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My Singapore girl pt #3

Well! She came over last week, said she couldn't stop thinking about our night together after the LGBT Club meeting.

So, quickly preparing a bottle of white, I got her comfortable on the couch and we began to talk.

We had seen each other at work once since our first get together, but it was fleeting, so we talked on the phone about it and she told me she definitively wanted to do it again... so her she is!

I turned the lights down, drank some wine and made sure she had some too before we began talking about sex. Actually she was telling me that everything we did last time was perfect for her... she hadn't wanted to fully commit to lesbian sex straight up, so easing into it like we did was just what she wanted to do. Now she was confident with me.

"What would you like to do tonight Linn?"

"I want to do the same as we did... I want to masturbate for you... and maybe more... I want you to talk to me like you did before."

"OK, do you want a shower?"

"Yes please" and off she went.

While she was gone I prepared more wine, some warm massage oil and some towels.

"I'm back" she said sheepishly from inside a big towel, drying her gorgeous little body

"OK Linn, lie down here (on the towels), I want to watch you touch your beautiful body"

At this her face went from cheeky to serious and she dropped the bathroom towel and stretched her long, slim, smooth body out on the floor.

"Abby, I have a confession..., the other night I masturbated at home thinking about what we did..."

"Really? So did I Linn, I fantasized about you while I touched myself. Tell me what you did"

By now she was relaxed on the floor, eyes closed, dreamily running her fingers over her luscious body.
She has Chinese background, and her skin is just nicely light brown all over, except her pert little breasts and her beautiful bottom, which are a lighter shade of everywhere else, from her bikini.
Her nipples are not small but not too big for her breasts, just perfect actually, and very hard right now, I loved the way they threw shadows across her breasts in the low light.

"Well, I was in bed, actually on the bed, in my nighty and thinking about what we did, and how nice you were about my inexperience. So I just started to touch my body like this".
Her long fingers were tracing circles over her lovely stomach and hips, and I was getting so wet at watching my beautiful, naked Singapore girl exploring her hot little body. I told her to keep telling me about it.

"I was imagining you were watching me there, watching me touch my body" - as she described what she did, she did it for me right there:
"...watching me caress my shoulders and my arms... watching me softly touch my boobs and then gently tease my nipples and then pinch them..."

I was naked now and my fingers were slipping in and out of me very easily... again I was making slurping noises which was also turning her on.

"I was feeling very sexy, so I knelt on the bed and imagined you were watching me as I made love to myself all alone in my room."

This almost drove over the edge... "Did you come?"

"Of course!" she giggled "It was beautiful... but not as good as when we were together."

"Linn, I want to give you some warm massage oil... is that ok?"

"Yes please"

She opened her eyes as I dribbled the oil from her chest down to her thighs.
I immediately she began spreading the oil all over her body, and maybe it was the sexiness of it that made her moan and writhe in pure lustful enjoyment as she oiled herself all over.

"You like it?"

"Oh yes, I love it. Do you like watching me?"

"Oh yes Linn, I love watching you. Don't stop."

"It really turns me on that you are watching me. I love touching my body for you Abby, I love masturbating for you. Tell me whatever you want me to do".

"Oh Linn, I love watching you, you are so beautiful. I love watching your hands feeling your sexy little body, you are such a hot little girl, Linn, you make me so wet. I want you to make love to yourself. Make passionate love to your hot, smooth little body while I watch you."

This was so hot that she got up on her knees right in front of me and gave the hottest show ever. Her hands groped and m*****ed her slippery body so close I could almost taste her.

"Linn, I wat you to come for me, let's come together..."

"Oh yes...I want to come for you Abby!"

And she thrust her hands between her legs and furiously masturbated on her knees in front of me while I did the same.

Of course we both came to a moaning, shuddering climax and as we recovered I asked her if I could hold her. She said yes!

I wrapped my arms around this exhausted, limp, slippery little Asian girl and gently rocked her, whispering how much I loved watching her and how sexy she was...

Posted by Abby_Lu 2 years ago
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1 year ago
Really enjoyed reading this beautiful piece of story. Love it!!
2 years ago
Oh my goodness am I ever dripping.
2 years ago
That's hot and beautiful. You two sound amazing. I've never had sex with an Asian girl. I really do want to.
2 years ago
Wow Abby, that is so hot! I want to be Linn!!
Please post more!
2 years ago
very nice!!!
I really enjoy reading your little asian adventures...