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Lesbian Adventures in Bangkok!

Well, it was hot in more ways than one!

My friend introduced me to Uli, a Swiss lady who was living in Bangkok, working as a journalist. She was in her mid 30s, roughly my height, slim, short hair, and when I met her in the hotel lobby, she exuded complete confidence... she had been living in Bangkok for a year, so I felt lucky to have hooked up with her. This was my first time here.

Uli is a lesbian with a network of local girls who much rather enjoy the company of foreign women than men. I had butterflies in my stomach at the thought of meeting Uli and being introduced to the scene there.

Uli arrived at 7 and we immediately set off for a local bar where she was meeting Naree, her latest girl.

As we settled in to a booth and ordered drinks she asked me about my experiences - had I been with an Asian girl before, had I been to Thailand, etc. I told her about Linn - that I had a brief but intense encounter with a sexy Singapore girl who let me watch her masturbate - but that in the end I had not really made love to her. I also told her about my M and F fuck buddies and our occasional threesomes. When she heard this I think she realized that I knew what I was doing and that I had confidence in almost any sexual situation. She warmed to me from this point.

Naree arrived after we had d***k about 3 beers each and wow, she was a sexy little petite girl who looked around 16 or 17 but was apparently 22. The amazing thing was that none of us looked 'dykey', we were all very 'straight' looking women.

To cut a long story short, we all went back to Uli's apartment where we each had a cool shower - it was very hot.

I was very nervous as Uli had not mentioned that she was going to share Naree with me, but she told me that Naree was keen to try a threesome with another foreign woman, so I my nipples immediately started tingling under my towel.

When Naree came out of the shower drying her little body, Uli and I were already on the bed waiting for her. She dropped her towel and climbed onto the bed between us, laying her head on the pillows and stretching her petite little brown body out. She was quite flat-chested but her nipples were large and dark and her skin was soft, smooth, lovely brown. Uli began by snuggling up next to Naree and running her hand over her body while she pushed her other arm under Naree's back so that her chest was pushed up.

Uli whispered to Naree that she was very lucky to have two women worship her body and make love to her. Naree giggled and closed her eyes. Apparently talking was a big part of Uli and Naree's love-making sessions, and that was a real turn on.

Uli gave me a nod which meant I was totally free to join in, so I gently ran my hands all over Naree's sexy little body, enjoying the softness of her lovely skin, enjoying her chest as it heaved up with her now heavy breathing.

I couldn't resist kissing her lovely face and neck and kept kissing her shoulders, her arms, her chest, her stomach... I gently kissed and licked her body as Uli whispered to her "do you like that?" "yes".

Uli joined me in kissing Naree's body, but soon I realized that Uli was a very dominant lover.

She quickly became very turned on and started to ravish Naree, sucking hard on her nipples, nibbling them and gently biting them... Naree became more vocal, and this encouraged me to get more adventurous as well... after all, I was so turned on by the situation - a sexy Swiss woman and me with a little Thai girl to enjoy.

We both licked, sucked, bit, squeezed this gorgeous little Thai girl all over her beautiful body... and she was in heaven... at times we had her sandwiched between us - her and Uli in a 69 and me enjoying her cute little smooth bottom with my tongue... at times she was sitting on Uli's face and was straddling Uli and sucking Naree's nipples while Uli was doing her best to make her come...

Uli would order Naree to get into this or that position, and Naree complied like a good little girl.

Soon we needed to come, and Uli told Naree to come first, so we positioned ourselves on either side of her hot little brown body and Uli worked on her clit with one hand and her pussy and asshole with the other, while I worked on her nipples... soon Naree was screaming in ecstasy...

While Naree was lying limp on the bed, Uli asked me how do I like to come... I told her I liked having my nipples pulled and squeezed while I masturbate, so she got behind me, I leaned back on her and masturbated while she expertly played with my nipples, driving me wild with passion... watching Naree's hot little body lying next to us was also a great turn on, and soon I was screaming that I was coming.

Last it was Uli's turn and she and Naree had obviously done this before... while Naree was still lying limply on the bed recovering from a massive orgasm, Uli climbed on top of her and positioned her clit over Naree's chest... she then started tribbing on top of her little lover, rubbing her clit on Naree's ribcage, while I got behind her and pulled and squeezed her lovely nipples. Soon Uli announced she was coming and began quivering and shaking and moaning...

Posted by Abby_Lu 2 years ago
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2 months ago
sehr schön und heiß
3 months ago
10 months ago
Wow, very nice!
11 months ago
1 year ago
very hot and sexy wow
1 year ago
more please more please..awesome...compliments!
2 years ago
what a hot story
2 years ago
wow, a very hot story
2 years ago
Wow, what a sensual story!
I would love to see that scene, the 3 of you..
and just have to adore those tiny
brown Thai bodies..
2 years ago
Was thinking of you while I watched this video and then saw your comment

I must go to Thailand so time soon.
2 years ago
2 years ago
hummmmm, lovely and exciting...
2 years ago
OMG amybi123
2 years ago
Great :)
Would be awesome to be there with you all, and just be able to watch it. Really, nothing more... just watch.
2 years ago
Wow, enjoyed your experience, thank for sharing.
2 years ago