d***k Meeting?..Exactly

So i Guess ill start it off like this-
Last Summer I Was Walking Down to the Store to buy a pack of smokes, when this lady; She looked like she was at least 25 years old, and d***k, asked me if i needed a ride (There is a bar halfway between my house and the corner store) It was raining so i agreed to let her give me a ride (With caution in my mind because of her Alcohol level) So we got to the store and she let me out..blah blah i did my thing. When i got out of the store she was parked in front waiting for me... She asked me if i needed another ride, i was more than happy to accept, because it was POURING out. Once in the car and on our way i asked if she wanted a smoke, and she said "After", now at this point i was getting confused. 15 minutes of small talk pasted till we got to my street, but i started feeling something in my stomache, i told her to turn left but instead she kept going straight..into the school parking lot.. past the School.. right by the church. She parked the car simultaneously (CONT)
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