I have to be fast any second it can change the whole motion and I will be out off sync. I turn over and move myself in a position it will be easy to go deep just the way I like.

When I push hard in one thrust as deep as I can and in the meanwhile reaching out for the breast to grab the nipple I know this will make the difference so I can penetrate all the way, even it will hurt for just a second.

I stick high up my curved ass towards his stiff cock to feel him going even deeper, I moan loud if he squeezes my left breast and pulling my swollen nipple.

The sensation of feeling the tip of my pulsating penis hitting her cervix is inmens. Her vagina is cramping around my penis, so I slowly move back until I feel she relaxes. I pull and twist again on her nipple.

It hurt the feeling of m*****ing my swollen nipple, but i like the sensual feeling of electricity snapping thru my body so I arch my back even more, to receive another deep pounding, but now I am more relaxed.

It is time to get going, I can sense playtime is over so I don't waste time and smack 3 times hard on her left and 1 hit on her right behind, with the palm of my right hand.

1, 2, 3 times he hits me on the left, I gasp and try not to scream. When he hit me so hard on the right side I release all my tension and scream that I want it.

I place my hands on her small waist and hold firm, while the head is leaning inside her vagina. Just for a heartbeat I wait, enough to make her hunger for my erect bl**d filled penis.

The second I wonder if I get filled he thrust me with a crazy pace. Not hard and rough but steady in a motion and movement that the sensation is build and build.
I am starting to moan deep, just the way I know he likes and will make him cum.

Her hands reaches out towards me so i grab her wrists, while she takes mine. She arches her back so she can slowly move up her body. My shaft is massaged by her dripping pussy.

My erect nipples are red and tinkling while I watch myself in the bedroom mirror
I see he looks from behind me at my breasts too. It makes me even hornier to see my and his face have this expression of pure raw ecstasy.

Her tits are so beautiful with those puffy nipples. Everytime I slam her from behind those are moving in one fluent wave up and down. A deep growl is coming from me and this is the sign I can not hold any longer.

The a****l sound pushes me over the edge and while I throw my head in my nek,
I scream: "I am coming, I am going to come hard give it to me please!"

I push my pelvis to her ass and move my hips rhythmical while she is is shaking and groaning in total excitement. My balls are on fire and I am about to explode any moment, but I control myself for another few seconds so she can have hers until she is satisfied.

I know he must be in pain, so while I still shake and orgasm I turn around on my knees while I watch him in the eyes. With 1 hand I take his stiff shaft and the other grabs his crotch. I open my mouth and move my tongue towards his pulsating and throbbing penis.

The moment she sticks out her tongue and places just under my frenulum, I explode and during my eruption of all my thick semen she keeps watching me in the eyes with her shrouded look.

In long waves all his milky semen bashes in my hungry waiting mouth. I see his face expressed in total ecstasy, while my mouth is filled and filled. I am so horny watching him cum I feel an new electricity crawling along my spine.

She is coming again! My dick is jumping in a new effort to cum again too.
I throw her on her back and she is more then ready to receive my hard one again, so she spreads her legs wide and opens her swollen pussy.

He wants me again while I have my orgasm. The tip of his organ is huge red and shiny while the seed is dripping out. I will let him do the work, while I still orgasm and shake. I don't have the power to moan or scream anymore, so I am softly sobbing.

I am laying on her with my full weight and pounding my hips in hard strokes. Her softly whining in my ear makes me ejaculate deep in her vagina and my whole body shakes uncontrollable.

Slowly we both start to come back from a deep fulfillment, she strikes away the hair on of his face and he kissing the tears out of her eyes.

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