and then and started on her pussy and with every whip Olivia tensed her body as she felt it hit her pussy. Once he decided she had taken enough punnishment he moved away and then a couple of the other guys walked up to her with the big Vibrator and some other toys and as one of them f***ed the Vibrator against her pussy the other guys started to ease an inflatable butt plug into her tight ass and he slowly started to inflate it and Olivia once again started to tense up as she felt it expanding inside her and in no time her first orgasm shot through her body and she started squirting cum out of her pussy. They pulled the Vibrator away from her pussy and then untied the rope that was tied between her arms and legs so she could lean forwards a bit and they then picked her up and took her over to one of the arm chairs and they bent her over it and one of the big black guys moved in behind her and without warning rammed his huge cock into her pussy making Olivia scream out as she took 9inches of black cock inside her in one go and as he started to pound her pussy he started to spank her ass hard making it glow red and then one of the white guys moved round infront of her and slid his cock into her mouth and again started to fuck her mouth but not as deep as before but alot faster and once the black guy had cum inside her pussy the white guy took his place and another guy started to fuck her face and again this continued until the last guy had unloaded inside her pussy.
They then placed the Vibrator against her pussy and made her orgasm again and once her body had settled down they pulled out the butt plug and removed the Vibrator and each one of them took it in turns to fuck her ass and to fill her with cum and once they were finnished they pushed the butt plug back inside her and again inflated it as much as they could.
They then whipped her as for a short time while they removed the mouth peace and they then untied her and one of the guys laid on the floor and Olivia was ordered to ride his cock so she went over to him and slowly lowered herself down on to his huge cock and he grabbed her and pulled her down hard on his cock and then made her bend over so her breast were rubbing against his chest and then one of the other guys got down between the other guys legs and he started to f***e his cock into her pussy making Olivia moan out loud as she felt her pussy being stretched further than ever beforeand they both continued to fuck her hard and fast and each one of the men double teamed her pussy and by the end of it Olivia was so warn out she could hardly move but it was not over yet and they took her downstairs and tied her face down to the padded table and again placed the Vibrator against her pussy making her orgasm again and again and as she was cumming they again removed the butt plug and one by one they fucked her ass making her cum even harder than before until it was too much for her to handle and she fell unconcious and when she finally woke up she found hersefl laying on her bed in her room and it was dark so it must have been late. She tried to moved but she could not feel her legs or lower half of her body but she did manage to roll over on to her back and after a while she slowly started to get feeling back and she could feel the covers were soaked with cum and she could aso feel the butt plug still inside her and she just laid there and smiled to herself and she remembered all that had happened to her and she could not wait until morning to see what her Master had planned for her.
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dont understand all the down votes unless they are for spelling and grammar.
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Brilliant, but use spell check please :)
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Loved it
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